Imagine meeting the most adorable guy. You've spent some time together, and every time you're in each other's company, the conversation just seems to flow effortlessly.

In person, conversing with him feels like it could go on for hours. However, whenever you're not together and have the urge to text him, you find yourself staring at your phone, unsure of what to say.

Does that ring a bell?

Many of us have experienced this - maintaining an engaging conversation can be much more challenging through text. To help you out, we have compiled an extensive list of topics to turn to when you're not certain what to text him about.

Before we begin, let's establish some basic ground rules.


Have you ever conversed with a guy who escalated the conversation too quickly, catching you off guard? If so, you likely retreated, and it was the right move.

Remember this as you communicate via text. Refrain from overwhelming him with a deluge of messages about every little detail of your day.

By doing so, you risk driving him away from you.

Instead, allocate some time each day to focus on your personal growth and enjoy your own life, independent of him. Give him the occasional space to breathe and pursue his own interests.

Taking some distance from him once in a while can have its benefits as it may ignite a longing within him. He may become determined to win your heart and devote his attention to you.


Falling in love is a splendid experience, one of the most breathtaking and exquisite things in the world.

It's perfectly fine to develop feelings for a guy, even in the early stages of the relationship. After all, we don't always have control over our emotions, and it's impossible to predict when they will arise.

However, you don't have to disclose every single thought or feeling to him. Take a deep breath and try to maintain some distance; otherwise, he may perceive you as clingy.

You can certainly flirt and tease him, but resist the urge to proclaim your eternal love after only a few days - even if you're completely smitten.


TV Series

Few things can bring people together like a new series. There have been some recent shows that have taken the world by storm.

Do you know of a series that he's a big fan of? If you haven't watched it yet, give it a chance and share your thoughts with him.

Alternatively, you can ask him for recommendations if you're unsure of what he watches. Not only will you discover his interests, but you'll also have numerous episodes to discuss together.

For instance, you can say something like, "I just finished show. Do you have any suggestions on what to watch next?"


A person's taste in music can reveal a lot about their personality. Since almost everyone has favorite artists, find out who his are.

In return, share some of your own favorite artists with him. You might just stumble upon a mutual interest and discover a new artist you both enjoy. And who knows, concerts could be a great date idea for the future...

Example: You could say something like, "Do you have any music recommendations? I'm in need of some fresh tunes." Or try, "I just discovered this song and I think it's right up your alley."


There are countless sports fans around the world, and if your guy happens to be one of them, it can be a great way to connect.

Find out his favorite teams and impress him with your knowledge about the sport. He'll be impressed by your interest and may even wonder how lucky he is to have found someone like you.

Talking about sports is also a great investment because games happen regularly, providing you with a never-ending supply of topics to text him about.

For instance, You could say something like, "Hey, did you catch the score of the team name game last night?"


Gone are the days when video games were considered niche and only for nerds. Nowadays, it's very likely that the guy you're interested in has a few favorite games.

Inquire about his favorite video games to discover which ones are most important to him. This is a great way to learn more about him and to ignite his passion as he talks about something he loves.

By using this method, you can discover whether he enjoys genres such as fantasy, mystery, horror, sports, music, or virtually anything else. Additionally, if the game happens to be multiplayer, it presents an ideal chance to suggest that you be his teammate.

Example: "Are you aware of the upcoming release of game name later this year? Do you plan on purchasing it?"


Given that we devote a significant portion of our lives to work, there are ample opportunities for diverse conversation topics related to our jobs.

However, discussing work can become monotonous, so it's advisable to avoid excessive texting about it. Unless he genuinely enjoys his job, he likely desires a break from it after clocking out for the day.

Example: "How was your day at work today?"


All of us engage in activities during our leisure time, and your crush is no exception. It could be a sport, outdoor activity, cooking, or any number of possibilities.

This is what makes it an ideal topic to inquire about. It's highly likely that it's an activity you both can participate in, and he would likely welcome the opportunity to share it with you.

For instance, "What are some of your favorite activities to do during your free time?"

Food & Drink

Food and drinks are universally enjoyed. Discovering his preferred cuisine and beverages can provide you with ideas for potential date locations in the future.

Want to take it a step further? Propose cooking his favorite meal at your place for him.

