36 Quotes From 'The Vampire Diaries' That'll Hit You Right In The Feels

36 quotes from ‘the vampire diaries’ that’ll hit you right in the feels

The Vampire Diaries was one of the most popular TV series during our youth.

It aired its premiere on September 10, 2009. And believe it or not, it had 8 amazing seasons until the people behind it decided that the show told its story and it was time to say goodbye now.

TVD was life. We were madly in love with the Salvatore brothers, and we hated Elena for having them both wrapped around her little finger.

The story revolved around a young teen girl, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who falls in love with a boy named Stefan (Paul Wesley) that bore his dark secret: he was a vampire.

They fought for their love until Elena met Stefan's brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Then everything changed, and the brothers kept fighting for Elena's love.

This show had a small-town setting, and since there was a love triangle, the drama was always on.

We were so young and so addicted to it. We craved Damon and Stefan. However, it's a fact that despite the drama, this show had offered much more.

It was our TV handbook on how to survive love and life wrapped into one, and it gave us many valuable lessons of life.

Here are some of the many life lessons that we had learned from the TVD crew.

#1 "You Want What Everyone Wants. You Want A Love That Consumes You. You Want Passion And Adventure, And Maybe Even A Little Danger." – Damon Salvatore

Who doesn't long for someone to hold? We all do. All of us want that consuming, heartwrenching and heart-mending love that bursts with adrenaline.

And this is what makes Damon's quote relatable on so many levels.

#2 "When You Lose Someone, It Stays With You. Always Reminding You Of How Easy It Is To Get Hurt." – Elena Gilbert

We often get swiped away from reality when we fall in love. It's like we've been brainwashed, or a slight version of it, where our mind was compelled to ignore everything a bit different than happiness, rainbows, and hearts.

This is a natural thing, especially when it's at the beginning of a relationship. And when we're experiencing it, we often forget about one important thing: how easy it is for someone to hurt you.

Yes, some scars never leave the surface of our hearts. However, everything happens for a reason.

Let's choose that these scars will remind us not of how easy it is to get hurt and how important it is to be here and now. With head on the shoulders and a focused mind on whichever situation you are in.

#3 "We Met And We Talked And It As Epic. Then The Sun Came Up And Reality Set In." – Elena Gilbert

The sun is often the dealbreaker in vampire stories.

But that's not the point here. At all.

Remember Before Sunrise? - There you have it.

Sometimes, the magic that hides in the darkness of the night is priceless. A starry sky, a breezy wind, and your voices chattering and breaking the silence of the night.

Enjoy the deep conversations during the night while it lasts. Because guess what? - The magic gets spoiled by the rising sun.

#4 "I Want To Thank You For Giving Me Everything I Ever Wanted. A Love That Consumed Me, Adventure, Passion, There's Nothing More That I Could Have Asked For…Except For It To Last Forever."Elena Gilbert

When we get in a new relationship, everything is set high, even our hopes.

We think that what we have is THE thing that is going to last forever. And when something unexpected comes in our way and messes everything, we end up disappointed in ourselves, in the person by our side, in everything and anything.

Don't make things harder to process. The break-up is already a hard one, so don't dive in deep into the black hole.

Instead, be happy that you had an opportunity to be careless, naughty, and deeply enamored. It's not an easy thing to do, but hey - this mourning phase won't last forever.

The sun will rise again, and you will stand up tall, ready to face the challenges of the day.

In the end, there's nothing wrong with alone time. Spend it well to get to know yourself better than before.

#5 "I Used To Think The Worst Feeling In The World Was Losing Someone You Love, But I Was Wrong. The Worst Feeling In The World Is The Moment That You Realize You've Lost Yourself." – Elena Gilbert

Sometimes life gives you two options: losing yourself or losing someone you love.

Regardless of the situation, don't lose yourself.

#6 "Promise Me That This Is Forever." – Elena Gilbert

And they lived happily ever after…NOT.

Why do we crave for something that has the label 'forever' on it? And more importantly - why are we so afraid of the fact that something is going to end…eventually.

Starting from our lives, everything has a beginning and an ending. There's no need to complicate things and promise forever because we never know what would tomorrow bring us.

Maybe we need to be sure that what we have will make us happy. However, promises just make things harder. Especially if the thing we promise is something that doesn't depend on us.

They fill us with anxiety and pressure that we don't need.

Yes, the most important thing in life is not eternity, but the things you do from point zero until your very last breath, even if it sounds a bit cliche - love and live your life to the fullest.

Because nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain…

#7 "Perhaps One Day, In A Year Or Even In A Century. You'll Turn Up At My Door And Let Me Show You What The World Has To Offer." – Klaus Mickelson

Although he was pretentious at times, Klaus was like a book of wisdom.

And a walking sex appeal, but that's not our focus. At least not the prime one.

#8 "I Believe That When You Love Someone And That Person Loves You In Return, You're Uniquely Vulnerable. They Have The Power To Hurt You Like Nothing Else." – Elijah Mikaelson

And often those who hurt us are usually the ones we love the most.

It depends on us, whether we would hurt the people we love, or we'd have our eyes and mind wide open and think before we act.

