Boyfriend Of Gypsy Rose Fulfilled His Sexual Fantasy After Murdering Her Mother

In 2015, Nick Godejohn fatally stabbed Dee Dee Blanchard, the mother of his girlfriend, Gypsy Rose. He later confessed that he fulfilled his "sexual fantasy" after committing the murder.

Several days after someone posted on their joint Facebook page, writing 'that b***h is dead', police discovered the body of Dee Dee Blanchard in her Missouri home. Initially, there was no trace of Gypsy Rose, and authorities suspected she had been kidnapped.


However, after tracing the IP address of the social media post to Wisconsin, they located Gypsy Rose and Godejohn, who were subsequently arrested in connection with Blanchard's murder.

The investigation also uncovered disturbing details about the relationship between the mother and daughter.

Blanchard had asserted that her daughter had been suffering from severe cognitive issues since childhood. However, medical professionals who examined Gypsy Rose found no evidence of such ailments or issues, contradicting her mother's claims.


Experts later speculated that Blanchard suffered from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, a mental illness where a parent or guardian fabricates symptoms to make their child appear sick.

Gypsy Rose and Godejohn first connected in a Christian chat room and soon became intimately involved.

According to police, the couple plotted to murder Blanchard after she disapproved of their relationship.


After being found guilty of first-degree murder, Godejohn received a life sentence, while Gypsy Rose was convicted of second-degree murder and received a 10-year prison sentence. She will be eligible for parole later this year.

During the Oxygen documentary Killer Couples, Godejohn discussed the night of the murder.

In the documentary Killer Couples, Godejohn admitted that he fulfilled one of his sexual fantasies just moments after killing Blanchard. Gypsy Rose assisted by cleaning blood from a wound on his finger, and the couple then engaged in sexual activity.


Reflecting on that night, Godejohn claimed that he was consumed by rage towards Blanchard and that he was unable to control himself.


"The very second I put my foot down, I had one of those moments that you might only have once in your lifetime," he explained.

"It was an angel and the devil. First, the angel spoke — it actually said, 'Take her and run', and then you had the other part of me, that darn devil. What he ended up telling me was, 'This b***h is dead'.

"I got so darn enraged that something inside of me clicked. Unfortunately, that part of me wanted to come out for a very long time and the very first opportunity it got, it didn't waste any time. That dark shadow part of me that really is triggered by anger; once that anger clicks, I see red."


Despite his actions, Godejohn expressed no remorse when asked if he had any regrets.

"I would've done it again. I might have done it differently but I would've done it again. I couldn't see [Gypsy Rose] suffer anymore," he concluded.