30 Goodbye Texts For Your Ex-Boyfriend (Without Being Petty)

Saying goodbye can be a challenging task, as it can evoke strong emotions, even when you know you'll see the person again.

Breaking up with an ex-boyfriend can be a hundred times harder, as it involves saying goodbye to someone you had genuine emotions for. The tears and emotions can be overwhelming and make it a difficult process.

While it may be tempting to simply disappear and "ghost" your ex, it can leave you without closure. If you need closure, it may be necessary to have a farewell conversation.

The option to "ghost" your ex and fade away may seem easier, but it can leave you lacking closure. In order to get closure, a farewell conversation may be necessary.


Texting your ex is often a bad idea and can result in additional heartbreak and tears. It's better to avoid it in most cases.

Many articles advise against talking to exes online and for good reason. Usually, it only leads to further pain. However, there may be exceptions to this general rule.

We believe that saying your final goodbye can aid in the process of moving on.

When is it appropriate to text your ex goodbye? It's acceptable if the breakup is recent, if you're ending the relationship, or if you need closure for healing. However, texting your ex goodbye out of the blue after years may come across as strange.

In cases where you don't feel safe talking to your ex or if the relationship was toxic, it's best to avoid texting goodbye. If you feel the need to express your feelings, consider writing a letter and disposing of it. Your ex does not deserve your words in these situations.

This method can provide closure in a therapeutic way without putting you in a difficult position.

If you need assistance in composing your text, consider using the Text Chemistry program for guidance. It provides a wide range of text templates to help you find the right words.


The process of saying goodbye to an ex-boyfriend can vary depending on the situation and the desired outcome.

To accommodate different scenarios, we've separated these text templates into two categories: texts for future communication and texts for a permanent goodbye. We'll also provide guidance on when each template is appropriate to use.

goodbye texts for when you want to talk to him again

"After careful consideration, I've come to the conclusion that we need a break. I still have feelings for you, but I require some space for now."

Great for: Use this text when you still have feelings for him but need time to reflect and determine your next steps.

"Hey, we both made an effort in this relationship, but it seems like it's not working out. I believe it would be best for us to take some time apart."

Great for: Use this text when you want to end the relationship amicably and leave room for future conversation.

"I understand this may not be what you were hoping for, but I believe it's best for us to take a break from this relationship. If it's feasible, I'd like us to step back and potentially become friends in the future when we feel more at ease."

Great for: Use this text when you want to end the relationship, but also keep the possibility of friendship open. If you suspect that your ex-boyfriend is trying to reach you through your friends, refer to our guide on the topic.

"When you want to end the relationship on a positive note and maintain a friendship, expressing gratitude for the good times and hope for future friendship."

Great for: When you want to express your gratitude for the good times and show regret for the breakup, but still hope to remain friends in the future.

"When you want to reconnect with your ex and have a conversation about the past and your feelings."

Great for: When you're looking to reach out to your ex after they have been avoiding communication and want to have a conversation to gain closure before ending the relationship.

"Your actions have caused me great pain, and I need time to recover. After I've had a chance to heal, perhaps we can reconnect, but for now, farewell."

Great for: The breakup was a result of his harmful actions, but you're willing to discuss the possibility of reconciliation in the future.

"Let's leave some room for now, I need time to process. We can revisit this topic at a later time."

Great for: Given the hurtful actions that led to the end of our relationship, I need time to reflect before we have any further discussions. I still have things I want to address with you, but I need to be in the right mindset to do so.

"I appreciate all the joyous moments we shared. Wishing you all the best and farewell."

Great for: Ending a relationship in a concise, kind, and non-confrontational manner can facilitate future communication.

"Taking a break is in the best interest of both of us. I'll contact you when I feel prepared to do so."

Great for: Taking a pause to have some space while still intending to reconnect at a later time.

"This is not a farewell for eternity, just for the time being. Take care."

Great for: When you need to emphasize the need for personal space and your message is not being comprehended, use a clear and direct approach.

"My apologies for having to convey this, but this relationship does not align with my goals. Perhaps, we can become friends in the future."

Great for: When seeking a gentle approach to ending a relationship.

"Currently, our relationship is not in a positive state. Let's take a pause and reassess after some time has passed for reflection."

Great for: When seeking temporary time apart rather than a permanent breakup.

"I am not prepared for a commitment at present. I require some solitude to contemplate my desires. I apologize."

Great for: When unhappiness in the relationship is not attributed to any individual's actions.

"I am aware that I have caused you pain and that I am causing you pain once again. I request some space for the moment, then we can have a deeper discussion at a future point."

Great for: When acknowledging and apologizing for a wrong action.

"I sincerely believe it is in our best interest to end our relationship. My desire is for your happiness."

Great for: When feeling that the relationship is not a suitable match.

Goodbye Texts for When You Want Him Gone for Good

What if your former partner has caused you harm, displayed immaturity, cruelty, or toxic behavior towards you?

In that case, it's likely that your life will improve without them, and the following texts can be used to communicate that:

"It's difficult for me to say, but I don't believe we are compatible. Farewell and I wish you the best in finding joy with someone else."

Great for: When you desire to end communication with him, but prefer to handle it in a mature manner.

"It's evident that we're not good for each other's well-being. Let's make a clean break for the benefit of us both. Farewell."

Great for: When you desire to terminate the relationship without resorting to argument or insults.

"Our relationship has reached its end. I request that you refrain from reaching out to me in the future."

Great for: When he persists in trying to communicate with you and you aim to communicate clearly without being hurtful.

"Our conversations bring me excessive pain. I wish you the best of luck, however, for my own well-being, I will be blocking you after this."

Great for: When he fails to understand after a single farewell, or when you wish to explain your departure before saying goodbye.

"Our relationship has come to an end. Please leave without any further ado."

Great for: When you desire to infuse some sass into your farewell message while avoiding unnecessary negativity.

"I have come to the conclusion that our relationship is not thriving. Despite my gratitude for all that you've done, it's best if we cease communication."

Great for: When the relationship wasn't necessarily negative, but you no longer desire to communicate with him.

"All things must come to an end, and it seems our relationship has reached its conclusion. I'm grateful for the memories, but a clean break is for the best."

Great for: When your separation is relatively amicable and you do not wish for him to be a part of your life thereafter.

"We need to terminate this relationship as it is no longer fulfilling for me. Farewell."

Great for: When you require being direct and straightforward about the end of your relationship.

"I don't have the intention of causing harm, but I cannot continue in this unhealthy relationship. Wishing you the best of luck, farewell."

Great for: When you aim to say farewell without causing unnecessary additional emotional pain.

"When your breakup was unpleasant, and you desire for everything to be finalized."

Great for: I believe we've reached an impasse in our relationship and there's no turning back. I'm thankful for having met you, but it's best if we pursue separate paths from now on.

"I believe we've reached an impasse in our relationship and there's no turning back. I'm thankful for having met you, but it's best if we pursue separate paths from now on."

Great for: When things are not functioning, and you desire to move on from him.

"One thing I can acknowledge about our relationship is that it has made me stronger. Now, I am empowered to move on from you."

Great for: When you've had enough of his nonsense and gained insight from the experience.

"All that needed to be said has been said. I have no further desire to communicate with you."

Great for: When he continues to annoy you despite your attempts to end the conversation.

"Saying farewell to someone who never fully committed is difficult, yet farewell it is. Wishing you success in finding what you seek with someone else."

Great for: When he lacked presence and dedication in the relationship.


Great for: When a brief and straightforward farewell suffices. Sometimes, a simple goodbye is all that's needed.