3 Creepy And Clear Signs You've Met Someone In A Previous Life

3 Creepy And Clear Signs You’ve Met Someone In A Previous Life

How To Tell If You Met Someone In The Past Life? Follow The Signs!

If our souls truly live for hundreds or thousands of years, there's a pretty good chance that you already met someone. And some signs will tell you almost instantly!

It's easy to dismiss that our souls are always floating, from one era to another. But, if you do believe that there's more to life than this, what you're experiencing right now, you might be onto something. There are so many creepy and weirdly accurate past life stories that they can make anyone rethink their beliefs.


Most past life stories come from children, and they don't lie. Some kids have a vivid imagination; others find inspiration in movies and books. Yet, there's a small percentage that will tell you things there's no way to explain. Other than to believe. It may scare you, but if you really open up your senses, your soul will send you three clear signs about your past life. To be more specific, about the people you met before, in another lifetime.


Telepathic connection

You experienced it before, so don't just dismiss your telepathic abilities. When you think of someone, and they call after many years, or you meet someone on a street that you wanted to see for a long time. That's your ability to connect with people beyond using all well-known sources. It's your journey to the unknown. But there's no need to overthink it, merely accept it.


Your soul recognizes instantly a person you met in the past lives. That's a feeling you get when you meet someone by accident, yet they turn out to have prominent roles in your life. There are no scientific explanations. Only your gut feeling.

When eyes meet

The eyes are the mirror to your soul. They are a clear giveaway for everything you're going through. So, when you meet someone's gaze, you may feel an instant attraction, or something much more powerful. You may experience that you know them.


Eyes can give a clear sign that you already met a person. There's an instant reaction, and you can't deny it. It's a strange, disturbing or soothing feeling. It's an emotion, yet it feels so real. That's how you know that you probably met someone from a distant past.

Feeling connected

Sometimes, you meet a person and just click. It's a powerful and unexplainable feeling. Other times you meet someone, and you can't feel anything but repulsion. Your gut is telling you that the person in question isn't right for you. It's not something we can explain. But, there's a strong indication that you just met someone from your past life.


The point is that you have to be open-minded and trust your instincts. What does your gut tell you? Are you listening? Because, if not, you'll miss that moment where you feel like you know that someone from another scenery.

Not all things in life are easy to understand. And it's better not to give ourselves to trying to know it all. But, if you do feel a prompt connection, good or bad, there are two possible scenarios. Either you're perceptive, or you met an individual you already knew from a past life.