33 Signs Of A Desperate Or Needy Man (Watch These Red Flags)

It's important to be aware of the signs of a man who is desperate or needy. Here are 33 red flags to look out for.


1. He Talks Too Much

A man who dominates the conversation may be desperate to keep your attention or feel intimidated by you. Excessive talking may also indicate that he doesn't want to give you the opportunity to express yourself.

2. He's Always Extra Sweet

Some men who are overly sweet and go above and beyond may actually be acting out of desperation and neediness. Instead of being genuine, these men will manipulate the situation by showering you with affection as long as they can.

3. He Gives You Ultimatums

If a man frequently presents you with hard choices, it may be a sign that he is needy and desperate. Men who regularly use ultimatums are often trying to control the situation in their favor.

4. He Loses All Interest In His Friends

If a man suddenly loses interest in his friends and wants to spend all of his time with you, it's a clear indication that he is desperate for your attention.

5. He Wants The Relationship To Move Faster

When a man is eager for things to move faster, he may become increasingly desperate and try to monopolize your time and attention.

6. He's Stalking You On Social Media

If a man is constantly stalking you on social media, it's likely that he is desperate for your attention and wants you to notice him.

7. He Never Gives You Any Space

Men who are severely needy are often also desperate for all of your time and space. If a man is smothering you and becomes upset when you're not around, he is likely desperate for your attention.

8. He Seems To Enjoy Arguing

If a man enjoys arguing with you and constantly starts small fights, it's a sign that he is desperate and trying to gain temporary control.

9. He Wants To Be Included In All Activities

Desperate men can be just as clingy or even more so than desperate women. This means they'll want to be involved in all of your activities, no matter if it's a trip to the nail salon or a "girls" night out for drinks.

10. He's Constantly Doing Too Much For You

If a guy seems to be doing too much for you, it's likely because of his desperate need to be with you or at least be the focus of your attention. This can manifest in gifts like jewelry, spontaneous weekend getaways, or constantly checking in on you and surprising you with your favorite things. This behavior may stem from fear of losing you or a desire to see things progress more quickly.

11. He's Always Asking For Reassurance

When a man frequently asks for reassurance about his looks, job, or decisions, it's a red flag indicating his desperation and neediness for your attention.

12. He Always "Misses" You

While it's normal for a man to miss his partner, constant texting, messaging, emailing, and calling with "I miss you" vibes after only an hour or two apart is a red flag. This behavior is particularly concerning if it starts at the beginning of the relationship.

13. He Always Questions Your Friend's Motives

If a man is constantly questioning the motives and mindsets of his girlfriend or wife's friends, it's a red flag. It shows a lack of trust in both his partner and her friends and also reveals a needy desire for attention.

14. He Likes To Make You Feel Bad

Men who intentionally make you feel bad about things, including yourself, are acting like desperate, needy scoundrels. You're better off without these sorts of jerks in your life messing with your emotions and well-being.

15. He Is Constantly Making You Question Your Feelings

Some men will target your feelings about your relationship with them and make you question yourself, which is a desperate and needy attempt to keep you in their lives.

16. He Only Pretends To Listen

Men who are eager to be in your company and crave all of your attention will only give the appearance of listening. When you express your feelings, wants, thoughts, and needs, they won't truly comprehend what you're saying.

17. He's Pressuring You To Get "Intimate" Quickly

If a guy is pushing you to become physically intimate too quickly, it's a significant warning sign that he is needy and lacks genuine affection. His urge to do so might not stem from his fondness for you, if you know what I mean.

18. He Isn't Supportive Of Your Goals

If a man isn't supportive of your aspirations, it could be due to envy or jealousy of your goals and aspirations. He may also demonstrate a lack of interest in your plans because he is determined to make himself one of your top priorities.

19. He Never Compliments You

Men who never offer compliments to you, but expect to receive them from others, often have needy tendencies. Although being slightly needy is one thing, being desperately craving attention is another.

