30 Twin Flame Love Signs That Prove You've Found Your "Mirror Soul"

30 Twin Flame Love Signs That Prove You’ve Found Your “mirror Soul”

Believe me, I totally understand that finding your soulmate is amazing, but you might be surprised to learn that finding your twin flame love is much better than that.

Finding your twin flame love means having a partner with a deeply spiritual connection that goes far beyond physical and mental attraction.

A Twin Flame Love? What's That?

Think of your soul as a half looking for its other half. That other half would be your twin flame.

Together, you complete each other perfectly and naturally. That's why your twin flame is also called your "mirror soul."

And you know why? Because this person reflects your fears and insecurities and all the traits that define you, but not in a bad way.

With this person around you, you feel that you have finally found the one person in this life who truly gets you.

You honor, respect, share and love each other so truly and completely because, on a subconscious level, you know each other inside out.

Loving this person is as easy as loving yourself because they are practically an extension of yourself.

The Origin Of The Term Twin Flame Love

The whole thing started with the Greeks. In one of their many mythologies, it is said that each of us was with our twin flames long ago.

But the power that Union brought did not sit well with Zeus. And so he split each soul into two humans, sending us into an often vain search for our equals all our lives.

So, that means when you find your twin flame, you will end up becoming a very powerful force that will overcome anything.

When you experience this power after meeting your twin flame love, you will know. The depth of this connection and its incredible power will be unlike anything you have ever experienced in this life before.

Looking at the eyes of your twin flame will make you feel you are seeing the person's soul.

The fact that you have met your twin flame will be unmistakable. But if you need a little more convincing that you have met them, here are some signs to watch out for.

Twin Flame Love Signs

1. You Surrender, Effortlessly

You were always careful and guarded when you got into relationships. You were a smart woman who would never put yourself in a position where you gave all your power to your partner.

You made sure things went as you wanted them to.

But after meeting this person, you have an overwhelming urge to submit yourself to them, and you know what? It feels so delightful and liberating.

You feel like your mind, your body, your soul, and everything is theirs. All your excuses for staying single simply disappear.

If you feel this, my friend, then you have found your twin flame love, you lucky duck.

2. You Are So Different, But Also So Similar

Although you are two very different people, you are also so similar. You might have been raised very differently, but you have so many similar interests, hobbies, dreams, and ambitions that everything seems like a dream come true.

This can be both a blessing and a curse. Being similar in a bad way will obviously magnify your problems.

For instance, when you both have a hot temper, that will make things hard when you are both angry. Luckily, the opposite is also true.

3. You Feel That The Person Has A Very Important Role In Your Life

You don't know why, but you feel like this is the most important person you have ever met in your life.

Out of nowhere, you feel that your life will change in a very positive manner because you have met this person.

4. You Feel Simultaneously Bounded And Free

On some level, you feel that you cannot live without this person because you know they belong in your life.

But you also feel so free to do whatever you ever wanted to do in your life because you have this person in it.

That's what being with a twin flame love feels like.

5. Meeting Your Twin Flame Is An Awakening

This means you have completely changed your ways without even realizing it or making an effort, and you are better off for it.

It's like you see everything in a new light, and you think and do things you never did before. The conversations change, and you no longer talk about the weather and other irrelevant stuff.

You prefer to talk about your hopes and dreams instead.

6. You Intuitively Understand Their Feelings, Thoughts, And Actions

Without them saying a thing, you know they are sad, concerned or thinking about something important.

The funny thing is that they can also detect your feelings and thoughts and understand your actions. To this person, you are an open book.

7. They Don't Make You Change

Although you change in a big way, it was never because they made a conscious effort to make you change. Otherwise, this person accepts you for all you are, and they also changed your story.

But nobody forces the other to change, you both accept each other.

8. You Keep Crossing Paths

You have met him once, and you can't get him out of your mind. And now, you seem to find him wherever you go.

When you visit a new restaurant, you see him. And when you go to the movies, you meet him too.

You are always meeting by "accident," and every time it happens, you lock eyes and freeze for a moment. And in your mind, you feel you have known this person all your life.

That's a sure sign you have met your twin flame love.

9. You Share Vulnerabilities And Strengths

In your twin flame love, you will see the very same weaknesses you have experienced in your life and also the same strengths.

But instead of feeling less attracted to them for this reason, you feel an even deeper connection and concern for them.

10. You Feel At Home Around Your Twin Flame Love

Being around this person makes you feel so safe you don't feel the need to get away.

When you are away, all you want to do is get back to this person because their presence is your safe place.

11. You're Full Of Energy Around Your Twin Flame Love

Being around your twin flame love makes you feel energized, and you feel confident that nothing can get in your way as you chase your dreams.

You never seem to tire of each other, and you seem to accomplish whatever you put your minds to. In fact, you can see that your life is thriving because you have this person in your life.

Whatever lengths you have to go for this person, you never feel like it's a burden. You are happy to do whatever it takes for this person as long as it makes them happy.

