4 Tips For The Perfect Virtual Date On Webcam

4 Tips For The Perfect Virtual Date On Webcam

The 2020 pandemic that hit the entire world affected all aspects of our lives including how we socialize. The lockdown rules that were instituted by governments have brought to light the need to modify what we used to do in our daily activities. Luckily, the internet has come in handy to ease the above-discussed restrictions. A large percentage of the world's workforce adopted work-from-home policies with meetings held on Zoom or Skype.

Dating, an event that would normally require a face-to-face meeting, also took a similar route. The number of people who joined the virtual dating scene skyrocketed, with the best cam sites taking a large percentage of users. As more people settled on having dates over computer screens, experts started sharing tips on how to maximize this unique experience. Below is a guide to help even the shy introvert to make the most of this social experience:

Dressing Up

One of the routines that was neglected most during the pandemic period was dressing up. Putting on a clean, ironed shirt/blouse and trousers have become a thing of the past. Putting a bit of effort like shaving the beard, and investing in a hair-do will definitely be worth your while. Assume that this virtual date is just like an in-person rendezvous, and put on your best shoes, and that designer perfume/cologne. Your date will appreciate it.

Check The Lighting

If the date is scheduled to happen during the day, face towards the window to make the most of the natural light. Ring lights are the best for night-time dates as it creates a lovely glow. Avoid back-lighting as it will give the appearance of a silhouette. Creating the required ambiance is one of the most important steps that lead the date in the right direction. Your surroundings must not only be pristine but also proper. Avoid taking your laptop or phone to the bathroom or having images in the background that may be viewed as indecent.

Fixing The Webcam

As you consider venturing into the world of virtual dating, keep in mind that technology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable to avoid interruptions during your date, or worse still, stop the date from happening.

Log into your preferred platform well in advance to avoid delays, and a bad first impression even for an in-person meeting. Find a good angle for the webcam, making sure that it is at eye level. The camera test will also give you a look at your background, giving you a chance to remove anything that you do not want visible during your date.

Conversation Topics

Positive conversation topics, with a few jokes and anecdotes here and there, will give you a great start as you get to know your date. Avoid topics that may be highly emotive such as politics or the pandemic as it may rub the other person the wrong way. Share moments of joy and those topics you are passionate about. Such conversations are guaranteed to leave lasting impressions.

If you accidentally find yourself discussing an unpleasant topic, think on your toes and discreetly change the subject, showing interest in subjects that are mutually enjoyable.


As much as it has gained massive popularity in the last few years, online dating is not a new phenomenon. It is, however, an interesting way to meet someone and get to know them, especially if a face-to-face chat has been made difficult by distance or other circumstances. It is estimated that by 2024, there will be nearly 280 million users of dating services.