3 Reasons Your Personal Space Shouldn't Be Taken For Granted

3 Reasons Your Personal Space Shouldn’t Be Taken For Granted

Are you stuck in a home with loved ones that you need a break from sometimes? Do you have a roommate who forgets who purchased what in the fridge?

Is there someone in your social circle who wants to do all of the talking and not much listening?

Do you have that neighbor who blasts their radio as if they are djing a daily block party from their car or the one who mows their lawn as if they are going to win a medal of honor instead of the yard of the month?

You are not alone. Like you, many of us have experienced that moment where we need to indulge in some personal space.

No, this doesn't make you anti-social. It makes you human.

With a society that is so obsessed with placing labels on things, it can be easy to think that there is something wrong with wanting time to yourself.

Allow me to share with you reasons why your personal space is one thing that shouldn't be taken for granted, so that caring what society has to say about it would be a thing of the past.

Importance Of Personal Space

Personal space allows us to identify our comfort zones which leads to the setting up of healthy boundaries. This is very important when you have to interact with other people.

No matter if the person is a family member or stranger in the grocery store, you will be able to identify the triggers of your anxiety or discomfort.

If finding personal space is difficult for you, start with a small task like saying no to things you don't agree with.

Trust me when I say the more you say no, the less guilty you will feel.

Let's look at some reasons to say adios to the guilt trip, shall we?

Individuality Equals Happiness

When we are constantly in the company of others, we tend to pick up their habits and mannerisms almost to the point where we lose pieces of ourselves.

Not everything is genetic.

Some things are contagious.

Too Much Becomes "Too Much"

You may have heard that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Spending too much time in the company of others can be unhealthy.

Feeling annoyed isn't fun for anyone. The best way to relieve yourself is by getting some time alone.

You Can Be Yourself

Being around others can cause you to forget who you are.

Being judged by others is a common fear.

When you are in your personal space, you are free to be yourself no matter who that may be.

So go ahead. Watch that one movie that has the ability to make you snort really loud or the one that makes you ball your eyes out.

When you are in your personal space, the only person's opinion that matters is your own.