3 Ways To Better Understand Mentally Strong People

I know we all like to think that we are mystical, unknowable beings who never reveal that we're suffering or struggling, but the truth is, we're not. Not all the time. No one can be a stoic Germanic warrior every second of every day. It's just not possible.

We have to let our guards down sometimes, but that's really hard. Rendering yourself vulnerable to the world is not a thing done lightly. But there are ways that we can give ourselves credit. Healthy habits that we have that we forget we do that keep us going better than other people.

Mentally strong habits that prove we are doing ok at this life lark and are generally coping pretty well. Here are a couple of things that mentally strong people don't do, just to prove how well-adjusted you guys are!

We all need validation and support now and then, don't we?!

1 – We don't waste people's time and just cut to the chase

Some wishy-washy people can't stand conflict, but we know it's a huge time saver within relationships and communication with people in a workplace. If you don't think an idea will work, tell them.

If a time isn't convenient to you and someone is actually asking your opinion, why beat around the bush – tell them what works for you. It will mean that you're better able to do your job and more likely to resolve whatever is being discussed.

2 – Learn from your mistakes, don't wallow in them

I know that everyone loves a wallow moment when we want nothing more than to lounge around in self-pity and listen to the first Adele album while gazing nostalgically at the rain outside your window like you're in a music video.

But nope, we're adults now. We can't do that all the time – if at all. Look your mistakes in the eye, learn from them, grow. Become a better person and know that you will come through this. No doubt, be rest assured that whatever you did, someone has historically done something much, much worse.

Humans have been making mistakes for a long time, and the only reason we keep making so many mistakes is that we survive and learn from them. Every mistake is an opportunity to not make it again, to not feel embarrassed or awkward.

We all have experiences. We aren't all perfect – if we were, we'd be robots and there would be no surprises or interest in living. Melodramatic? Yes. Inaccurate? No.

3 – We're open to change and don't need instant gratification all the time

Mentally strong people are pretty darn self-sufficient. We love a relationship as much as the next person, but there's something to be said for being accountable and responsible for yourself, in control, but not controlling.

We don't need to police every aspect of our lives, but we know all about what we need and respect. We are more open to change. It doesn't scare us to evolve. Often it's necessary.

Most people are scared of change because of the unknown, but we know that, much as we would like to, we can't control everything. Therefore, mentally strong people have to suffer through a lot of presumption, but we get there in the end because we just go ahead and get things done.

So yes, the next time you're having a breakdown or thinking that the world is against you. Or if you can't deal with anything anymore, think…

Reflect on all these reasons why the world revolves around the strong, positive and direct decisions that you make every single day. If you need to take a break or a couple of days off, take them.

Clearly, you deserve it because mentally strong people are taken for granted. They allow for the smooth running of society. We would do well to appreciate all the good that mentally strong people do around us.