What’s more uplifting and flattering than knowing that a girl you have eyes for likes you? It’s a rare and truly special circumstance. But girls are never easy to read, are they?

For some guys, it’s even impossible to figure out if a girl likes them or not. But with the right information, you can tell if a girl is into you.

So, today we’ll have a look at some common signs that a girl likes you.

Here we go.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You

1. Your presence makes her blush a lot

Need I say more? Blushing is a very strong sign that a girl likes you unless she is the shy type who will blush around all sorts of people.

2. She imitates you

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery for a reason. If a girl is subconsciously aping your gestures, or your energy levels when you speak, then it shows she likes you.

3. When you touch her, she reacts and notices

Even if the touch is platonic, a woman who is interested will notice, and she might smile or try to urge you on. For instance, by getting closer to you. Otherwise, she would try to get away. But don’t use any inappropriate touches.

4. When talking to you, she leans in and tilts her head

These signs show that you she is fully engaged in the conversation you are having. It’s an especially good sign when there are other people around. You only need to maintain eye contact and show interest in the conversation.

5. She stands tall, pulls back her shoulders and sucks in her stomach

She is trying to impress you on a subconscious level. If she is walking past you, she’ll catwalk and change her posture so you can better see her physical beauty.

6. She caresses something she is holding

This is tough to spot. But if she is holding something delicately or caressing it while looking at you, then it can be a good sign she likes you. She might even hold the object in your direction.

7. Her body is facing you

When she turns so that her body faces you, it shows that she likes you. This is also a subconscious sign, and a pretty good indicator that she is interested.

8. She is different around you

A girl can have a different personality around you. But it has to be a positive change such as greater enthusiasm, shyness, being quiet and so forth. She can even treat you differently.

9. When you say hi while she is talking with another guy, she gets flustered

She can blush, showing that she is concerned that you might assume she is with the other guy. She might even step back from the guy and try to keep the conversation with you going. She does this to make sure you don’t get the wrong impression.

10. She points her feet towards you

This is a strong nonverbal sign that someone likes you. When her feet are away from her body, it also shows she feels comfortable around you. However, when her feet are pointing away, she might not be interested.

11. She preens herself around you

She can start adjusting her clothes, putting on lip gloss and doing other things to “fix herself” so she looks her best around you. This is a very powerful sign actually, as it shows a strong attraction.

12. She’s trying to let you know she is single

A girl who is interested in you will want you to know that she is single. She can mention this directly or suggest that you do something together that only a single girl would do, such as attending a wedding together.

13. She makes the first move

Although society has changed and girls can totally approach you when interested, most won’t. But they still make the first move, albeit subtly. When a girl likes, she will often encourage you to approach her. She might look at you, smile when you look at her, preen herself, and so forth.

14. She will show you her quirks

A girl who is comfortable around you will show you her quirks. It shows her confidence in the fact that she thinks you will accept her for who she is. But this can also mean she is a good friend.

15. She is touchy

When people get close, they easily touch each other. If a woman touches your hand, it shows she likes you. She might also pick lint off your clothes. But shy girls may take time before they can start touching you.

16. Her personality will help you understand if she likes you

Alpha females are pretty self-assured, and they will make it clear they like you in the way they behave around you. This will include strong eye contact and posture. Shy girls will blush, and anxious girls will seem standoffish. Honestly, it might just be better if you make the first move and see how it goes, as these signs can confuse you based on the girl’s personality.

17. She tags you in comments and pictures

When she posts on Facebook, she will usually tag you if she likes you to let the world know you are close.

19. She is sure she is interested

Some girls blow hot and cold. They will like you one day and forget about you the next. You should avoid such girls as they are trying to use you for their own benefit or not sure if they like you or not. Move on instead of wasting your time and focus on girls who really like you.

19. Friends try to leave the two of you alone

When with her friends, how do they behave? If they try to leave you two alone, they know she likes you. They can even act strange and start giggling or become overly friendly when you are around. They might also seem curious about you to know if you are good for her.

20. She does something and looks out for your reaction

This often happens in group scenarios. It shows that she would appreciate your approval or is trying to impress you.

21. She loves your silly jokes

Sometimes you make stupid jokes and you know it. But if that does not matter to her and all she does is laugh at them, then that might be a sign that she likes you. It shows she feels good around you.

23. She looks at you

When you are with her, she will keep her eyes on you. If she is shy, she can look down or away when your eyes lock.

23. You regularly chat on social media

There is plenty to do on social media, and a lot of people to interact with. So, if a girl spends her time on social media chatting you up, it’s a good sign that she likes you. But her responses need to be encouraging. One-word responses are not a good sign.

How quickly she responds also matters. But understand she might take a while to respond to avoid looking desperate. But she should not take days to respond.

24. She reveals personal things to you

A girl who is comfortable with you will tell you personal things about herself. This proves she trusts you, and it can also be a sign that she likes you.

25. She gets flustered or blushes when you do something unusual

For instance, a compliment could really catch her unawares. It shows that she wants to impress you but hasn’t had time to prepare a response. But if it seems annoying to her, then she might not be interested.

26. On social media, she’s not afraid to let people know you are together

When you hang out, does she take photos and put them up on social media? She might be trying to stake her claim or to let you know she is excited to be around you. This is a great sign she likes you.

27. She gets personal

A girl does not ask deep personal questions to know you better. She is trying to know you. Instead of asking about your job, she can ask if you love it.

28. She uses ‘open’ body language

When she is spreading her arms and legs, it shows she is comfortable around you. But this sign is a hit and miss as she might behave the same way around friends. But if you hardly know her, it’s a pretty strong sign she is into you. Girls like guys they are comfortable around. Still, understand that a shy girl might not do this despite liking you.

29. When you ask her out, she says yes immediately

A girl who likes would not easily pass up on a chance to hang out with you. Girls naturally avoid looking needy by not immediately agreeing to plans to hang out. So, if she agrees, it shows how much she likes you.

30. She pays attention to you

A girl who likes you will want you to have her undivided attention and will be very happy to have it. A shy girl might not be enthusiastic, but she will want the conversation to go on for a lot longer. She can also give you more attention when you are in a group.

31. It’s easy chatting with her

When you like each other, there is likely to easier chemistry between the two of you. So, that fact that conversations are easy means she makes an effort to be easy to talk to. This is a good sign that she likes you.

32. She is shy and nervous around you

If she likes you and does not know much about you, she might get nervous and shy. Signs that she is nervous include touching her face, blinking a lot, playing with her hair, rubbing her hands and so forth.

33. She drunk dials you

As you know, drunk people express sober thoughts. So, a girl who might be shy letting you know she likes you when sober might call or message when drunk to let you know she’s into you.

So, that’s how to tell if a girl likes you. If a girl you fancy likes you, then ask her out and see how far it goes. Otherwise, the world is full of girls of all kinds, and you can pick the one who genuinely likes you.