If you're looking to have sex with him after, you can always use this privilege to remind him that there's dessert…by wearing your lingerie during dinner.

Alternatively, there is a possibility that he may become distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on the meal.

Example: "Would you like to come over to my place for a home-cooked meal? I would be happy to treat you."

Local Events

Unless you reside in a small town, there are generally ongoing events occurring within your community, ranging from local news to entertainment.

These topics are excellent conversation starters. Additionally, if it's an event that piques both of your interests, discussing it could aid in arranging your next date with him.

Example: "I heard that there's an open mic night happening at the bar. Would you like to go and check it out together?"

Local Places

If a new restaurant or bar has recently opened in your city, it presents a great opportunity to initiate a conversation with your love interest.

It might be worthwhile to visit the new place together with your partner for investigation.

Example: There's a new sushi restaurant that recently opened up downtown and I'm interested in giving it a try. Would you like to come along with me?


The most recent Hollywood blockbuster has the potential to be the main topic of your discussions. With its likely plot twists and intriguing characters, it could spark hours of conversation in your text chats.

Even more advantageous would be to discover his all-time favorite movies, which would provide you with a better understanding of his preferences, and enable you to determine if any movies currently showing in theaters match his tastes.

Spot a movie that he might enjoy watching at the cinema? Bring it up to him and suggest the idea of going together.

Example 1: "What are your top three favorite movies?" or "Hey, I noticed that movie name has just been released and it seems like something you'd really enjoy. Would you like to watch it together?"


Discussing books can be a fantastic way to display your intellectual inclinations, but this approach will be more effective if your partner is also an avid reader.

You can share an experience with a book, just as you can with a new show. Identify what's on his reading list and make an effort to read those books as well.

Example 1: "In your opinion, what should name of the book character have done in that situation?" or "If you were the author, would you have given this book a different ending?"

Current Events

Events are not restricted to what's happening in your city alone; there's a vast array of things to discuss in the world.

When you come across something intriguing in the news or on the internet, share it with your partner, particularly if it appears to be something he would like to be aware of, and inquire about his opinion on the matter.

Exercise some caution while broaching this subject. Unless you have known each other for a considerable amount of time, it may be prudent to avoid discussing contentious topics such as politics.

Initially, it is advisable to discuss safer topics such as the latest technology or fascinating news articles.

Example: "I stumbled upon this fascinating article online about virtual reality. What are your thoughts on it?" - Accompanied by a hyperlink to the article.


Although it may appear trivial, using memes as a form of communication is a widespread phenomenon among many people. You may even have a group chat with your friends where you frequently exchange memes.

It's entirely conceivable that your partner has his own collection of memes saved on his phone. Request him to share his favorite one with you, or send him a meme of your own that you believe he would appreciate.

Example: "I came across this meme today and it instantly reminded me of you!" - Followed by the meme.


Do both of you love animals? If so, share some adorable stories about your pets, whether they are pets from your childhood or the ones you currently have.

The majority of pet owners enjoy discussing their pets. If your partner has a pet, request a picture of it, or show him your own, and get him to share his enthusiasm about it.

You earn bonus points for learning about his pet and forming a bond with it. It's always a positive indication when your partner's dog or cat takes a liking to you.

Example: "Your dog sounds incredibly cute! Can you show me a picture of him?" or "What's the most amusing thing your cat has ever done?"

Your Living Space

Your home is another topic that you can quickly talk about. If he hasn't visited yet, you can describe the area where you live, what your room is like, or whether you have roommates.

You can also gain an understanding of what his living space is like. For instance, ask him if he has a beautiful view and if he can show it to you sometime.

If he appears dissatisfied with his living arrangement, try to keep the conversation optimistic by asking him about his ideal home or where he would like to live instead.

Example: "I recently redecorated my place and I'm excited to show it off. Do you want to come over and see it?"


Pursuing higher education is not only beneficial for personal growth, but it can also provide plenty of conversation topics to discuss with your significant other.

You can share with him about the courses you're taking and the degree you're pursuing, and ask if he's also in school or has any education aspirations.

If he's already graduated, you can ask him about his college experience and what it was like for him. You could also ask for any advice he might have for you as a student, which might flatter him a bit.

Example: "What did you study/will you be studying in college?" or "What advice would you offer to students in college?"


