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4 Unbelievable Benefits Of Blue Magic Kratom

4 Unbelievable Benefits Of Blue Magic Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa is well known in South-East Asia for its diverse range of medicinal uses. This tropical evergreen tree with leaves that can get bigger than a man's hand grows deep in the dense rainforests of countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

As interest in its properties has grown globally, many manufacturers have picked up and commercialized the plant. This has created several strains and blends as part of a rapidly burgeoning phytomedicine industry that exists to fulfill one particular niche.

Let's understand what makes this alternative medicine factory tick, why it promises to be a gamechanger in the market for various ailments and disorders, and why blue magic kratom should definitely be on your bucket list for no less than four unbelievable benefits.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is what it is because of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine; these are two alkaloid compounds and the prime drivers of traditional medicine's beneficial effects. Mitragynine is more common in immature plants and rapidly gives way to its counterpart as the Kratom source ages. For centuries at the very least, shamans and healers belonging to local tribes have used Kratom to treat various ailments, brewing it into teas or drinking potions or coating their wounds with its paste. They have applied its properties in fields as diverse as increasing sex drive, relieving pain, protecting wounds from infection, and counteracting lethargy.

Today, commercial manufacturers and growers have cornered the market, operating remote and sprawling plantations within the plant's native forest habitats. Over time, the diversification and selective breeding of the plants have led to the development of a wide variety of 'strains,' which display unique properties and, by extension, cater to unique portions of the market. There are three varieties of leaves on any given Kratom plant, though different strains may specialize in a particular type: white, green, and red. To be more precise, the 'color' of a leaf refers to the color of its vein structure. This metric used to determine the nature of a leaf varies due to its age and maturity. Kratom leaves start their journey as white-veined, but over time they mature, and the structure turns green due to the development of pigments. When the leaf ages further, the concentration of alkaloids (especially 7-hydroxy-mitragynine) increases, giving the veins a red coloration.

When the tree is mature and ready, its leaves are plucked by the plantation workers and then graded and sorted before being sent to manufacturers. Every manufacturer has its own methods, but the leaves are generally shredded and ground to yield powder or pressed and dissolved in solvents to make liquid extracts.

Kratom is a unique product because it is dual-use in nature. Its effects vary on the dosage in which it is taken; more accurately, it depends on the alkaloid dosage. In low dosages, the results are stimulating like caffeine, while high concentrations have opioid-like uses. The former can be achieved by taking small quantities or white-veined varieties, while the opposite is true for the latter.

Blue Magic Kratom

Blue Magic is not the name of any particular strain of Kratom. Instead, it is a brand based in the United States of America. It was started in 2015 by the father-son duo of Ross and Nate Jaramillo in California and has since grown by leaps and bounds to establish itself as one of the biggest suppliers worldwide. It specializes in potent and particular proprietary blends with premium quality Kratom, particularly Maeng Da strains.

Unbelievable Benefits of Blue Magic Kratom

Diverse Set of Choices

The Blue Magic brand contains many different commercial blends handcrafted by the founders with care to cater to every need of the consumer. The product line features various strains of Kratom like Red Bali or Red Dragon, though its Maeng Da blends remain the most popular. The company has also since diversified into other strains to expand its ability to meet needs and satisfy consumers; its offerings include Kratom varieties like Green Malay and Red Vein. In addition, it is also very well-known for its potent 'Trainwreck' blend, featuring more than four distinct varieties of Kratom for a massive punch of beneficial effects.

Ease of Use and Diversification

While Kratom traditionalists swear by raw powders and extracts, taking them might not be for everyone; they are strong in taste, overwhelming, and have a poor texture that can coat your mouth and throat and leave you with an uncomfortable feeling. Even worse, the powder can often get into your respiratory tract if taken improperly and cause further issues like inflammation and choking. Blue Magic Kratom specializes in easy-to-take forms of Kratom-like tablets, which provide beginners and veterans alike with a way to quickly and safely get their fix.

Opioid De-Addiction

Kratom has been able to wean people off of opioids, and blue magic Kratom has garnered praise for its efficacy in this field. Its Maeng Da blend is especially a product users swear by in this regard. High doses of this Blue Magic product can counteract opioid withdrawal and, over the longer term, control and eliminate the condition.

Safety and Efficacy

Blue Magic takes the purity and useability of its products very seriously. For this reason, everything they sell comes with detailed reports on things like alkaloid levels and contaminant presence. They also test for pathogens that may have snuck in during the manufacturing process and cause diseases if ingested. They are associated with the American Kratom Association and follow the applicable best practices and quality standards.


Thus, buying Blue Magic is almost guaranteed to be a safe, easy, and beneficial choice to foray into the marvelous world of Kratom. However, bear in mind that it is a barely regulated industry, and the facts contained in this article could change very quickly as new data and facts reveal themselves. Always exercise your due diligence instead of blindly trusting any writing on the internet. Usage of Kratom may have side effects that can be severely debilitating; exercise caution at all times and consult a medical professional if anything goes wrong.