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27 Year Old Female Teacher Caught Sending Full Naked Selfies To Half Her Class On Snapchat

27 year old female teacher caught sending full naked selfies to half her class on snapchat

Cops have arrested a female teacher after discovering she had been sending naked pictures of herself to her students. Tracy Miller, 27, was a teacher at Logan High School and was apparently sending the pictures to different students.

After hearing rumors, the administration was concerned that students were in possession of pictures of a naked staff member. The unsettling rumors were soon confirmed when a student came forward with the incriminating photos.

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He had saved the pictures on his phone.

The school administrators were able to identify the woman in the picture as one of the teachers, and the police were informed immediately.

When the police came in, they arrested the teacher after seeing the incriminating photos. They took her to the police station for more questions.

She later admitted to sending the nude pictures of herself to up to five students over a period of four months.

However, she did not seem very sure of the number of pictures she had sent to the students. She was probably too busy sending them out to remember.

Whatever the case, there is never a good time or an appropriate number of students to send your naked pictures to.

Following the accusation, the teacher has lost her job. She won't be paid or receive her pending dues either.

Strangely, the woman had only worked at the school for several months.

She is also facing charges of distributing obscene material to minors. However, she is currently out on bail.

27 year old female teacher caught sending full naked selfies to half her class on snapchat

The school also issued a statement about the incident:

"We are dealing with the situation by following the county policy governing Employee Code of Conduct."

"The teacher in question has been suspended at this time."

The police also warned parents to be vigilant and try to find out what their kids are up to while using their phones and social media. Authorities are also trying to track all the students who received the teacher's pictures using the popular social messaging platform.

Without a doubt, a teacher should never be doing this at all. It is sick, perverted, and criminal.

In all likelihood, the photos have been seen by much of the school community at this point. Clearly, Tracy will be remembered by the school for a long time to come for her unusual and unexpected behavior.