40 Signs Your Partner Is Your Soulmate, Hold On To Them

40 Signs Your Partner Is Your Soulmate, Hold On To Them

If you are most people, only one soulmate exists for you; and finding them won't be easy with well over 7 billion people roaming the planet. So, the moment you are sure you have found your soulmate, make sure you never let them go because you might never get a chance to replace them.

In Greek mythology, Zeus split the human body into two to reduce its incredible power and the threat it posed to the gods. One part became a man and the other a woman.

This fate forced the humans to spend their lives looking for their other halves; their soulmates.

But fortunately, finding this person is easier than it sounds. All you need is knowledge of what it feels like to meet this special person.

Signs that you are soulmates include the following.

1. Soulmates Complete Each Other

Ever felt like there was something you always needed to feel whole? I guess you have because we all get that feeling from time to time.

But if you feel like you are complete because of your partner, know that you found your soulmate. This person makes you feel like your life no longer has any limitations, and you accept them and all their unique individual traits.

Actually, the differences between the two of you bring you closer.

2. You're Best Friends

You can tell this person anything, and you always call them when you have great news to share. This person gets you and does not judge you as other people often do.

Your connection is very deep, and you understand and go to any lengths for each other without problems because you are soulmates.

3. There Is No Hesitation

With some relationships, you feel uncertain about certain milestones. But with this person, you don't hesitate when the time to take a step forward in the relationship comes.

You are always ready for the next stage of your relationship because you know there is no better person for you out there.

4. You Are Both Very Protective Of The Relationship

All relationships have rocky moments, even when you are with your soulmate. However, whatever comes between the two of you is always addressed with utmost urgency.

Quite simply, nothing can threaten the strong foundation on which your relationship is built upon.

5. Soulmates Share Similar Goals

Although you might not agree on everything, you have very similar goals in life. That means there is an opportunity for you to grow together.

Due to these goals, your connection is even deeper, and you have great support for each other.

6. Being Together Is The Best Thing Ever

Around your one and only, you will feel like your best self. You love every moment you spend together, and you can't think of anything better.

That is why you both value time together so much because it makes you feel amazing.

7. You're Each Other's Greatest Fans

After meeting your soulmate, you will be surprised that someone as incredible as they even exist. It will not be because you can't see any flaws in them, but because they make you feel so good about yourself.

To you, this person is practically perfect, and you know they feel the same way about you. You celebrate each other's successes and work tirelessly towards each other's success.

8. Soulmates Meet At A Perfect Time

When you and your soulmate met, you felt the time was just right. And it's not because there were no obstacles that could have made your relationship a challenge, but because you were meant to be.

That moment was magical and greater than any other situation you were going through at the time. Even though you were in a relationship or held up by other things, you both still feel that you met at the perfect time.

It's because your souls were destined to be together.

9. You Don't Feel Petty Jealousy

When you see more attractive people around your partner, you never feel threatened. You can still see and feel that nobody can come between you and the connection you share with your partner.

On a very deep and subconscious level, you know that you are one with your partner.

10. Soulmates Easily Forgive Each Other

Just because someone is your soulmate, does not mean you will not have disagreements. You will still argue and fight.

But these fights will be different because they will not threaten the relationship you have. Every time, it is very easy to forgive each other and focus on your journey together.

11. You Feel This Person Has An Important Role In Your Life

After meeting "the one", you found a teacher and someone who is passionate about you and inspires you to be better. In general, this person makes you learn more about yourself, and you can see that they belong in your life.

12. You're Real Around Each Other

When around your soulmate, you will feel the freedom to be your real self. You will no longer feel the urge to put on a show to appear a certain way.

That is because you feel more secure around this person than you have ever felt in your life. Even with your quirks and flaws, you know this person accepts you for who you are.

13. You Easily Sacrifice For Each Other

Your relationship is not codependent or one-sided. Each partner is as willing to make as much effort as the other.

Either of you will easily sacrifice on the other's behalf because what you want the most is to sacrifice for the other person.

14. You Bring Out The Best In Each Other

Relationships can change you, and not always in a positive manner. But if you are sure you are with someone who brings out the best in you, then you have probably met the one person who was truly meant for you.

The reason this happens is that you want the best for each other and are constantly encouraging each other to be better.

15. You Can Read Each Other's Thoughts

Have you ever suspected that you are telepathic with your partner? You can tell what's on their minds just by looking at them.

You even complete each other's sentences, and you easily agree on issues you would otherwise need to debate over. It's because you are connected on a psychological level.

16. You Never Felt This Way About Another Person

You have lost count of all the times you met someone and imagined they were "the one." But after meeting this person, you have felt a connection you have never felt before in your life.

You now understand what true love is. You can tell this is truly special and that it can only come around once in your life.

17. Distance Does Not Strain Your Relationship

When you are soulmates, you trust each other and have the strength to handle anything. Even when distance comes between you, you still remain strong.

Whenever you meet, you pick up from where you left off. Jealousy and other challenges do not threaten what you have.

18. You Share A Sense Of Humor

With the right partner, you find the same things to be funny. In some relationships, what one partner considers to be funny is viewed as offensive by the other partner.

So, if you have a similar sense of humor, then that's a strong sign that you have met your soulmate.

19. You Feel At Peace With The World Around Your Soulmate

There was a time when some issues about the world such as politics, could drive you up the wall. But now, such things don't seem to bother you as much.