12. You And Your Twin Flame Love Are Mirrors Of Each Other

You can see that your twin flame love acts in the same way you would under similar circumstances. Even when it comes to decisions, you hardly conflict because you seem to view things from the same perspective.

13. Romance Isn't Always The Strongest Force Between You Two

While romance is a desirable trait for any couple, a twin flame love still feels like an indispensable part of your life even without it. A twin flame love has a connection that exists on a lot more levels, not just romance and physical attraction.

14. Nothing Is Off The Table

With this person, there never seem to be boundaries. Practically everything goes, and neither of you has a problem with that.

Even things you never thought you would entertain seem exciting and worth trying with this person. In fact, both of you often wonder how you allowed yourself to do certain things because you never imagined you would ever do them in your life.

In other words, you are yourself around them.

15. Before You Met, You Dreamed About Him

Some people have confessed to dreaming about their other halves before they ever met them. The dreams were so real that they practically changed their lives because they felt convinced that this person was about to come into their lives.

For these people, when the meeting finally happens, the person feels so familiar, it's like they are picking up from where they left off, although they are meeting for the first time.

16. You Always See The Best In Your Twin Flame Love

Nobody is perfect. Not even a twin flame love.

However, to you, this person is perfect in several ways because you constantly overlook their weaknesses.

17. You Feel Real Around Them

However flawed you have felt before, this person makes you accept yourself and be your true self.

You are no longer afraid of rejection or judgment. You can be yourself and be very happy about it.

18. You Reconcile Very Easily With Your Twin Flame Love

In many relationships, people stay mad at each other for days or even weeks, and it takes even much longer for the issue of contention to stop being a problem.

But with a twin flame love, even the problems you thought would finally kill the relationship are handled so easily and quickly.

Differences simply can't seem to get between you two and last for long. You easily forgive each other and move on without holding grudges.

19. Challenges Make You Stronger

You have definitely been in relationships, romantic or not, that had to end because you came across a particular challenge that was stronger than the bond you shared.

But with your relationship with this person, such challenges bring you closer together and make the connection between the two of you even greater.

20. You Stop Overthinking

With your twin flame love, you don't have to think so hard about some things. Your partner does not seem like a stranger, but as someone you know.

You seem to know what they want or like on a subconscious level.

Being heartbroken many times made you cautious about people you let close. But you no longer feel the urge to overanalyze this person because you know them so well.

21. Being Away From Your Twin Flame Love Feels Like Torture

When you spend time away from your twin flame love, you will feel like something is terribly wrong with your life. You can even exhibit physical symptoms of the separation, such as moodiness and some stress.

22. You Connect On Multiple Levels

While some relationships are based on one particular thing, such as romance, a twin flame love relationship goes much further than that. You share a lot of things in common.

This person will be your lover, teacher, greatest confidant and your best friend all at once.

23. You Feel That Your Life Has A Purpose After Meeting Your Twin Flame Love

Before you met this person, you found yourself constantly wondering what to do with your life. Although many things were going well for you, you were often concerned about your life's purpose.

But once you met this person, that's no longer a concern for you. You feel that your life is going great, and the desire to find a purpose in life no longer bothers you.

24. You Can Feel The Love, But You Are Scared

You have been in relationships before, but after meeting this person, you feel so strong and intense that you wonder if you are losing your mind.

Each of you feels this way. The simple fact that you have met each other hits you so hard it scares you.

It's because one of the rarest and most cherished dreams in anyone's life has come true for you. Over time, you accept the beautiful reality that has hit you.

25. You Feel Yourselves Growing Together

Your twin flame love helps you learn important lessons about each other. You grow together and teach each other so much about the world and each other.

26. Strong Physical Attraction

Around this person, you cannot keep your hands off each other. You touch, play around, and do other things that demonstrate overwhelming and unending physical attraction towards each other.

27. You Learn New Things About Yourself

After meeting your twin flame love, you discover that you had many hidden abilities and traits you never knew about. You become a much better version of yourself because you learn more about yourself.

You feel that you can express any feeling and emotion that runs through you without the urge to conceal them. You are free at last.

28. You Feel Tuned To Their Energy

It seems that whatever mood they are in, you are too. You are usually both excited.

Even when you argue, the conflicts never seem to last.

When you are apologizing, they are also eager to forgive and vice versa because your vibes are so similar.

You are also so empathetic towards each other, and you get each other so well, even in the absence of many words.

29. You Feel Greater Around Them

Before you met, you still felt complete and uninhibited. But now that they have come into your life, you feel that greater possibilities exist for you.

It is like all your limitations evaporated when you met your twin flame love, limitations you didn't even think existed.

30. When You Meet Your Twin Flame Love You Finally Feel Complete

When some people come into your life, you still feel incomplete even though you should feel whole.

But when you meet your twin flame love, you will have no other reasons to consider other options. You will be happy, and anyone close enough to you will realize you are happy and fulfilled.

Obviously, there are times when you will have challenges in your relationship, but on the whole, you will have a happier life with your twin flame love close by.

The day you meet your twin flame love, you will feel like you have landed on a new planet where all the elements conspire towards your success. These are some signs that you finally have your twin flame love or your mirror soul.