3 Ways To Simplify Your Life As You Grow Older

3 Ways To Simplify Your Life As You Grow Older

There are three ways to simplify your life as you grow older—and none of them are diet or exercise-related.

Of course, nutrition, physical activity, and sleep are the cornerstones of a happy, healthy lifestyle. But this article explores other aspects you need to consider when aiming at a stress-free existence.

1. Remove Unnecessary Relationships From Your Life

Your peace of mind should be among your top priorities. To avoid stressing out over social interactions that don't bring anything good into your life, you inevitably need to say goodbye to some people.

We all have unhealthy bonds with toxic people. But at one point in your life, you need to declutter everything from your drawers and closets to feelings and relationships. Follow these tips to make this process easier:

1. Learn not to feel obligated to answer the phone if it drains you

2. Admit you don't feel comfortable around some people and try to avoid hanging out with them

3. Build relationships based on love and trust

4. Be around people that inspire you and make you a better person

5. Don't waste your energy and efforts on fruitless connections

Cutting ties with someone is not always easy. However, if you do it gradually, it might get more manageable.

2. Give Up On The Things That Don't Bring You Joy Anymore

Speaking of decluttering: you have to get rid of unpurposeful objects as well. By doing so, you will have a more organized home, cleaning will get easier, and you will feel more relaxed when sitting around in a tidy space.

If you often find old things orbiting around you, you're either:

1. A planet

2. Terrible at being a minimalist

Assuming that you've chosen the second option, here's where to begin your journey to a tidier house:

1. Donate books that you don't plan on reading

2. Throw away old bills and papers that are not useful any longer

3. Give away clothes that are not suitable for your style anymore

4. Keep only the makeup products that you use (Yes! There is such a thing as too many lipsticks.)

You need to realize that material things, regardless of their value, won't make you happier, nor will they define you in any way. Avoid surrounding yourself with unnecessary clutter.

3. Don't Let People Push You Into Doing Things You Don't Like

Another thing that can make your life easier as you grow older is learning to say no. Being dragged to social gatherings, bars, events, and other occasions that you don't feel like attending, will only complicate your existence.

We all have that outgoing friend that seems to never run out of energy, but you don't have to feel like you need to keep up with them. Live life at your own pace, tell the truth whenever you feel under the weather, and know that:

1. Laying in bed all day is not a crime

2. Watching TV all afternoon is OK from time to time

3. Reading a book instead of having drinks with your friend is fine

4. Eating ice cream and playing video games instead of going out for a fancy dinner is not a crime

This list could go on forever. But you got the point: allow yourself to do whatever floats your pink, independent boat.