20. He's Never Introduced You To His Family Or Friends

If months have gone by and he still hasn't made an effort to introduce you to his family or friends, there is something amiss. It's possible that he's yearning for your attention now, but has no intention of having a long-term relationship with you.

21. He's Always Checking Out Other Women

Men who constantly ogle other women, even when they're with their significant other, are an obvious warning sign. This behavior reveals that these men are needy and desperate for the attention and affection of any female who is willing to give it to them.

22. He's Not Comfortable Around Your Family

If a man is uneasy when he is around your family, it doesn't necessarily mean he is up to something suspicious. At the beginning of a relationship, both parties may feel somewhat awkward until they've spent time together and gotten to know each other.

However, if as the relationship evolves, he never seems to feel at ease around your family, you have a major warning sign on your hands. It's a clear indication that he's desperate for them not to discover the real him.

23. He Needs To Be The Center Of Attention

Some individuals display diva-like tendencies and yearn for attention to such an extent that they must always be in the spotlight. These men possess a fundamental neediness that becomes increasingly evident as they become more desperate for attention.

24. He's Cheating On You/His Partner

In some relationships, one person may cheat, and the other forgives them. If you're the one doing the forgiving, don't let their actions go unchallenged just because you possess higher levels of maturity. Recognize this red flag: if they cheat on you or their long-term partner with you, they exhibit a high level of neediness and desperation.

25. He's Always Calling You Crazy

Another obvious sign of a needy or desperate man is when they constantly label you as "crazy." This behavior is usually a result of them hiding something from you and not wanting you to discover the truth. Name-calling is a significant red flag, regardless of the reason behind it.

26. He Takes Forever To Text Back

While some men may play hard to get or act hot and cold, others may take an extended time to text back because they are overly eager for your attention and want their words to be perfect.

26. He Takes Forever To Text Back

In the same vein, men who always send calls to voicemail may have ulterior motives, be playing hard to get, or be so desperate for your attention that ignoring your calls is their only method of control.

28. He's Extremely Jealous When You Are Away

If a man becomes extremely jealous as soon as you're out of his sight, it's a clear indication that they are desperately needy. If this behavior manifests itself from the start of the relationship, it's a warning sign that things are likely to get worse.

29. He Never Apologizes For Anything

When a man never apologizes, they may either be foolish or desperate to always appear right and macho in front of others, to the point where they can't bear to show a sign of weakness, such as apologizing in front of others.

30. He Always Blames You For Everything Bad

Men who never take responsibility for their actions, even when they are clearly wrong, are often very needy and desperate for attention. These guys may even try to blame you for their problems, just to maintain an appearance of strength and masculinity to others.

31. He Threatens To Break Up With You Constantly

When a man constantly threatens to end the relationship, it may actually be a sign that he wants the exact opposite. He may believe that the threat of a break-up will make you more likely to stay with him, and he wants to keep you close.

32. He Never/Rarely Keeps His Word

It's simple: when a man doesn't follow through on his promises, he is likely to be desperate to keep you around. He wants to be forgiven, and he wants you to keep believing in him, even if it means breaking his word repeatedly.

33. He Doesn't Talk About The Future

A common sign of neediness that people often overlook is a lack of discussion about the future. If he doesn't talk about the future, it may be a sign that he doesn't see a future with you. Pay attention to his reactions the next time you bring up future plans.


What Is An Emotionally Needy Man?

Men who are emotionally needy want to be with you all the time, and they may expect you to do the same. They may call or text you non-stop, show up unexpectedly, and be unhappy if you have other commitments, such as time with friends or family.

How Can You Tell A Man Is Needy?

All of the 33 red flags listed are signs of a potentially needy or desperate man. Some of the biggest red flags include lying, failing to compliment you, being excessively jealous, having a negative attitude toward your friends or family, and not being supportive of your life and goals.

What Are Obvious Red Flags In A Guy?

Obvious signs of a needy or desperate man include constant calls and texts, social media stalking, showing up unannounced, a lack of discussion about the future, negative behavior designed to make you feel bad, and slow responses to texts and calls.