44 Questions With Kamilah

44 Questions With Kamilah

Yes, we have all heard of influencers talking about their products, professional endeavors, personal lives, and plans to blogs and media outlets. So, I have decided to hand pick 44 influencers in fashion, luxury, beauty, and just anyone who takes Instagram seriously and see what they are all about.

Today, our focus will be on Kamilah, an Instagram star and social media influencer with a steadily growing presence on the web. The gorgeous model was kind enough to answer 44 questions for us, and I couldn't be more excited to share them with you.

So let's get to know Kamila better. Also, be sure to check out her Instagram account, kamilah__m.

1. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Excited Are You About Life Right Now?


2. Date Of Birth

03 April 1995

3. Horoscope Sign


4. Birth Place

Almaty, Kazakhstan

5. Marital Status

Not married

6. Best Known For

Lifestyle and beauty blog, I used to have a YouTube channel a decade ago.

7. Interesting Facts

I love hot showers more than anything. I love theaters and museums. Fun fact, I'm an introvert, and people always think I'm very sociable when I'm not. I will choose to stay at home and have "Me time" whenever possible.

8. Describe Yourself In A Hashtag?

#staygold. It means to stay true to yourself, I have had a tattoo with this saying since I was 17.

9. If You Could Do A Love Scene With Anyone, Who Would It Be?

Cillian Murphy, this man!

10. What's One Thing People Don't Know About You?

I speak four languages, learning the 5th, which is Chinese.

11. What's Your Wake-Up Ritual?

Coffee first, sometimes it's matcha. Have to cut back on caffeine, but it's almost mission impossible.

12. What's Your Go-To Bed Ritual?

Tarot readings. I watch the videos of one tarot reader daily and can only fall asleep for one woman's voice which is so weird, I know.

13. Dream Country To Visit?

Probably Switzerland. It reminds me of my home country, and I'm a mountain girl, so!

14. What's The Biggest Surprise You've Had?

Bouquet of flowers with aquarium and real fish, it was super cute. Too bad nothing worked out. But the fish live their best lives at my nail technician's apartment.

15. Heels Or Flats/Sneakers?

Heels! I can't get enough of them.

16. Style Icon?

I love Hailey Bieber's style recently. But Grace Kelly is a legend.

17. What Are Three Things You Can't Live Without?

Oh, I can't name only three things, but probably my phone, sunglasses, and perfume?

18. What 3 People Living Or Dead Would You Like To Make Dinner For?

Probably Anne Frank and Putin.

19. What's Your Biggest Fear In Life?

To lose someone I love.

20. What's Your Current Tv Obsession?

I'm into documentaries about the galaxy and all of that now.

21. Secret Talent?

I can read people and their intentions toward me.

22. Most Adventurous Thing You've Done In Your Life?

My trip to Bali in 2019 with my sister. It was super fun and exciting.

23. How Would You Define Yourself In Three Words?

Genuine, straightforward, difficult

24. Favorite Piece Of Clothing You Own?

I'm not attached to any clothing. I love the tradition between my sister and me. She always gifts me Gucci items on my birthday. So I would say a scarf she gave me last year. It keeps me warm and reminds me of her.

25. What's Inspiring You In Life Right Now?

Meditations, beautiful everyday views, and people around me.

26. Best Piece Of Advice You've Received?

Never settle for less than you deserve.

27. Best Advice You'd Give Your Teenage Self?

Enjoy your time, kiddo. And stop hating yourself for your extra kgs, you're pretty as you're!

28. What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

A sense of humor! Not everyone gets it.

29. A Book That Everyone Should Read?

Of course, all the classics, for me it's all Russian literature, like Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy. It's the basics, but if you're reading it in different episodes of your life, you understand new things each time.

30. How Do You Define Beauty?

The way a person lives, it's all in small things, but the way you treat yourself is the way you think about yourself.

31. What Do You Love Most About Your Body?

My scars, my birthmarks, my small feet, and my cute nose.

32. If Your Life Were A Song, What Would The Title Be?

Shark (Illenium Remix) has been my fave since 2015?! I associate a lot with every rhythm and beat.

33. What's The Weirdest Word In The English Language?

Aa, did you even know it's a real word? Me too.

34. You Are Stuck On An Island. You Can Pick One Food To Eat Forever Without Getting Tired Of It. What Would You Eat?

Sushi! Sushi! Sushi!

35. The Best Thing To Happen To You Today?

Reaching out to you through this interview and giving my followers a chance to get to know me better.

36. Best Compliment You've Ever Received?

I love your energy! It is the best compliment anyone could ever receive.

37. Song You Can Listen To On Repeat

Here Comes The Sun.

38. If You Could Switch Lives With Someone For A Day, Who Would It Be?

Probably some president, I want to understand the things we don't fully understand.

39. What Are You Most Excited About At This Time In Your Life?

27, on my way to heaven. It's the best time to be alive cause you're not a "kid" anymore, but then you're not an adult yet, you are mature and happy to be a woman. You're just discovering yourself, and it feels amazing.

40. Favorite Smell?

I'm obsessed with patchouli and wood scents.

41. Your Affirmation For Today?

Kindness always comes back.

42. If You Could Raid One Woman's Closet, Who Would It Be?

Probably Rihanna's. I loved all of her outfits before she was pregnant.

43. What's A Movie That Made You Cry?

Extremely loud & Incredibly Close. I was crying for 2.5 hours non-stop.

44. What One Piece Of Advice Do You Want To Give The People Reading This About Life?

Just enjoy your ride! Life is exciting and full of surprises! Believe in yourself, and try to connect to your Higher self!