30 Top Picks For Inspirational Quotes From The Poetess's Of Facebook And Instagram

30 Top Picks For Inspirational Quotes From The Poetess’s Of Facebook And Instagram

Being part of the writer's community on Facebook and Instagram I see some of the most incredible and inspirational quotes pouring out of the community every day.

We all need something to kick our butt out of the fog we sometimes find ourselves in.

Here are my choice picks in no particular order from such a wealth of talent.‍

She was a force to be reckoned with… and he reckoned she'd be his. And she reckoned he'd be right.

~ tlh aka BarbedWired Heart

I hope that someday when I am gone, someone, somewhere, picks my soul up off of these pages and thinks, "I would have loved her."

~ Nicole Lyons

When you get those feelings back again, when the sadness seeps into your heart like a hammer searching for more ruin to smash the pain deeper, let yourself feel it. Breathe it in as much as you need to understand it, but just remember, it's yours to make sense of. You do not owe anyone an explanation for the days when you are not smiling.

~ Stephanie Bennett-Henry

You can try to dirty my name, but I'll wear your hate like war paint.

~ Madalyn Beck

The answers you're needing are the ones you may never find, perhaps it's best you learn to stop letting the questions rule your mind.

~ Amy Lopez

He is that thought, that wicked grin, just before I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

~ Nicole Carlyon

They expect you to tell your story in hushed tones because it makes them feel uncomfortable to hear a woman's roar.

~ Alice's Ashes

Once she understood the power hidden in her soul, she became limitless.

~ I Am Hanlie

She is a deep thinker, a star drinker, a midnight creature, a soul seeker, more than just another pretty face in the crowd.

~ Rebecca Bardelli

You fell for the monster living under my skin, and she tore you apart as monsters do.

~ Ashley Jane

When you find others dealing in bullshit. Deal in authenticity. Yours.

~ Nalla

There's so much more to me that you may never see.

I am done showing all that is me to a world that does not act like they care or even respect me.

I will not turn fake. I still will not play games. But no more will I open up to people.

It will take someone that cares enough to show their true colors, patient enough for me to finally believe what I see, that just does not tolerate me as long as I am fitting whatever need in their life. Someone that loves and respects me as me.

~ Kimmie McFee

The werewolf wandered the woods for his mate. This was the night, he was sure, an innocent girl unafraid of the beasts and the monsters who knew how to love her.

~ Becky Condon Schultz

There are layers of my soul that may never be unearthed because people are afraid to dig beneath the surface.

~ Dena M. Daigle

Some days it's better though, to be consumed by love, than self-distraught.

~ B. Vigil

Life happens to us all.
We are faced with choices
every instant of every day,
but it's not always the decisions that define us,
but more so,
how we handle their aftermath...

~ Fiona Summerville

And I will forever write the song, I never got to sing.

~ F.K. Jadoon

The will to carry on is out of my control. A nameless voice, a soul force embedded in my bones simply refuses to let me let go.

~ A Shea

They say you never forget your first love, I beg to differ. I believe you never forget your first heartbreak. And if they're both the same, what chance do you stand?

~ Phoenix Mode

I need something beyond the physical. Meet me on the soul level, I'm craving a connection there.

~ S.L. Heaton

While you're forgetting me,
I'm seated in this loveless chair
chewing on the past,
swallowing old tears,
and choking on broken promises.

~ S. A. Quinox

To untrue friends, unfaithful lovers, and men that I was married, I raise my glass to toast the past, and may no one find where they're buried.

~ Lisa Pilgram

We need to be around people who believe in us. They may even help us learn how to believe in ourselves again.

~ Liz Newman

She is a Paradox, a Metaphor, But always the truth.

~ Michelle Schaper

It will not take much convincing for this heart to answer your inquisition. I'm all in for Soul Warfare.

~ Alfa

Your soul will never die and never fail you. Build with it.

~ Rachel Finch

Just because you bleed for others does not mean they will bleed for you, sometimes they just want to see how much you will spill for them.

~ April Yvette

She will face tomorrow with or without wings.

~ JL Stevens

My fear of violence is not the same as your fear of a tarnished reputation.

~ Georgia Parks

She is an angel in white with a wild side, she is unafraid to fall from grace.

~ N.R. Hart