40 Definite Things To Expect In A Relationship With A Narcissist

40 Definite Things To Expect In A Relationship With A Narcissist

If you are making as big a decision as deciding to settle down in marriage, you might as well face the bitter hard truths about what the future might have in store for you. It's better to know the truth early instead of learning about the darkness in your partner when you are already deep into marriage. However, if you are considering marrying a narcissist, this might be a little harder than you think.


You see, a marriage needs some give and take. But this requires that each partner understands and accepts this concept as an important ingredient in any good marriage. And it also takes quite a bit of effort. However, all hope of having such a relationship is lost when you marry a narcissist. These peculiar and malicious people only see things their way, they make no compromises for anybody, and their greatest delight is in breaking their partners down so that they can feel superior. Without a shred of mercy, these people can make your life hell on earth and make your question your own state of mind.


1. The concept of apology does not exist in his books.

2. He takes pride in defining terms.

3. When some issue arises, you will be the one to solve it.

4. He thrives on double-standards.

5. Your opinions will never be important in an argument.

6. He will never understand your feelings and emotions.


7. People always think him to be good and never believe your definition about him.

8. You will forget your enthusiasm for holidays and birthdays as it will always be about him.

9. Your relationship will lack cooperation, compromise and any sort of understanding.

10. You will never be appreciated whereas mere strangers hold more importance than you.


11. Your expectations will never be achieved and you will try to be content from little things.

12. Winning is never an option.

13. You will always end up being his scapegoat.

14. It will be really hard to have a decent conversation with him, as it will always be about him.

15. You end up dealing with his rage, insecurities, and shortcomings.


16. You have to be cautious about every step that you take as he can be mad at you for nothing.

17. You will eventually forget to love yourself.

18. Silence will always be observed in your home.

19. All your good memories will gradually be replaced by miserable ones.

20. There will always be a need to guide him on social interactions.


21. Your relationship will always revolve around hope, anger, disappointment, forgiveness, and forgetting.

22. You become the target for him to drop his troubles on.

23. You will learn to blame yourself for all the bad things that happen around you.

24. He will always make you feel weak and submissive.

25. You will learn to pretend most of the time.


26. He will always think that you have a duty to attend household things.

27. He will decide everything and you only have to act as he says.

28. You will never be able to accuse him of anything that he does.

29. He beats around the bush while answering questions.

30. How your day went is not his concern or even relevant to him.


31. You are stuck in an inevitable loop of problems and concerns, not having an edge out.

32. Missing him becomes a hobby and the low self-esteem resulting from the relationship means you're unable to change yourself.

33. Projection of behaviors on both ends up creating friction, where you take on his rage and he blocks out your good intentions.


34. His image is crystal clear from the outside, but if you were to call it quits on the relationship creating a scene, people would judge you indiscriminately while he sees it fit for calling you a lunatic for putting your foot down.

35. You're the only one that realize the reality of your situation while others seem oblivious.

36. Trauma is the only outcome of the unfortunate interpersonal relationship you exercise.


37. Counseling is a mere excuse for issues that can never be resolved with a narcissist by your side.

38. You will be drained emotionally and physically, which will lead to a state of being numb.

39. 'No' is not the comeback you want to throw at him as it will only fire back at you.

40. His personality is flippant and consequential.