30 Of The Most Twisted Tweets Of 2022 That Made Us Smile In The Most Sinister Way

Some are rather dark, and others are just here to make you laugh from your belly, there are tweets here for everyone! Do you have a dark sense of humor? You might need one for these rather twisted tweets we're about to show you below. Warning – your cheeks may cramp up from the dark laughter!

1. Have You Ever Tried To Catch Flying Bouquets, Not At A Wedding, But At A Funeral?

2. Unexpected Find At The Flee Market

3. Hello From The Other Side

4. The Plot Thickens...

5. Hmm...

6. Uh-Uh

Enjoying these rather dark and twisted tweets so far? Did you know that the most corrupt CEOs are those of the pretzel companies? They're always so twisted! Ok, that one was pretty cheesy, but you thought about laughing for a second! here's another: Patient: Oh doctor, I'm just so nervous. This is my first operation. Doctor: Don't worry. Mine too.

7. Kids Can Be Frightening

8. Where Have We Seen This Before?

10. Very True

11. We Are Suspicious

12. Final Thoughts?

13. A Surprising Fact

14. Strange Merch

15. Ruining Childhood Songs Again

16. Creepy Nevertheless

17. 300 Years In High School...

18. Said The Grumpy Old Man

19. Are You Ready?

20. Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Don't Kill Me In My Sleep

21. The Date...

22. They Better Not Ghost You After Paying That Price

23. Only On Halloween!

24. A Last Request

25. The True Playlist

26. Halloween Night...

27. We All Have That Favorite Song

28. Party Ideas

29. Hmm... Are You Sure?

30. A Clarification