40 Obvious Signs He Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

40 Obvious Signs He Wants To Be Your Boyfriend

You like him and you've been on a few dates. But how do you know that your dream guy is actually ready to commit? Here are 40 signs that your man is ready to become your boyfriend.

1. Pursues You

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When a man develops interest, he will do anything at his disposal to catch your attention, including asking for your number.

2. Introduces You To Friends

Men always ask their friends for their opinion on a potential girlfriend. Once he gets their approval, you're in.

3. Leans In

If you are in a conversation and a man leans towards you, this is a tell-tale sign that he harbors some intimate feelings.


4. Can't Stop Staring

You might catch him starring at you, and he immediately looks away. It's natural for men to check out beautiful ladies, but if a man is always staring at you, it is an indication that he has feelings for you.

5. Asks For Advice

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This is a sign of vulnerability. When he opens up about his milestones and plans, it's an indication, he trusts you and is interested in you.

6. Gets Jealous

This may be startling. If a man is envious of you flirting with other men, it is an instinct that they are interested in you and want to set boundaries.

7. Willing To Forgive

If you had a fight or a misunderstanding, he would be quick to forgive and forge ahead. Small things do not really matter.


8. Remembers Dates

A man will always remember the little things and events in your life, like your birthday or anniversary. He will always create time for you and will value the key milestones in your life.

9. Compliments You

A man in love will always find something good to say about you, even on your worst days he will tell you how nice you look.


10. Progresses The Relationship

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It is a weird feeling when you feel the time is passing by with no progress in your relationship. If a man is in love, he will shift gears from one level to the next.

11. Spends Time With You

Let's be clear, ladies. No man will waste time on a lady he doesn't have feelings for. A man who is into you will always schedule a time to be with you.


12. Acts Nervous Around You

A man may be very confident when with their male counterpart but chicken out when you are around. This is a sign that he may be harboring some feelings.

13. Spends The Night With You

Sharing a bed is an expression that he wants to move things to the next level.


14. Introduces You To Family

When a man is serious with a lady, he will take extra effort to introduce her to his family and close acquittance.

15. Surprises You

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There is no perfect romance; however, a man in love will take you on that surprise vacation. He will make an effort to ensure things are interesting.

16. Follows You On Social Media

If a man is trolling you on social media, it could be an indication that he wants to find out more information about you.


17. Touches You

If he feels intimate, he may touch you "accidentally", talk of the law of attraction.

18. There To Help

He will always be there to ensure you are happy in whatever way he can. He will stand by you through thick and thin situations.


19. Asks Questions About You

He will want to know more about your background, what you like or dislike. He will try to find out about your family, upbringing, and the values that bind you.

20. Opens Up To You

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A man will open up when he trusts that you can keep his secrets. Men like to keep their emotions inward. If he opens up, that means he feels like you're someone he can share that with as a potential partner.

21. Shows You Off

Men like to show off their ladies, mostly motivated by the need to get approval and show your beauty.


22. Listens Closely

If he is patient with you and is there to support you in times of difficulty and want, it is a hint that you are close to his heart and have developed some chemistry.

23. Calls And Texts Regularly

If he consistently texts the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, then you have captured his heart.


24. Comments On Your Posts

Boys will always be boys. They will take every opportunity to seek attention and capture your imagination.

25. Invites You To A Movie

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This is one obvious sign that he wants to spend some close moments with you and have fun together and know you more.

26. Dresses Up

He might start wearing that crisp shirt more often or use your favorite cologne to get your approval.

27. Cooks Dinner

Surely, what's more romantic than having a man cook food for you? And have a candlelight dinner.


28. Knows What You Like

Every relationship is an investment. Knowing your favorite color or food is a sign of interest he has made to know more about you.

29. Plans Ahead

Has he ever asked you about your plans for the weekend? This is a hint that he has some plans for you.


30. Open Up About His Past

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If he is truly into you, he will share his past relationships and the reasons why they never worked out even if he is the one who messed up.

31. He Offers A Kiss

If there is strong chemistry between you, he will attempt to kiss when you least expect it and take you by surprise!

32. Tells Friends

If you hear compliments from your co-buddies about the good things he has mentioned about you, don't hesitate.


33. Calls After Date

That's the most important call you can ever receive. It shows he appreciated and valued the moment you spent together.

34. Misses You

If he missed you when you were away, he values your company.

35. Stops Dating Others

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If he stops flirting with other women and focus on you, then he has seen a potential wife material.

36. Likes Your Looks

If he keeps noticing your makeup, hairstyle, clothes, or your perfume, he is into you.

37. Gives You Gifts

It's the little things in life that matter. If he buys you that fancy top, then he needs your attention.


38. Watches Your Favorite TV show

Well, boys love sports and cars. However, if he shows some interest in your TV series, then he is seeking your attention.

39. Uses Nick Names

Well, if he calls you sweetheart or babe, this is not a slip of the tongue. It's a deliberate effort to capture your attention.


40. Open the Door to His Home

He will give you the keys to his house and grant you exclusive access to his privacy. He will feel comfortable being associated with you.