3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Maybe you are a fan of Michael B. Jordan's Without Remorse, or you binge-watched Octavia Spencer's thriller-revenge film, Ma, and couldn't get enough of it. Revenge stories have a way of captivating our minds and surprising us at the audacity people possess.

We all find revenge stories entertaining. Not because humans are natural sadists (that may be true if you consider the ratings on the Netflix New series, Squid Game), but because of the drama, emotions, and suspense it gives.

We love it when the bad guys get a taste of their own medicine, and we love it better when the comeback is ten times more than what was done initially.

Revenge is when people have lost everything dear to them and have nothing more to lose. Even their own life means nothing no more.

Here's the thing, most of these revenge stories and movies are purely fictional, right? I mean, nobody truly waits for many years to plan the best revenge, looking for the perfect moment to take action and do it in a badass killer way? That's just supposed to be for Hollywood directors and not real people, isn't that right?

Well, that is the place where we say, don't be too quick to say never.

Let's dig into the fascinating revenge stories in history that happened, where these brave ones denied their misery and took action:

Real Revenge Stories That Look Like Good Fiction

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Most of these revenge stories look like well-scripted movies and are very hard to believe, but they truly happened. These revenge stories will make you wonder what goes on in people's minds when hurt and show you the true meaning of an eye.

Pierre Picaud

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Maybe you read the story of The Count of Monte Cristo and were amazed by the betrayal and beautifully crafted revenge Dante plotted out. What you may not have known is the true story behind it.

In the 19th century, Pierre Picaud was a wealthy shoemaker in France and was about to get married to the love of his life. His life was already set. He had everything he wanted in place.

Until his three jealous friends- Loupian, Solari, and Chaubert - falsely accused him of being an English spy, and he was arrested and sent to prison.

While he was in prison, he met a wealthy priest, Father Torri, another prisoner, and they became very good friends. They became so close that the priest handed down his property to Pierre when he passed on.

When Pierre was finally released, he realized that his friends were the reason for his downfall, and Loupian, one of his former companions, was now married to his fiance.

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

He immediately got his hands on the properties his dead friend left him, changed his identity, and spent 10 years planning how to get perfect revenge.

Pierre's first target was Chaubart, either killing him himself or orchestrating him to be killed. Then he found Solari and poisoned him to death.

His worst revenge was for Loupian. Maybe it was because Loupian married his former fiance, or maybe he was closet to him. Whatever reason it was, Loupian surely picked the shortest straw.

He fooled Loupian's daughter into marrying a criminal, then reported her husband to authorities and shipped him off to jail. Because of shock, Loupian's daughter fainted and died instantly.

That still wasn't enough revenge for Pierre. He deceived Loupian's son into stealing gold which got him arrested and finally burnt Loupian's restaurant to ashes. Loupian's son went to jail, and Picaud killed Loupian himself.

Although this story didn't have a happy ending- because he was killed later by a fourth friend who knew about the whole thing from the beginning but said nothing- it was a strange truth that made even better fiction.

47 Ronin

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

The tale of the 47 Ronin is one of the most famous Japanese stories from history, and it is a true story.

It is probably one of the most popular revenge stories which portray how betrayal, duty, and loyalty can make people go to the farthest length.

Because of the fascinating storyline, 47 Ronin has been adapted into a series of movies and animations.

In 1701, Emperor Higashiyama sent imperial envoys from his seat at Kyoto at Edo in Tokyo. Kamei Korechika of Tsumano and Asano Naganori of Ako were given the task of arranging a reception for the imperial envoys at the Edo Castle.

Kira Yoshinaka, a high imperial official, served as master of ceremonies for the visit. He was assigned to train them in court etiquette and conduct.

Kira was rude and treated both of them with contempt. Kamei was very angry with Kira's behavior towards them both and threatened to kill him until Asano managed to convince him otherwise.

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Kamei followers, afraid that their master's temper will get the best of him and make him commit murder, secretly bribed Kira, and his attitude towards Kamei immediately improved. But that just meant worse for Asano.

Asano, who was always at the receiving end of Kira's temper, drew out his sword and lashed out at Kira.

Although Kira's wound wasn't that serious, Asano had committed a grave crime, and he was going to pay for it. Any form of violence in the Edo Castle was forbidden, and his penalty was to commit seppuku. A type of ritual suicide in Japan.

But that wasn't the end of his punishment. His property was also seized, his family was left with nothing and his followers became ronin (leaderless).

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

His men were all angry and filled with bitterness after his death. 47 of his men took an oath to avenge his death and took two years to perfect the plan. Some of them went into disguise to get into Kira's house since he doubled his security after Asano's death.

One of them got married into the family of those who built Kira's estate to get his hands on the blueprint of the house, which will make their plan even easier.

Their new leader, Oishi, visited brothels and bars, frequently pretending to be a man who was at the peak of self-destruction. Maybe he was but not the way Kira's men were thinking. All this was to give Kira and his men a false sense of peace and security.

Two years after Asano's death, on January 30, 1703, the 47 ronin took their plan into action. They attacked his home, killed his men, tracked down a shuddering Kira, cut his head off, and offered it to the temple where Asano's body was laid to rest.

After they successfully enacted their revenge plan, they surrendered to the Shogun, 46 of the ronin committed seppuku like their master, while the 47th was exonerated.

Diana, Hunter of Femicide Bus Driver

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

In Mexico, thousands of women complained about being sexually assaulted by bus drivers, especially at night.

It was common knowledge for women that the buses were a bad place to be alone no matter the time. Some women were assaulted, raped, and murdered but the police never did anything about it.

Reporting it to authorities was a waste of time and always made the victims look like they were responsible for their predicament.

A lot of women were scared and angry. They have lost their friends, innocence, and virtue on the busway and they wanted to take it back, but no one dared to do it. Until Diane, the Bus Driver Hunter, acted out the heart of the people.

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Nobody knows her real name or real identity. All we know is she was a middle-aged woman in a blond wig who had enough of the injustice against women and took matters into her own hands.

One morning, she entered into a school bus-type vehicle that was popular transportation in the city. She approached the driver, took out her gun, shot him right in the head, and jumped down the bus.

revenge stories- diane email

The next day, she did the same thing to another driver on a different bus. According to a witness, she said in Diario de Juárez to her second victim before she shot him: "You guys think you're real bad, don't you?" before shooting him.

A few weeks later, an email, which people assumed was from her, was sent out talking about the injustice women faced at the hands of the bus drivers and how they were not staying quiet anymore.

To date, her identity was never discovered.

Revenge is best served cold

3 Most Merciless Revenge Stories In History That Will Make You Shocked

Human beings are very emotional. We love what we hold dear and can give anything to keep what we care about safe. As humans, we are controlled by our emotions and act out whenever we feel oppressed or betrayed. Our default emotion is anger and the best way to show it is through revenge.

We unconsciously want our enemies to feel exactly as we do, and only a few are brave enough to take the actions necessary.

These revenge stories had taught us something, that revenge isn't something you rush into. It takes plans and patience to do it successfully.

Revenge is a dish better served cold— and these true revenge stories are icy-cold.