4 Ways People Cheat In Relationships Without Getting Physical

4 Ways People Cheat In Relationships Without Getting Physical

People think cheating is having physical intimacy with people outside the relationship. But really, is that all it takes to betray your partner?

Of course not!

The lines might be blurred here, but some "harmless" and "innocent" actions, although they don't involve physical intimacy, are clearly also forms of cheating.

Today, Cheating Is More Complicated Than It Has Ever Been

Technology plays a big role in this. It has made making connections with other people much easier. In fact, people can lose themselves in romantic relationships without ever meeting physically.

But even so, no partner deserves to be played like that. Committing and remaining faithful to your partner is a show of respect to your partner, the relationship, and even yourself.

That's why you should always avoid cheating in all its forms.

4 Ways You Can Cheat Without Getting Physical

1. Object Cheating

Umm. What the hell is this? I'll explain it. In this case, you give your job or your passion more attention than your partner. That is how many men end up having their jobs described as their mistresses.

When you get to the point where your relationship takes second place and something else you love takes priority, then object cheating is already happening. While your relationship and your partner cannot become your whole life, your partner should always be your first love, not your job or your hobby.

2. Emotional Cheating

In this case, you decide to reveal your innermost secrets to someone else besides your partner. There is nothing wrong with telling other people certain things about you.

But when such information is exclusively meant for your partner, and you withhold it from them to share it with another person, then you are more emotionally attached to that person than your partner. And that's emotional cheating.

3. Romantic Cheating

This is probably the worst form of cheating you can have, even if it does not go all the way and turn physical. Having a romance when you have a partner means you have completely given the passions you should have for your partner to someone else. It means there are feelings involved, and probably plans that might doom the relationship you already have.

With physical cheating, emotions and romance are usually not part of the deal, and you might never want to see the person you cheated with again. But with romantic cheating, you see your partner as nothing more than an obstacle in your blossoming romance.

4. Online Cheating

Internet reigns supreme today, and it even dictates many of our social interactions. While there are no limits to the number of people you can interact with over the web, it's wrong to have online affairs when you already have a partner.

Even if you are doing it for fun, your partner will not be amused to learn that you are flirting right and left once you log in to your favorite social media platform.

Surprised by all this? Don't be. You should remain faithful to your partner and your relationship at all times. If someone is special enough to be part of your life, that is clearly the least they deserve. So, even as you avoid physical cheating, don't be guilty of these four special forms of cheating.