33 Most Haunted Places in the World That Are Beautifully Scary

They’ll impress even the easily frightened, in a nerve-wrecking sort of way….

We live in a mysterious world full of beautiful and scary things. Ghost sightings are a classic, and well-executed Halloween pranks manage to leave their victims completely terrified. Then we have haunted sites, where a ‘lucky few’ get a glimpse of the eerie terrifying world beyond life as we know it. Anyway, if you don’t mind some bit of spooky thrill, we have some incredible places that will send chills down your spine and leave dazzled at the same. It is something we like to call a rare and mysterious blend of beauty and shock, and here are 33 places you can find it today.

1. First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia

How does having mysterious unseen forces press down on you sound? This eerie experience is something you can expect while visiting this massive hotel facility with its 7,351 rooms. Apparently, the place is crawling with ghosts of gamblers who took their lives after wasting their fortunes gambling at the hotel’s casinos.

2. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

This is one of the most visited places in Scotland’s capital. But it is also highly haunted, and that is hardly surprising considering that parts of this castle are nearly a millennia old. The castle has a dog cemetery, and a dog’s ghost can be seen wandering around it. There are also ghosts of many colonial prisoners who died there during the American Revolutionary War.

3. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

This hotel was built back in 1888, and from the outside, there is nothing unusual about it. But once you step inside, you are likely to come across many ghosts. One of them is believed to be of a bride who fell and died down the staircase during her wedding. There is also a benevolent spirit of a bellman who worked at the hotel – he drops by to help people with their bags from time to time.

4. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Also known as the “Suicide Forest” this place has been the scene of 500 suicidal deaths since the 50s. Some think the forest’s association to demonic spirits has something to do with it. Others think the presence of large amounts of iron below disorientates the hikers since this messes up their compasses.

5. Bhangarh Fort, India

These beautiful ruins lie 100 miles southwest of Delhi. The oasis, which stands out from the desert around it, is however, not habited. It is rumored to have a curse from a frustrated sorcerer whose advances were rejected by a local princess.

6. Dock Street Theater, Charleston

Don’t let the beauty of this theater, renovated in 2010, fool you. A prostitute called Nettie Dickerson was struck by lightning in the mid-1800s while she was standing in the balcony and her ghosts is said to glide along the theater’s second floor.

7. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India

This is considered one of the best hotels in the world, and it sits right in the middle of Mumbai. But apparently, one of its architects committed suicide by jumping off the fifth floor when he found out the hotel was facing the wrong direction. His spirit can be heard walking the halls and the roof.

8. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Although this correctional facility looks like a castle, it has an eerie history that is without a doubt why it is haunted today. Prisoners held here were once kept in solitary confinement and would live, eat, and exercise alone. Even guards had to cover their faces while escorting them. There was also torture at this prison, and today, people visiting the site report hearing strange laughter, quick footsteps, and shadowy figures.

9. Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

The world still remembers how bloody the Gettysburg battle was. Over 50,000 young men fell during the three-day ordeal. Today, it believed that the ghosts who wander the site are looking for their comrades and their misplaced weapons. There are even photos to prove it.

10. Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

Lewang Sewu was built by Dutch colonialists in the twentieth century. But it was turned into a detention camp by the Japanese during the Second World War. This brought with it many tortures and vicious executions, and today, there are many ghost stories about the place.

11. Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

Also commonly known as the home of “The Green Lady”, or the ghost of Charlotte of France, this seven-storey building is home the ghost of Charlotte, King Charles VII’s illegitimate daughter who died at the hands of her angry husband for having an affair. She can be heard moaning early in the morning in the tower room.

12. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

This construction was set up on 1620, and it sits on 7000 acres, which makes it one of the best estates in Norfolk. In the 1930s, a photo or Lady Dorothy (“Dolly”) Townshend was captured. She was apparently locked up by her husband while they lived here.

13. Hoia-Caciu Forest, Romania

A photo of a UFO was captured over this forest in 1968. Today, the place is believed to be the reason many people have disappeared, and some get away from this scary possibility by getting nauseated, anxious and suffering from rashes. The place has even earned the name the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.”

14. Port Arthur, Tasmania

Port Arthur housed British convicts before it was closed in 1877. The prisoners were put through solitary confinement and forced church services. There are also several bodies of dead convicts in unmarked graves on this site.

15. The Langham Hotel, London

This is not for the faint-hearted. Just recently in 2014, several cricket players from the English national team had to leave due to ghost activity. Among other things, they confessed having unexplained presence in addition to sudden lights and heat, and this is ascribed to the spirits of a German prince who committed suicide by jumping from the hotel’s upper-level window.

