44 Questions With Narteesha

44 Questions With Narteesha

Doing 44 questions with Narteesha was something that was always just going to happen. After we met, we became real friends and not just two girls who knew each other.

My writing has always been emotive, and I think that is why people are drawn to its relatability. Over the last few years, I have worked hard to perfect my style of writing and what I like to write about.

I promised myself when I started writing with Thoughtnova that I would keep that consistency and not lose my uniqueness and I guess the thing that made me very successful.

As I was working on a photoshoot with Narteesha for a few different brands this day, we decided that an exclusive Thoughtnova video answering the 44 questions in person might be something different.

For those wondering, we shot this video at Anzac Square in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

We were not only creating incredible content for several brands, but we were also paying homage to the ANZACs of past, present, and future.

I have always written with a specific style, and it's been somewhat iconic in my career, right down to how people even respond to me on social media.

Check out some of the photos from Narteesha's shoot below!