3 Types Of Loves You May Encounter In Your Life

3 Types Of Loves You May Encounter In Your Life

In life, you will only have 3 loves, and each of them will teach you important life lessons. They will show you the true meaning of maturity, self-love, and unconditional love.

They will be three experiences that you will have to live, but that will completely change the way you see love. They will plant in you special memories, unique feelings, and emotions that only you can understand.

You may not have met any of these loves yet, or you may have already experienced at least one, or two, or all three. Be that as it may, you will discover that through this reading.

I want you to know that these 3 loves can be fleeting. But only one of them will really make you mature.

1. The Love Of Your Youth

It usually happens when you are a teenager or young. It is the one that will teach you to love for the first time.

It will fill you with illusions and beautiful fantasies. So much so that you will believe that you are living a story or a romantic movie.

Within this type of love, the most important thing for you will be how others see you. You will want to show others how happy you are with that person.

But, this love will be fleeting and will end soon, because it is the most immature of all. However, it is the starting point for those to come.

2. The Karmic Love

At this stage you will come face to face with pain. You will cling to that person even knowing that they are not meant for you.

You will feel a constant roller coaster of emotions and you will probably not want to end the relationship as much as it hurts.

You will have the hope that one day that person will change. But they won't.

Soon that bond will be broken and the love will end. You will notice signs that this karmic relationship is ending. What is worse, everything will end in a way in which you will feel hurt.

This is the love that will teach you the most important lessons in life. It will help you to discover yourself, to know yourself better, and even to know how you would like to be loved.

It will teach you what to allow in a relationship and what not to do. And yes, this love will hurt a lot and it will also be fleeting. You will remember it so much, no matter how many years pass.

3. Mature Love

This is usually the definitive, and if not the most wonderful. The connection that you will establish within them, you will not really be able to explain, since it will be that love that you did not expect to happen.

However, you will let it happen, without creating any expectations. You will simply be you and let time surprise you.

Mature love is one that will heal the wounds of your past loves. It will make you feel happy and will teach you how important it is to love yourself first before loving someone else.

This is the kind of love that many of us desire and where everything will seem to have fallen into place perfectly.

You won't have the pressure to pretend to be something you're not, because you'll know that person will love you just the way you are.

It will make you feel full and happy. And you will realize that everything you experienced in the past had a meaning.

Which of these three loves have you experienced? Let us know in the comments.