16. Winchester Mystery House, San José, California

When her husband died, Sarah Winchester ordered that a Victorian labyrinth be constructed to keep off vengeful spirits. Many lives were lost at the hands of her husband. These are always worth exploring if you have the heart for it.

17. RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

This ship was once a war ship during the WWII, but just briefly. But it was during its role as a luxury liner when a murder occurred there. A sailor was also crushed to death by a door in the engine room and children drowned in the pool. Today, the ghosts of these victims are said to live in the ship, which was turned into a hotel, especially the engine room.

18. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Since the fourteenth century, people have been leaving crosses at this spot, and today, there are over 100,000 crosses, and the wind that regularly blows around makes scary sounds as the rosaries and crucifixes hit against each other.

19. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

This building was constructed in 1666, and that makes it the oldest colonial building in South Africa. It was once a prison, and many men were hanged to death there, one of which cursed the governor who made these orders and he died of a heart-attack the very same day. His ghost still haunts the building to this day .

20. Forsyth Park, Savannah

Savannah is no stranger to ghost stories. In the tunnels below Forsyth Park, doctors did autopsies, and that is probably why many ghost sightings have been witnessed at this place.

21. La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Being a cemetery, this place is sure to have a healthy dose of fear to instill in its visitors. The place is littered with statues, mausoleums, tombstones, and most notably, the remains of Eva Peron, an icon in the South American country. But the scary part is that the jiggling sound of keys can be heard as the ghost of a grave-digger who spent 30 years of his life working at the cemetery walks the cemetery’s pathways in the morning. He took his own life.

22. Ancient Ram Inn, Watton-under-Edge, England

This inn was built back in 1145, and it is seriously haunted. There are ghostly children wandering its halls, as well as a priestess and a truly horrifying incubus. The inn has even witnessed guests leap from windows just to get away from all the horror.

23. Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy

This place was once an insane asylum and a quarantine zone for victims of bubonic plague. As an insane asylum, a lot of cruel medical experiments were done on the patients, and in the end, one of the doctors jumped to his death off its bell tower.

24. Canberra, Australia

The Australian city of Canberra is considered to have mysterious panoramic activity as a whole. In particular, Hotel Kurrajong is believed to have the ghost of Prime Minister Ben Chiefly, who died of a heart attack in room 214. His ghost visits the room from time to time, and guards and staff have heard their names called out in a whisper during the night.

25. St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

About a quarter million people visit this lighthouse every year. But the famed site is also the scene of many horrifying incidents, apparently due to its links to paranormal activity. A lighthouse keeper fell and died, and his ghost along with the ghosts of three young girls who drowned at the venue when a cart they drove fell into the sea are believed to be a source of horror to visitors to this place.

26. Borgvattnet Haunted Vicarage, Sweden

Since the 1960s, there have been strange happenings at this place in Sweden, which is now used as a bread and breakfast establishment. But as a guest here, you are likely to hear music, footsteps, and voices of three crying women. You will even get a certificate if you manage to stay through the night.

27. Oriental Theater (formerly Iroquois Theater), Chicago

Previously, this was called the Iroquois Theater. A fire killed nearly 600 people here in 1903. Their spirits, however, still hang around even though the theater was rebuilt, especially on street behind it where the dead bodies were stacked after the horrifying incident.

28. Tower of London, U.K.

This architectural wonder was built by William the Conqueror in 1066, and it became a popular execution site, including those of Henry VIII’s two wives – Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. Stories of ghosts of those who died at the tower are common at this location.

29. Whaley House, San Diego

This was the sight of a public gallows before Thomas Whaley decided to build his family estate on the site in 1857. He allegedly heard the footsteps of a thief and a drifter who was hanged there four years earlier after moving in. Eventually, his family members ended up dying tragically or through suicides inside the home, some of them went on to haunt the place even to this day.

30. Leap Castle, Ireland

This castle is quite old, having been set up between the thirteenth and the fifteenth century. One of the truly horrifying things to take place here was the killing of a priest with a sword by his own brother. And it was during a mass he was holding! Several prisoners also died there after falling through a trap door that would result in wooden pikes running through them so that they suffered slow and painful deaths.

31. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Since this establishment opened in 1909, it has drawn patrons from far and wide. Stephen King has even written a fictional thriller, “The Shining” around it. Also, there have been many ghost sightings at this hotel, and eerie piano music has also been heard at weird hours of the night.

32. Catacombs of Paris, France

Heavy rains revealed a hidden cemetery, and rotting corpses spilled well into the adjacent property. What followed was a project to move the bodies to a former limestone quarry. Today, there are underground tunnels with about 6 million bodies you can tour.

33. Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), Mexico

This is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it also has many dolls and doll parts hanging on trees and scattered on the grass. The dolls were set up by Julian Santa Barrera after he found a dead girl’s body at the site. He did it as a way to keep off evil spirits.