4 Years In Jail For Woman Responsible For Killing 3 Siblings With Her Car As They Were Boarding A School Bus

4 Years In Jail For Woman Responsible For Killing 3 Siblings With Her Car As They Were Boarding A School Bus

Three kids, all siblings, lost their lives while trying to board a school bus when a car rammed into them.

Brittany Ingle, the mother of the children, claimed she does not see the possibility to ever find closure over what happened.

That is unlikely to change even as Alyssa Shepard gets 4 years in jail for striking the three siblings with her car while they were heading towards a school bus to board it.

In addition to the four years in jail, the woman also gets three years of house arrest and three more years of probation.

Because of The Incident, Her License Has Also Been Suspended For A Decade.

As the ruling was being handed down, the grieving family was there to follow the proceedings.

The children's mother could hardly handle her emotions, and she even tried to attack the woman who killed her kids, an act that got her charged with misdemeanor battery.

4 years in jail for woman responsible for killing 3 siblings with her car as they were boarding a school bus
Alyssa Shepherd Credit: Indiana Department of Corrections

Here Is How The Horrifying Events Unfolded

Shepard was driving a 2017 Toyota Tacoma on the highway close to Rochester. It was then she hit Alivia, 9, as well as her twin brothers Xzavier and Mason, at a school bus stop.

At the time, the bus had stopped, put up its stop-arm sign, and had all its emergency lights on. But the woman missed all these signs and rammed into the three kids as they were crossing the road to board the school bus.

The Bus Was Northbound, While The Car That Caused The Crash Was Southbound

Details about what happened were recorded on a video that is currently doing rounds on the web.

A fourth victim, Maverik Lowe, aged 11, was also hit during the accident. Luckily, he got away with his life. But the kid is in bad shape and is still in hospital with injuries, having already undergone over 20 surgeries in a year.

Once the woman was taken in by the police after the accident, she was charged with three counts of reckless homicide and a misdemeanor count of disregarding a stop sign and causing injury.

Initially, She Faced Up To 21 Years In Prison After Being Found Guilty

During the case, Shepard says she never saw the bus or the stop sign. But after what happened, she admits to having turned into a mess.

However, the children's parents felt that she was not remorseful enough for what she did. According to the children's mother, Shepard "... totally stole their (children) lives."