3 Signs Of The Zodiac That Are Happy Spending A Lifetime Alone

3 Signs Of The Zodiac That Are Happy Spending A Lifetime Alone

Some people really love their alone time. They might enjoy occasional social interaction, but they thrive more on being on their own.

However, even the biggest loners reconsider their love of independence when it comes to having a life partner. But there are also people who love being alone so much that they would be ready to spend their entire lives as single people.

And while there are many Zodiac signs that can be seen as loners, only three are perfectly happy as singletons for life.


Virgos may seem like they love being around other people, but they actually find it impossibly draining. Instead, they would prefer to be alone. This can often reflect on their entire life.

Virgos are also well-known as perfectionists, making it hard for them to find someone who fits their high standards. Even if they find someone that fits their criteria, that person may quickly grow tired of being perfect all the time.

As a result, Virgos usually end up enjoying life without a partner. But don't worry about them - they don't mind. Virgos are very career-focused and being on their own only helps them achieve their dreams more quickly.

A Virgo would have to learn to provide constructive criticism with a positive attitude and allow their partner to have some faults to have a healthy long-term relationship.


People born with the Sagittarius Zodiac sign usually have no problem finding love. After all, they are very charming and interesting. However, what they do have trouble with is their lack of commitment.

Sagittarius people love freedom and independence. They love traveling and exploring the world on their own, which means that they have no problem being away from their partner. This setup might work for them, but it often doesn't work for the other person.

They also love the romantic honeymoon stage of a relationship, but they hate all other stuff. Again, this makes it extremely hard on the other person.

So, Sagittarius ends up being alone, and they don't mind.

If they wanted to maintain a long-term relationship, they would have to learn to deal with the ugly, annoying side of love. They would also have to commit and make more room in their life for another person.


Capricorn people are hard workers and they have huge plans for their life. They are not loners by default as they love the company of other people. However, their personality is challenging.

First off, Capricorns have a hard time showing their feelings. They prefer to remain guarded instead of showing someone their soft, vulnerable side. Capricorns are also afraid of being conned or tricked in love, so they tend to stay away if they are not certain about someone.

In order to be with someone, Capricorns have to learn to open up a bit more and show how they feel. They also have to be ready to compromise and be less stubborn about their work.

However, they are okay with being alone and they prefer it over being with someone they don't like.