You have accepted that the world has both good and bad. You feel comfortable that you have this person in your life.

20. Around Them, You Feel Completely Safe

If being with your partner is what comes to mind after a tedious day at work or a rough time, then that's a strong sign that you have found your soulmate.

Around the right partner, all your worries and concerns have evaporate.

This person can turn a bad day into a good day simply by giving you their presence.

21. You Understand Each Other's Lives

Whether you met when you were doing well in life or not, this person doesn't mind. And even when things get hard, their respect and love for you don't change.

In whatever stage you are in your life, this person is there to make your situation better. Your success is their success, and your problems are their problems.

22. Your Love Life Is Amazing

Whenever you are together and are having sex, it feels more amazing than any other similar experience you have ever had in your life. You just have so much chemistry that nothing between you is forced.

You feel free to try anything and that is so liberating and awesome. There is simply never get enough of this person.

23. Your Chemistry Is Palpable

There was a spark between you from the day you met. And whenever you are together, people see that there's a connection between the two of you.

Even when you try to deny that there is something going on between the two of you, people don't believe it because they can clearly see the chemistry you share.

24. No Conversation Scares You

Some conversations can drive partners apart, but not you and your lover. However tough the conversation can be, you can breeze through it without any tensions or problems.

You are confident that you can handle anything, however, challenging it can be for the two of you.

25. Soulmates Give Each Other Personal Space

People don't take alone time as seriously as they should. However, once in a while, you will need some time to yourself.

Anyone who respects this about you is truly special, and you should always return the favor. Letting someone have some time alone means having lots of trust in them.

26. Even When You Get Really Intense, You Know It's Okay

Whenever you are arguing or fighting or doing anything else and things seem to get a little intense and out of control, you still feel comfortable.

In regular relationships, this can be scary because you don't know if you will still have a relationship after that. Besides, not many people ever get to that point in their lives.

But with your soulmate, you can go all the way and it would not threaten your relationship.

27. You Challenge Each Other

You don't challenge each other in a bad way, but by bringing out the best in each other. Around this person, you feel motivated to achieve your greatest potential.

Finally, you feel confident in chasing your dreams and ambitions, and you desire to achieve so much as individuals and as a couple.

28. If Given Another Chance, You'd Still Pick Your Partner

Regretfully, if some people were given another chance to choose a partner, they would make a different choice. But for you, you are sure you made no mistake by choosing your current partner.

You would do it again and again.

29. Soulmates Are Always Eager To Help Each Other Out

Whenever your partner has an issue, you can't wait to help out in whatever way you can. In a similar position, they also willingly put everything else on hold to help you through the hard times.

30. You Treasure Their Happiness

When you have such a deep connection to someone, you automatically want them to be as happy as possible. On some level, their happiness is your happiness.

All the time, you feel an incredible urge to make them comfortable by showing them love and support.

31. Soulmates Keep Running Into Each Other

Even when you are not together, you keep ending up at the same parties and events. And whenever you meet, you can talk and talk without end.

This is a sign that you are meant to be together, which is why you feel so bad when parting ways.

32. You Feel That They're Special

You have never had serious doubts about being with this person. Everything feels right, and you have reassuring confidence that this is "the one."

It's because you have finally met your other half.

33. You Don't Threaten Each Other

In some relationships, people are quick to threaten each other when bad things happen. But even when you and your partner are angry at each other, you don't threaten each other.

In fact, you don't get nasty and mean and try to hurt each other more than the issue you are dealing with already has. You still care about each other and think about the future of your relationship even when arguing.

34. Every Time You Are Together Is An Adventure

Before you met, you had passions and your life was full of excitement, but they were often few and far between. But now, every day feels like an adventure because you have this person in your life.

You feel like nothing is truly an adventure unless you share it with this person.

35. Soulmates Cover Each Other's Weaknesses

Differences will always exist between two people. But finding someone who complements your flaws is very unique.

In other words, you make each other better. You cover each other's weak points and together you make a much stronger team.

36. Soulmates Connect On Multiple Levels

With some people, you connect intellectually. With others, the connection is purely physical.

Others connect with you emotionally. But with your soulmate, you can feel all these connections with them.

37. Soulmates Have Deep Empathy For Each Other

When your partner is going through something, you feel it as deeply as they do. When they are happy, you are just as happy.

Even though you often get tired of caring about other people, you never tire of this person. Empathy comes naturally.

38. You Are Confident About Your Future

Do you remember a time when you were constantly concerned about your future? If that's no longer the case, it might have something to do with the fact that you have met your soulmate.

With this person by your side, you feel confident that you can handle whatever life throws at you. You feel stronger and more hopeful than ever, and the future no longer scares you.

39. Soulmates Are Strong For Each Other

When one of you is going through a hard time, the other is always willing to be strong for them. You always stand by each other during hard times.

You can remember being there for each other during the hard times and being able to make it through because you had unwavering support for each other.

40. You Have Respect For Each Other's Differences

Being soulmates does not mean you agree on everything. You can have differences based on religion, culture, and ethics.

However, you always find a way to work around your differences and make your relationship thrive.

There is nothing better than being your favorite person's favorite person. Many people love and don't get that love or appreciation in return, but those who find their soulmates find the loves of their lives, their best friends, their greatest fans, and their most ideal partners all wrapped into one.