Have you ever longed for something from your childhood? It could be a television program, a musical group, a fashion style, a game - anything that brings back memories.

Chances are, he has also experienced a similar feeling for something that no longer exists. Take him down memory lane and inquire what one thing he wishes could make a comeback in popularity.

Example: "What game/show/band from your childhood would you like to revive, and what is the reason behind your choice?"

Your past dates

This approach is most effective if you have already been on one or more dates.

Reflecting on the memorable moments of each date with him will jog his memory and remind him of how enjoyable his time with you was. Sprinkle in some compliments to evoke a sense of warmth and affection in him.

Example: "I was reminiscing about when we went out for ice cream. You looked incredibly handsome that day!"

Planning future dates

If you've been texting him for a while, it's likely that you want to see him again, isn't it?

Then go ahead and express it! Pursuing someone can be enjoyable for guys, but at times, they may need a bit more encouragement or an explicit statement.

Communicate to him that you are eagerly anticipating your next meeting. If there's a particular event or location you are interested in, share it with him and invite him to join you.

Example: "I had a fantastic time with you the other night! I would love to have a follow-up to our date, and I was wondering if you'd like to try out this new coffee shop with me sometime soon."

Your feelings

You may find yourself raising your eyebrows at this one. It might come across as cheesy, don't you think?

But obviously, emotions play a significant role in dating. It's crucial to address any misunderstandings to avoid any ambiguity.

This does not imply that you should proclaim your undying love for him or take any drastic measures. However, it does mean that you should be truthful with him if you're not keen on taking the relationship any further.

Alternatively, if you're smitten with him and wish to let him know without overwhelming him, convey it with a brief, playful message. Avoid going overboard, or you might end up getting ghosted.

Example: "Hey, I wanted to be upfront and let you know that although I enjoyed our time together, I didn't really feel a connection." or "I'm looking forward to seeing you again! đŸ˜‰"


Do you have a guy with a creative streak?

Awesome! That broadens the scope of topics you can discuss.

Inquire about his preferred art form, whether it's painting, pottery, drawing, or photography. If he's an artist, request to see some of his creations, and share your thoughts on them.

Once again, exercise caution here. While it's crucial to be truthful when evaluating an artist's work, you don't want to seem overly critical, so try to focus on the positive and be supportive.

On the other hand, if you're an artist, share some of your artwork with him. He may have some constructive feedback for you as well.

Example: "I find it fascinating that you're into drawing! Would you be willing to show me some of your artwork?"


Are you looking to captivate his attention and make him focus solely on you? Would you like him to sit up straight, lean in, and listen intently to everything you say?

While it's not for everyone, discussing sex can be an effective way to capture his attention. How you approach the topic is entirely up to you.

If you choose to discuss sex, we recommend making it engaging and exciting. Ask him about his favorite positions or inquire about his deepest fantasies.

While we do not encourage sending explicit photos, combining a flirty conversation about sex with some discreet and seductive pictures of yourself can certainly grab his attention. However, be sure to proceed with caution and only send pictures you feel comfortable with.

If you're unsure about the best way to entice him and make him infatuated with you through texting, consider seeking advice from Amy North, a texting expert who has developed a comprehensive course on how to text guys in a way that will keep them hooked on you.

An example of a text message that might arouse someone's interest could be: "You've been on my mind all day while I'm at work. Care to share some of your fantasies with me and show me where I might fit in?"

Your social circle

The people who are part of your lives will provide you both with a multitude of topics to talk about.

Chances are, your friends hold significant value to you, and you desire for them to approve of any potential partners you may have, correct?

It is equally important to understand the significance of his friends. Make an effort to get to know them.

By spending time with his friends and enjoying yourself, you will provide him with additional opportunities to be with you.

Here are a few examples of questions you could ask him: "What are some activities you enjoy doing with your friends?" or "What's the wildest experience you and your friends have shared?"

Your families

While friends are a significant part of your life, your family is equally important. The more significant they are to you, the more crucial their approval of him becomes.

Likewise, it could hold true for him, particularly if he places high importance on family values. Request him to provide you with information on his immediate family members so that you can be prepared.

However, it's essential to note that if you're only casually talking or planning for a first date in a non-committal arrangement or have yet to know him well enough, it's advisable not to inquire too much about his family.

