4 Tips In Preparing Your Above Ground Pool For A Grand Party

4 tips in preparing your above ground pool for a grand party

While it's nice to celebrate in a grand venue, it's best to stay practical and hold the party on your property. The money you would spend on a rented events place, food services, and other related expenses could go as far as enhancing your home.

If you have a tacky elevated pool and a dull landscape, it may be high time to impress your friends, not that you could burn cash for a posh event, but because you're practical and financially mature to invest in home improvement.

Don't have an above-ground pool? Consider getting one if your backyard could accommodate this addition. And when it's already in your space, don't leave it without adding some flair. Make some modifications before the neighborhood sees this unfinished nightmare that could make the village look cheap.

Despite the many bad reputations of ruining a property's value, above-ground pools have great potential to appear extravagant. You can make it look splendid and ready for a deluxe gathering with a few tips we shared below.

Consider Concealing The Pool

There's no need to make the above-ground pool look great from a distance. Surprise your visitors to see that there's a hidden place for relaxation where they can take a dip without being watched by a creepy neighbor. Use a wall made of wood panels or a division of concrete that completely blocks the view.

If your house stands in an isolated place with spectacles of a cliff or a hill, you can forget about concealing the pool. Replace the concrete or wood with glass. Others would like to create an illusion of an infinity pool, though it is not ideal with families for safety reasons.

A Lovely Luxe Lounge

Your guests would want to save themselves a spot in an outdoor pool lounge. Create a built-in wood bench with quick-dry, outdoor cushions. This setup works efficiently on a rectangular above-ground pool. Throw in some pillows, small tables, and some sturdy pot plants.

You may also incorporate a bar near the pool in a way that can accommodate both guests in the water and those who would like to remain dry.

Light It Up!

Your outdoor oasis won't glam up without the fancy lights. Try lanterns, candles, lamps, tiki torches to enchant the place with a cheeky vibe. While they make the place lively, avoid adding too much as it would turn out to be a tacky setup.

Whether you want a peaceful gathering or a lively soirée, it is the clever use of light that would bring out the best in your home.

An Integrated Design

Yes, you have a pool, but you don't want it to appear like there is one. How can you pull this off without the apparent effort to conceal it?

The answer is an integrated design. From a distance, you would see a house, some lively couches, and vibrant lighting. As you get closer, you'll notice a pool at the same level as the floor. But can you call it an above-ground pool?

Modified gardens and landscapes can hide a pool from plain view. Whether you would use cement or wooden decks to level the platform is up to you. It takes lots of creativity to pull this off, so you might want to hire a professional or take up garden design courses through online academies.

Wrapping Up

While a raw above-ground pool is not the most beautiful on its own, you can do so many things with it to make it look fantastic. Consider using this investment for future parties and to increase the value of your home.