30 People Whose Work Day Is Going Worse Than Yours

Dealing with work annoyances can be really frustrating, but this discussion proves that you're definitely not the only one facing them. Keep scrolling to see the mayhem that work can sometimes unleash – and don't forget, the cosmos isn't just targeting you. Once you're finished here, make sure to explore additional side-splitting blunders on our website!

#1 I Work As A Valet And Make $3.85/Hour And I Received This As A Tip

Absolutely let down.

#2 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone's Homework

That expression tells the whole story.

#3 As A Practical Joke, Some Coworkers Wrapped My Office In Foil. In The Process, My 30" LCD Monitor Was Accidentally Turned On, And It Boiled Itself

This is sufficient to make your blood boil.

#4 Got Fired For "Telling The Boss How To Do His Job" When All I Did Was Say "We Can't Obstruct A Fire Escape"

You're in luck.

#5 If You're A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

That's pretty disrespectful.

#6 Two Domino's Workers After Their Shift In San Antonio, Texas Today. All Food Gone In 4 Hours

Those folks appear utterly worn out.

#7 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The outlook doesn't seem promising.

#8 Consequences Of Working In A -10°C Lab Where I Have To Wash My Hands 40 Times A Day

Fingers crossed for improvement.

#9 Two Teams Of Builders Was Building A Bike Lane "On The Right-Hand Side" (Mariupol, Ukraine)

There's definitely something off about this.

#10 2 Hours Into A 10-Hour Shift When A Passenger Asks If I Know About The Stowaway On My Bus

Looks pretty frightening.

#11 I Work In A Mall With An Indigo Book Store And Found This Yesterday, It Really Pissed Me Off

Who in their right mind would do that?

#12 New Guy Tried To Empty The Fryer Grease Into A Plastic Bucket

A major blunder.

#13 They Can't Pay A Living Wage But I'll Waste Hundreds On Food Waste

This is not good.

#14 Stayed At Work For The Storm. This Is The Road I Take Home

That's quite a lengthy journey.

#15 Got Laid Off Today With Zero Notice, Found All My Stuff Already In A Box When I Got To Work

You were too good for them.

#16 Absolutely Shattered

Absolutely accurate.

#17 At The End Of Shifts, We Split The Tips Evenly. We Had More Than 50$ Of Tips And My Coworker Had To Leave Early She Ended Up Taking All But 2.50$

Can you believe the nerve?

#18 I Collect Carts At Walmart. Please Stop Being Lazy And Return Your Cart To Where It Belongs

You really should hear this guy out.

#19 OMG I Won I Won I Won

This has to be some kind of prank.

#20 Something Went Wrong With The Line Painting

Plenty of things went haywire in this situation.

#21 Paint Truck Breaks Long-Standing Speed Record - Hits 88 MpH

Looks like someone's about to lose their job.

#22 Colleague Definitely Drew The Short Straw On Email Naming Conventions

That's absolutely hilarious.

#23 Sgt. Vanderheiden Got His Suspenders Stuck In A Chair Yesterday, But Some Helpful Friends Came To The Rescue

Did you see the expression on his face, though?

#24 Guy At Work Dropped So Much Oil We Got Invaded By The US Government

No entry zone.

#25 Girlfriend Works At A Local Target And Had A Family Stroll In And Do All This

They ought to be put on a blacklist.

#26 Coworker Found A Surprise At The Bottom Of Their Cup This Morning

The lizard and the coworker have my sympathy.

#27 When You Have A Long Day Surrounded By People, Then Get Home, Take Off Your Work Pants, And Just Stare At The 6" Tear Straight Down Your Back End

Looks like someone's having a seriously rough day.

#28 Last Night Someone Tried To Steal A Car From The Dealership I Work At

The doors came to the rescue (translation: saved the car).

#29 I Finished Rolling My Silverware After An 11-Hour Shift, Only To Have The Drawer I Loaded It In The Break And Fall To The Floor

We wonder what happened here.

#30 5 Minutes Into My Maintenance Shift I Get Called Up To The Public Bathroom, This Is What I Found

We're curious about what went down in this situation.