#9 "He's Your First Love. I Intend To Be Your Last. No Matter How Long It Takes." – Klaus Mikaelson

It's so pleasing when we find all the things we like in our first love. But these lucky people are too rare, and there doesn't even need to be a word on this topic, that you don't need to feel guilty if your first love wasn't your last.

Hey, the most important thing in life is to be happy, not to count how many times you fell in love, so save yourself and don't do it.

#10 "There Is No Such Thing As Bad Ideas. Just Poorly Executed Awesome Ideas." – Damon Salvatore

And often, there are just small modifying details that our awesome idea needs to become perfect. Remember, God is in the details.

#11 "Don't Underestimate The Allure Of Darkness. Even The Purest Hearts Are Drawn To It." – Klaus Mikaelson

In one of her books, the author Colleen Hoover wrote:

"There is no such thing as bad people. We're all just people who sometimes do bad things."

And it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's up to us whether we would choose to be good or we'll cross to the "dark side" because they have cookies.

We're all adults here, and it won't hurt if we keep our minds awake. We need them to make the last call and save us from distractions or wrong directions.

#12 "All I Know Is That Right Now I Want To Rip Your Clothes Off Right Here In The Middle Of This Hall And Throw You In One Of These Classrooms And Kiss Every Square Inch Of Your Body, While A Bunch Of People Who Drive Minivans Listen Wishing They Were Us." – Damon Salvatore

When you're in love, everything related to your person sounds like it's too good to be true. You can't take your eyes off of them, and you want everyone to see it too.

Because yes, that's what love does to us. And it's precious.

#13 "You Don't Know What It's Like Being In Love With You. You Know, When You And I Were Together, Every Single Atom In My Body Told Me That It Was The Right Thing, That We Were A Perfect Fit. And That Kind Of Love, It Can Change Your Whole Life." – Stefan Salvatore

Stefan was the silent wallflower. His presence never begged for attention, and he was far from the bad boy type of guy Damon was. Stefan just did what he needed to do, and that was all.

But whenever he opened his mouth to start "the talk", all of us felt it. Right in the heart and the soul.

#14 "It's Not A Crime To Love What You Cannot Explain." – Klaus Mickelson

There isn't a quotient that can explain love and all of her children.

There was a quote that said how explaining love for some people is the same when you try to explain colors to a blind person. So, maybe we should be spontaneous and stop trying to explain love and other drugs.

It's not a crime to love someone, so do it, be happy, and enjoy while it lasts.

#15 "All I Needed Was For You To Tell Me You Felt Something…And You Didn't." – Caroline Forbes

On the other side, there are these people who suffer because they fell in love with a person who doesn't feel the same. People who don't have to offer anything more than friendship.

In moments like these, you get the picture of how important it is to know when to let things go.

#16 "I Will Always Choose You." – Damon Salvatore

When you know, you know.

#17 "You Were By My Side When I Needed A Friend. You Made Me Laugh. You Made Me Dance. You Told Me That I Would Find Love Again… And, I Understand If I Have To Wait For You, And I Will. I'll Wait. And When You're Ready For Me, I Will Be Ready For You." – Stefan Salvatore

This is a dreamy quote. Because yes, Stefan was a dreamy and one hell of a romantic guy. But hey, some things aren't worth the wait.

Wondering why? Well, because. Waiting for that special one special person to change his or her mind is absurd. Love doesn't come like that when we order her to do so.

Love comes subtle and feels strong. Don't lose your life in waiting for people to change their minds on how they feel about you.

#18 "You're Going To Think That The Pain Will Never End, But It Will. But First, You Have To Let It All In. You Can't Fight It. It's Bigger Than You. You Have To Let Yourself Drown In It. But Then, Eventually, You'll Start To Swim, And Every Single Breath That You Fight For Will Make You Stronger. And I Promise That You Will Beat It." – Elena Gilbert

You aren't aware of how strong you are until you're putten on a test from life. Then, in that exact moment, your reflex and your instinct start kicking in and begin fighting for your life.

This is how you survive all things that tend to break you.

#19 "Love's Always Going To Require A Huge Leap Of Faith. A Big, Scary Leap Over A Hot Pit Of Lava. And, You Might End Up Heartbroken, But You Might Be The Happiest Person On The Face Of The Earth." – Jo Parker

If there was something, anything that made The Vampire Diaries stands out from the loads of other vampire-themed series that were trying to win their watchers, it was the characters. All of them. And mostly, the side characters that appeared here and there through the seasons.

Jo Parker, the twin-sister of Kai was one of them. And we loved her.

#20 "I'm Not Doing So Great Without You. I Keep Trying To Start Over But I Can't Get Anywhere Because I'm Lost." – Stefan Salvatore

Starting over is hard. It's so hard to let go of someone you loved so much, even in your thoughts, and there is not a correct answer to this question.

Different things work for each and every one of us. Give it some time. It helps a lot.

#21 "Smiling Doesn't Always Mean You're Happy. Sometimes It Simply Means That You Are A Strong Person." –Elena Gilbert

Well, Elena said everything you need to know about anxiety and depression. At least, the most important thing - that happiness can be an illusion sometimes.

