44 Questions With Sabrina Treffiletti

44 Questions With Sabrina Treffiletti

I first came across Sabrina Treffiletti on Instagram and loved her down-to-earth nature. I was so shocked to see that she was only a stone's throw away from me.

I got in contact with her by accident. She's extremely active on her social media and talks to people. So, one comment later, we began chatting and I just HAD to do 44 questions with this queen!

Her social media following, which is growing so quickly, is growing for a reason.


Not only is Sabrina a beautiful person, but she also shares her fun-loving, wise, and beautiful life with the world. People gravitate towards her for her confidence and beautiful honest nature.

Make sure you check her out on Instagram and Tik Tok and support an awesome person!


1. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Excited Are You About Life Right Now?


2. Date Of Birth


3. Horoscope Sign



4. Birth Place

Kogarah, Sydney, Australia (Every other site says that Sabrina is American...you've heard it here first, Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi!)

5. Marital Status

Fiancé… ENGAGED!

6. Best Known For

Relatable Reels


7. Interesting Facts

I'm actually really quite shy

8. Describe Yourself In A Hashtag?


9. If You Could Do A Love Scene With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Johnny Depp


10. What's One Thing People Don't Know About You?

I was married and 2 of my children are from my first marriage.

11. What's Your Wakeup Ritual?

Must go to the toilet, and then COFFEE

12. What's Your Go To Bed Ritual?

Shower, skin routine, then bed


13. Dream Country To Visit?


14. What's The Biggest Surprise You've Had?

Giving birth to all 3 of my daughters

15. Heels Or Flats/Sneakers?



16. Style Icon?


17. What Are Three Things You Can't Live Without?

Coffee, Makeup, and my family

18. What 3 People Living Or Dead Would You Like To Make Dinner For?

Cher, Madonna, and Samantha Jones


19. What's Your Biggest Fear In Life?

The unknown

20. What's Your Current TV Obsession?


21. Secret Talent?

I can tap dance


22. Most Adventurous Thing You've Done In Your Life?

Swam with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas

23. How Would You Define Yourself In Three Words?

Humble, kind, and honest

24. Favourite Piece Of Clothing You Own?

Too MANY… Ummm, loving Misha knit dresses atm…


25. What's Inspiring You In Life Right Now?

My family

26. Best Piece Of Advice You've Received?

If it comes easy, it never lasts…slow and steady wins the race…

27. Best Advice You'd Give Your Teenage Self?

Don't ever doubt yourself


28. What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

Positive vibes, real truths, and making people laugh and smile.

29. A Book That Everyone Should Read?

The alchemist

30. How Do You Define Beauty?

It's within


31. What Do You Love Most About Your Body?

Everything…. It's been through birthing 3 healthy children and keeps me going every day!!!!

32. If Your Life Were A Song, What Would The Title Be?

Keep Going

33. What's The Weirdest Word In The English Language?



34. You Are Stuck On An Island, You Can Pick One Food To Eat Forever Without Getting Tired Of It, What Would You Eat?


35. Best Thing To Happen To You Today?

My 2-year-old told me she loves me

36. Best Compliment You've Ever Received?

You inspire me


37. Song You Can Listen To On Repeat?

Stronger… Britney Spears

38. If You Could Switch Lives With Someone For A Day Who Would It Be?

I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me ….

39. What Are You Most Excited About At This Time In Your Life?

What's to come… the future excites me.


40. Favorite smell?

La Vie Est Belle - by Lancome

41. Your affirmation for today?

You CAN!!!

42. If You Could Raid One Woman's Closet Who Would It Be?


43. What's A Movie That Made You Cry?

P.S. I Love You


44. What's One Piece Of Advice You Want To Give The People Reading This About Life?

That no matter what life throws at you, if you believe and consistently try and never give up you will get there… LIFE is not a dress rehearsal, show up READY EVERY SINGLE DAY.