Asking about his family is a step you should consider taking when you are in the initial stages of a relationship or have already been on several dates together.

Here are a couple of examples of how to approach the topic: "Could you tell me a bit about your family?" or "I'm planning to spend time with my sister this weekend. Do you have any siblings you enjoy hanging out with?"


Each of us has aspirations in life that we strive towards, whether it's achieving our dream home, starting a family, securing that dream job, finding a life partner, mastering a skill, or pursuing any other goals we desire.

It is not surprising that he also has personal goals in life. Understanding his aspirations can give you insight into how well-matched you both are as a couple.

He is likely passionate about his life goals, which makes it important to show interest in them and provide support as he pursues them. Your efforts to engage with his dreams will be greatly appreciated by him.

As an example, you could borrow a technique from interviewers and pose the question, "In five years, where do you envision yourself?" to him.

The outdoors

Is your guy fond of spending time in nature?

The options for outdoor activities you can enjoy together are abundant, ranging from hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and more.

As a result, there are plenty of topics to discuss. You could share stories of your own outdoor experiences or ask him to recount some of his adventures in nature.

Perhaps, with time, you could even arrange a romantic excursion for just the two of you.

An example could be, "You wouldn't believe the experience I had on my last camping trip..."

Philosophical questions

Pose some thought-provoking questions to stimulate his mind, particularly if he is already inclined to philosophical discussions and enjoys conversing about such topics.

Engaging in challenging discussions can be an interesting and distinct way to avoid mundane small talk and maintain a dynamic conversation.

An example question could be, "Do you believe in the possibility of parallel universes?"


Although he may not be interested in discussing the latest pop star, he may enjoy celebrity trivia, particularly regarding actors in his favorite movies or games.

Alternatively, if you come across something intriguing, share the news with him. For instance, did you stumble upon a celebrity participating in a bizarre fundraiser?

Perhaps someone in his favorite band gave an exceptional interview, or there's some exciting news related to his interests that you could share with him. Sharing such information is a way to demonstrate that you are attentive to his likes and interests.

An example could be, "I came across something fascinating about the lead singer of band. Are you aware that he owns a private helicopter and volunteers in rescuing people stranded in the wilderness?"

Your favorite apps

In modern times, it's common for people to own a smartphone and have a habitual cycle of using various apps.

It's unlikely that he would be interested in hearing about utility apps, such as those used for creating grocery lists or editing pictures. We're referring to the enjoyable apps in this context.

As an illustration, if you come across a new game in the app store that you believe he would enjoy, share it with him. Challenge him to beat your high score and watch as he inundates you with texts while attempting to outdo you.

An example message could be, "I came across this highly addictive app. I challenge you to beat my high score!" Followed by a screenshot of your score to make it more exciting.

New technology

Millions of men worldwide relish owning the newest and most advanced technological gadgets, particularly if the man you're interested in is an avid gamer.

In that instance, he may possess a sophisticated computer with multiple monitors, and he'll likely be up to date with the most recent computer trends to maintain a state-of-the-art setup.

Seek his viewpoint on these topics by inquiring about his thoughts on the most recent phones, gaming consoles, TVs, or any other technology-related items.

He'll feel acknowledged as an authority and may even demonstrate his knowledge to you, causing him to feel proud.

An example could be, "I'm having trouble deciding between phone 1 and phone 2. Which one do you think would be the better choice for me?"


Many individuals have a dream vacation destination in mind, typically picturing a far-off location brimming with picturesque sights, delectable cuisine, and refreshing beverages.

As you're getting to know him, this can be an excellent approach to discovering more about his interests. Inquire about his previous travels or his desired destinations, and gain a more profound understanding of his passions.

Example: "If you had an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go and why?"

The Internet

If you've been discussing technology and are struggling for new topics, transitioning into a conversation about the internet is a natural fit.

You can ask him to share his favorite websites with you and get his recommendations on where to go online for entertainment or to buy new gear for anything.

Example: "Hey, I came across a website that I believe you would enjoy browsing. Here's the link to the site."

If you're struggling to come up with more conversation topics, there's always support available. We recommend trying out Amy North's Text Chemistry Course.

Having her on your team as a wingwoman is fantastic. The course will provide you with plenty of ideas that will make your man beg for more.