45+ Texts To Make Him Laugh At Work

Unfortunately, it is not possible to be with the person you have a crush on constantly. Taking breaks and spending time apart is important for both your well-being and the fact that work and other responsibilities require your attention.

Being apart from each other due to work does not mean you cannot maintain a connection. Making the person you have a crush on laugh is an effective and positive way to stay on their mind. We have compiled a list of over 45 text messages that are sure to bring a smile to their face while they are at work.

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Before using any of the texts, it is important to keep in mind certain guidelines for texting a guy while he is at work. Read on to learn about these guidelines to ensure you maintain appropriate boundaries.

Remember, the person you are texting is at work and may have various constraints such as the presence of a supervisor, which may prevent them from immediately responding to your text. Don't take it personally if they cannot reply promptly.

Additionally, consider the nature of the person's work environment. Sending suggestive or sexual content may not be appropriate if they work in a public setting where others may view it. Conversely, if they work in a more private setting, you can be more bold with your texts.

Lastly, avoid overwhelming the person with a barrage of texts. While it is understandable that you miss them, it's important to respect their need to be focused and productive during their work hours. Excessive texting can be distracting and may negatively impact their work, just as it would for you if you were unable to stay off your phone during work hours.

It is suggested to send one or two texts and then allow the person ample time to respond. This way, there won't be multiple unread messages from you in their inbox at any given time.


Our collection of text messages is organized into several categories for ease of use:






You can easily browse through each category to find the tone that aligns with your intentions. If none of the options seem suitable, do not worry as there are many other resources available with additional text message templates.

We suggest exploring the "Text Chemistry" course, which will provide you with valuable insights and techniques to effectively reach the heart of any man.

Romantic Texts to Make Him Laugh

This section focuses on romantic texts, which blend tender, emotional feelings with a dash of humor.

These romantic texts will not only bring a smile to his face but also warm his heart. Of course, feel free to personalize them based on his individual hobbies and interests.

"Fancy watching a scary movie tonight? Don't worry, I got you covered."

"I just updated your name in my contacts to the ghost emoji because you're my boo."

"I know it's cheesy, but how about we watch a romantic comedy and cuddle?"

"I love you as much as I love bacon."

"I need my favorite pillow tonight... come over and let me rest my head on your shoulder."

"I've been searching for my heart everywhere. Do you know who stole it?"

"Think I need to see a cardiologist? My heart skips a beat every time I receive a text from you."

"You are under arrest for taking my heart."

"I might need to see a doctor, I think I sprained my foot from falling too hard for you."

"Sending you a cute message to brighten your day, but it was too big to fit in your inbox!"

"Every time you text me, I can't help but smile like a silly fool."

"My legs are feeling worn out. Could it be from all the running through your mind?"

Amusing Texts to Make Him Laugh

Sometimes, you may want to simply make him laugh without being overly romantic, flirty, or sexy. In such cases, aim to bring out a hearty belly laugh without getting too emotional.

If I were a cat, I would spend all day napping and playing with strings. But since I'm a human, I'll just stick to texting you and playing with my phone.

Consider using these neutral humorous texts when you're building a relationship and want to avoid being overly emotional too early on. These messages won't give off a clingy vibe or intimidate the recipient.

"Send him a meme that you believe he would enjoy."

"Send him a photo of yourself making a comical expression as a selfie."

"Send him a corny joke."

"Honestly, you're more attractive than my bowl after 30 seconds in the microwave."

"Would you consider that if Dracula owned a dog, it would be a bloodhound?"

"Why do they refer to it as a haircut when they are cutting all your hair?"

"I consider Velcro to be a scam."

"Why was 6 scared of 7? Because 7 devoured 9! But what was the reason for 7 eating 9? Because it is recommended to consume three meals per day that are each of the same size."

"Let me check if I can allocate time in my hectic schedule for a date with you. Please have your representative reach out to mine."

Sexy Texts to Make Him Laugh

Let's be truthful for a moment: men are often driven by their physical desire. It's a well-known fact that they can be sexually motivated, and this motivation is extremely powerful.

Did you know that you can merge sexiness and humor? Yes, you can! We will demonstrate this with texts that are both alluring and amusing.

"I came across an article that says kissing can burn calories. Would you like to assist me in getting my exercise in later?"

"I have plans to spend the weekend at home, without wearing pants. Would you like to join me?"

"Do you know what I enjoy more than having my bed to myself? Having you in it."

"You and I, with no clothing permitted. Does this sound like a feasible plan?"

"I recently purchased new lingerie. Would you like to come over later so I can give you a private fashion show?"

"If I am peanut butter and you are jelly, would you like to create a messy sandwich later?"

"Please remind me to switch on the air conditioning before you arrive later. Your attractiveness will make me sweat."

"I am famished, and I bet you currently look like a delicious treat."

"I desire to be a band-aid, so I could always be in close contact with you."

"Why waste time sleeping when there are more exciting activities we could participate in together tonight?"

"Are you a tube of lip color? I am unable to stop kissing you."

"Do you want to have it all? A hint: I am the cake."

"A few of my colleagues are discussing who the most attractive man in the world is. I am confident that I would win the argument if I showed them a photo of you."

Flirty Texts to Make Him Laugh

The complexity of human emotions is diverse. At times, one may wish to exhibit confidence and appeal without crossing into sensuality.

Thus, the desirable balance is flirtatious. Such flirtatious messages will act as a temptation for him, reminding him of his strong attraction towards you, without being inappropriate.

"Are you a library book? I'd love to take a closer look."

"I came across a list of individuals who don't find you attractive, but surprisingly, it was empty."

"Can you leave my thoughts? I have a lot on my plate today!"

"I'm looking for a charming and attractive man to accompany me tonight. Do you know anyone who matches that criteria?"

"I've scheduled a rendezvous with our lips in my calendar. How long do you think it should last?"

"My autocorrect keeps altering your name to 'Sexy', and I believe it has a point."

"It seems my phone has taken a liking to you, it keeps labeling you as 'bae' in my contacts."

"I intended to get a dessert during my lunch outing today, however, you were not listed on the menu."

"You must be the most delicious snack on the planet as my mouth starts to salivate every time I catch sight of you."

"I must be quite uncoordinated, as I keep dropping things every time I see you: like my jaw."

"My ideal evening involves pizza and a charming man. Would you like to make my dream a reality?"

"Are you infectious? Your smile is contagious."