36-Year-Old Unsigned Rapper Grooms 14-Year-Old Girl, Gets Set Up By 'Catch A Predator' Citizen

36-year-old unsigned rapper grooms 14-year-old girl, gets set up by ‘catch a predator’ citizen

36-year-old Jacksonville rapper, Christopher Martini aka DaChef, was allegedly sexting a 14-year-old girl. Unknown to him is the fact that the girl is likely a video host in disguise for a YouTube imitation of 'Catch A Predator.'

The entire conversation between the 36-year-old and the girl was a setup. He fell flat for it because he is what he is, an online predator. Even though he told her he was 36 twice and made references to how she was just 14, he pushed forward with the "situation-ship." Here is a video showing screenshots of their conversation.

A pedophile hunter shows up at his door dressed as a record executive pretending to give him a check of $50,000. The hunter asks DaChef to do a freestyle before they leave. He did a 1 minute plus freestyle that was not pleasing to hear.

That freestyle is one of the worst rap freestyles to have ever graced my screen and ears. By the way, he sounded stoned.

Predator Caught

In response to DaChef's rap, the hunter spits a verse of his own saying:

"My name is Nate Waits and I created a list. You are on that list because you tried to fuck kids".

The rapper reacted quite violently with curse words at being exposed. He slams the door right in the face of the pedophile hunter after vehemently denying knowing anything about the allegation.

It was quite easy to fool him with that prize money. I keep wondering just how it was so easy for him to believe that he had won $50,000 out of nowhere. That should have raised his suspicions. But of course, money has its way of making people do the funniest things.

We are glad he got caught on camera. Watch the full clip below.