Have you ever been in a situation where you met someone and instantly felt connected to him or her? Perhaps you instantly felt like you knew them from somewhere, or met them somewhere. You reach out to them – “Hey, I knew you from somewhere.” You have this deep conviction that you have crossed paths with them at a certain time. If you have felt this experience, then there is a likelihood that you have met them in your past life. You may not believe that reincarnation is possible. However, something intense and powerful can open up your mind to the possibilities that you had met them somewhere. You may ask yourself how you can tell if you really did meat this person in a past life?  If this is your question, read on as we explain the signs that you did indeed know them in a past life.

You immediately feel connected to them with an overwhelming feeling.

When you meet a person that you’ve met in a past life, that person may draw up an offspring of emotions within you. The person may spark up some memories of the past, but you cannot actually pinpoint the exact place and time you met them.  The encounter with them may feel life-changing and incredibly powerful. It doesn’t matter how you come in contact with them, this meeting is more than a coincidence. You may laugh, cry, or fall into a warm embrace at the first sight of them because you can’t get a hold of your emotions. There are people you will meet and immediately there is a connection. The feeling is real.

Looking into their eyes, you feel at home.

As soon as you met this person you felt they understand you. You feel comfortable and unjudged in their presence. It is just like looking at your own eyes through their own. Coming in contact with them, makes you feel like being at home. You want to walk and talk with them for hours without end. You are you around them. The relationship with them is not forced nor strained but feels easy. You don’t feel ashamed, it’s like being in your comfort zone. You feel accepted and approved. You see that familiarity in their eyes. According to experts on reincarnation, this isn’t coincidentally. You can see it in their eyes that you have surely met somewhere long ago, but that doesn’t matter because they are here now.

You feel an immediate negative reaction to them.

This normally occurs when such person brings bad memories or did something harmful to them in a past life. Perhaps you had contact with some in your past life in an unfavorable situation. This can reproduce a disliking of them without any reason. However, you don’t have to hate them. Don’t allow the past to reappear in the future without burying it. It is time to bury the hatchet for the last time.