4 Signs You're Dating A Highly Enlightened Individual

4 Signs You’re Dating A Highly Enlightened Individual

Whether they feel down or not, enlightened people are always happy to be alive and to be here. Finding such a soul is almost impossible, but maybe you're one of the lucky ones.

Dating an enlightened person is a privilege. They are helpful, honest, and confident, always bringing positive energy into your life. However, they do see the world differently. Being in a relationship with such a soul isn't like any other.

A highly enlightened person is kind to everyone

It's a wonderful feature, though it might be a bit irritating at times. They are always helpful and respectful, even if the other person doesn't deserve it.

The great thing is that enlightened souls aren't judgmental, but even that can be too much at specific points. You have so much to learn for them, so be patient.

An enlightened soul is excited about the future

Most of us have crippling anxiety regarding the future. It can easily mess up our present, so if you're dating an enlightened person, they'll be able to teach a thing or two about life.

They are welcoming, excited about the future, which makes it easier for them to live in the here and now. They also know they can't control life and see challenges as opportunities.

Naturally, they aren't always happy; they have a wide range of emotions. But, somehow, being enlightened means continually having hope.

Not only does an enlightened individual not care about what's hot and what's not, they respect others, but they don't care about their opinions.

It seems eccentric and foolish at times. But, these souls are aware of their place in the world; they know who they are and trust their instincts.

You won't find them in trending clubs or bars, and they don't genuinely care about materialism, as they value experiences.

An enlightened soul is always in harmony

You will feel like a mess when you're dating an Enlightened person. It's not their fault they have their life together while we are struggling to get out of bed and decide what to eat for breakfast.

Enlightened people do fall in love, but they don't need you to be in harmony with themselves. They know how to be on their own, and their alone time is essential to them. You can ask them to teach you more about their activities, like spending time in nature or doing yoga. It will bring you closer and get you to be more in sync with yourself.

Dating an enlightened individual is an unusual experience, but you are worth it. Embrace their positivity, and you'll be able to grow and achieve your goals and become a better person for yourself and others.