It's easy to put a smile on your face, but whether it would be a real smile or a facade - there's only one person who would know it for sure, and it's you.

#22 "I'm In Love With A Woman I Can Never Have. The Point, I'm In Love With Her, And It's Driving Me Crazy. I'm Not In Control. I Have To Stay Together To Protect Her And She Wants Me To Be The Better Man. Which Means I Can't Be Who I Am." – Damon Salvatore

The inevitable cycle is when you're head over heels into a person you can't have, and your heart just wants what it wants.

How could you help yourself? How could you try and be a better person when everything you see is that special someone who's wandering through your thoughts.

#23 "I Don't Want To Face My Future Without You." – Damon Salvatore

And who wouldn't want to spend the future with Damon Salvatore the almighty?!

#24 "One Day You're Going To Have To Stop Pretending Everything's Okay." – Elena Gilbert

We often don't want to open the Pandora box in front of everyone, and instead of spilling the tea, we say - hey, I'm ok, it's fine, don't worry.

This is okay. You don't need to talk to everyone about your deepest secrets and your personal things.

But think about it. Putting everything under the rug will work for some time. But this rug won't be able to hide your belongings forever.

And let's admit it: after a long and sincere talk, your soul feels light as a feather. And then, everything looks easier in an instant.

#25 "Anybody Capable Of Love Is Capable Of Being Saved." – Caroline Forbes

In the end, love will save the day.

Don't act like you don't know it because Whitney Houston has said it all, long before this quote became popular.

#26 "Because I've Caught Myself Wishing That I Could Forget All The Horrible Things You've Done." – Caroline Forbes

Who wouldn't want to forget all the things that broke us?

Many people don't notice how poisonous their words are. And some of you may say that they are just words and they are not that important, or you don't need to give them attention, but it's one of the things that is easier said than done.

Words can hurt. A lot. Be careful how you use them.

#27 "No Matter How Much I Missed You Or How Much Pain I Was In, I Never Would Have Erased Everything We Ever Had. Even If I Were Drowning In Grief, I'd Rather Hang On To Every Moment That I Ever Held You, Or Every Laugh I Ever Heard, Every Shred Of Happiness That We Ever Had. I Would Rather Spend Every Moment In Agony Then Erase The Memory Of You." – Damon Salvatore

Damon said it all - every memory, even those that remind us of an ugly love, are valuable. They are the life lessons we need to bloom.

#28 "Hope Is A B*tch." – Damon Salvatore

It sure is if you put hope in everything, in every bit of your being.

Don't get me wrong. Hope is an amazing thing. But we are grown-up people that can think and measure whether something is a hope-material or not.

Some things are not worth the hope from the start, and if there's something like this - encourage yourself to spot it and save yourself.

#29 "I'm Still Mad At You Because Being Around You Drives Me Nuts And Not Being Around You Drives Me Nuts." – Damon Salvatore

Could love be real if there isn't a bit of insanity in it? Well, who knows…

Love has her strange ways of existing that we cannot explain.

#30 "If We Cease To Believe In Love, Why Would We Want To Live?" – Katherine Pierce

The conclusion is: love is an eternal thing, and we continue living through it. The aspects may change, but the essence remains the same.

#31 "Fight For Her. Or Spend The Rest Of Eternity Trying To Figure Out What Happened To The Best Part Of You. It's Your Choice." – Caroline Forbes

Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about. Because if you have something worth fighting for, then maybe you should listen to your gut and fight for it.

#32 "What Happens When The One Who Broke Your Heart Is The Only One Who Can Fix It?" – Damon Salvatore

The next certain thing that happens is chaos, for sure.

Chaos in your head, in your heart, body, and soul.

There is no right answer for how to save yourself from the misery that person caused to you, but trust the words of wisdom and give it some time.

Time indeed has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

#33 "Everything I Like About Me Is You." – Tyler Lockwood

But how come everything they like about us, are the same things we want to change?

It's funny because it's true.

#34 "What Difference Does It Make? Because In The End, When You Lose Somebody, Every Candle, Every Prayer Is Not Going To Make Up For The Fact That The Only Thing You Have Left Is A Hole In Your Life Where That Somebody That You Cared About Used To Be." – Damon Salvatore

There is a quote that describes this phenomenon:

"Grief is like the ocean; it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it's overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim."

When someone we cared about passes away, nothing ever is the same without this person being present in our lives. There is a hole, an emptiness that exists inside of us.

And unfortunately, we are not able to do anything to make it go away.

#35 "The Worst Day Of Loving Someone Is The Day That You Lose Them." – Elena Gilbert

To lose someone you love…it could be the best and the worst thing at once.

And it will alter your life forever. The pain may stop, there might be new people that will come into your life and change it forever, but that scar on your heart will remain with you for the rest of your life, to remind you of what you had to go through to become the person you are today.

#36 "The First Rule Of Truly Living – Do The Thing You Are Most Afraid Of." – Rebekah Mickelson

It is the unwritten rule of living. Because yes, sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very same thing that will set you free.

Oh man, The Vampire Diaries had plenty to offer indeed. We're so lucky that we had the opportunity to grow up with them.