44 Questions With Olesya Malinskaya

44 Questions With Olesya Malinskaya

Let me start this off by saying that Olesya Malinskaya is my ALL-TIME style icon. I first came across her just after she started her Instagram account, which would have been at the very beginning of Instagram or shortly thereafter.

I had never really come across anyone like her before. She was traveling the world with her best friend Dasha Belize (who I hope one day will do 44 questions with us) and was living a life that so many couldn't even dream of.

A few years later Olesya and I started working together and I have known her since.

I believe that the world does not know the real Olesya Malinskaya, which is a shame because that woman is not only beautiful on the outside, she is a diamond on the inside.

If you don't know who she is, keep reading, you will find yourself surfing google not long after this or spending hours scrolling through her Instagram because she is captivating and her achievements are incredible!

1. On A scale Of 1-10, How Excited Are You About Life Right Now?


2. Date Of Birth


3. Horoscope Sign


4. Birth Place


5. Marital Status

Married (Yep you heard it here first)

6. Best Known For?

Being Me 🙂

7. Interesting Facts

Earn my first million by age 21

8. Describe Yourself In A Hashtag?


9. If You Could Do A Love Scene With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Angelina Jolie in her younger years 😂

10. What's One Thing People Don't Know About You?

That only 10% of my life is open to the public.

11. What's Your Wakeup Ritual?

Drinking Hot water straight after waking up

12. What's Your Go To Bed Ritual?

Working through my thoughts and praying

13. Dream Country To Visit?


14. What's The Biggest Surprise You've Had?


15. Heels Or Flats/Sneakers?


16. Style Icon?


17. What Are Three Things You Can't Live Without?

My iPhone, tasty food, my vitamins, and creams

18. What 3 People Living Or Dead Would You Like To Make Dinner For?

Grace Kelly, Beyoncé, Elon Musk

19. What's Your Biggest Fear In Life?

To have fears

20. What's Your Current TV Obsession?

I don't have one. It's life for me!

21. Secret Talent?


22. Most Adventurous Thing You've Done In Your Life?

Move to another country

23. How Would You Define Yourself In Three Words?

Ideal, gorgeous, inspiring

24. Favorite Piece Of Clothing You Own?

Chanel Suits

25. What's Inspiring You In Life Right Now?

My family

26. Best Piece Of Advice You've Received?

Invest in yourself

27. Best Advice You'd Give Your Teenage Self?

Go ahead, be a queen and develop yourself

28. What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

To be an example for all women

29. A Book That Everyone Should Read?

My book: Perfect u

30. How Do You Define Beauty?

Your inside feelings

31. What Do You Love Most About Your Body?


32. If Your life Were A Song, What Would The Title Be?

Believe in your dreams

33. What's The Weirdest Word In The English Language?

Fork lol

34. You Are Stuck On An Island, You Can Pick One Food To Eat Forever Without Getting Tired Of It, What Would You Eat?


35. Best Thing To Happen To You Today?

Kisses from my baby

36. Best Compliment You've Ever Received?

You are perfection

37. Song You Can Listen To On Repeat?

Rita Ora - Let you love me

38. If You Could Switch Lives With Someone For A Day Who Would It Be?

Princess of England

39. What Are You Most Excited About At This Time In Your Life?

Magic time

40. Favourite Smell

The smell of my man

41. Your Affirmation For Today?

Everything will be perfect

42. If You Could Raid One Woman's Closet Who Would It Be?

Kim Kardashian

43. What's A Movie That Made You Cry?

Romantic dramas

44. What Is One Piece Of Advice Do You Want To Give The People Reading This About Life?

Love yourself, have a kind heart, and believe only in the best things that will happen to you soon.