4 Tips For Being More Active Every Day

Modern-day life is busy and complicated. Most of us don't have time to go to the gym every day or take long walks in the afternoon. Exercise is important if you want to stay healthy but you may struggle to motivate yourself to get up and moving. Everyday activities are great for changing things up a little bit to incorporate some exercise. The best part is that you can do one of these activities each day and soon you will become more active than before.

Spring Clean

Every house needs a good deep clean every few months, but it doesn't have to be a complete chore. House cleaning is already a form of aerobic exercise; you just need to incorporate extra movements to get more benefits. When dusting, stretch with the duster from further away rather than standing on your toes. If you have to move a lot of items, perform a structured squat every time you have to pick something up.

When you tackle the more difficult areas of the house that require some elbow grease, put everything you have into it. Clean vigorously and fast until you tire yourself out. By the end of a tough workout, you'll have a sparkling home to relax in.

Pitch Some Balls

Trying to hit a fast-moving ball takes skill and exceptional hand-eye coordination. The batting cages are a fun activity on the weekend, but you can just as easily get the same amount of exercise at home. Pair up with a friend or your spouse to throw the ball as fast as they can while you try to hit it. Swap over and see how far or fast you can throw. If you have children, teach them with a pitching machine. This is the perfect opportunity to get as close to the real thing as possible and show them how famous baseball players do it.

Walk Everywhere

You cannot beat good old-fashioned walking to get a simple and easy workout in. The problem is that our lives dictate that we have to drive to most of the places we visit. From home to work and the grocery shop, you have to be mobile constantly. This doesn't mean that you cannot trick the system and just park your car at the far end of the shop or work. When you encounter stairs, take them two at a time and do a little hop while you're at it. Even walking to the bathroom at home can be done with lunges mixed in. Make it fun and count how many lunges it takes to get to different rooms of the house.

Remind Yourself

Some days you will just be too busy to remember any of these tips, so set the alarm. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, but don't do it all at once. Set the clock to remind you every hour or two to move around as much as possible for a minimum of five minutes. If you have extended free periods in the day, break it up into three 10-minute exercise routines.

Exercise is highly beneficial whether you do it for five minutes a day or three hours a week. The fact is that you keep yourself active and be consciously aware of it at all times.

If you cannot get any extra activity done in one day, don't fret. Just try again tomorrow, and the next day, until it becomes a habit and you actively start making time to exercise more. Once you see the benefits that just a few minutes can give, you'll soon be motivated to bring in more ways to stay active all the time.