26-Year-Old Beauty Queen Tragically Dies In Horrific Car Crash, Weeks After Predicting Her Own 'Funeral'

Tragic Passing of Beauty Queen: She Predicted Her Own 'Funeral' Weeks Before

Ariana Viera, a 26-year-old beauty queen from Venezuela, has passed away just a few weeks after mentioning her own 'future funeral' in a social media post.

The unfortunate incident occurred when she fell asleep while driving and crashed her car into another vehicle at high speed.

The crash happened on July 13 in Orlando, and Ariana suffered severe and life-threatening injuries. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she didn't survive the accident.

Ariana was scheduled to represent Venezuela in the Miss Latin America of the World 2023 pageant in the Dominican Republic in October.

However, this heartbreaking accident has cut short her journey, leaving behind sorrow and sadness.

Her mother stated that Ariana was dealing with exhaustion and had dozed off, leading her to collide with another vehicle ahead.

During that time, she was getting ready to participate in another beauty pageant in New York City.

Her mom, Vivian Ochoa, shared how medical professionals tried their best to bring her back, but unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries.

Ochoa expressed, "They revived her, she had a heart attack, they revived her again and when they were going to take her to trauma care, she had nothing left."

"My girl fell asleep, she was tired."

In remembrance of her daughter, Ochoa added, "She helped too many people."

"She would stop everything to help you or listen to you."

"She was always there for her friends, her brothers, her mother."

Besides her involvement in beauty pageants, Ariana was also starting her journey in the modeling world and running her cleaning business.

Local reports revealed that her father, residing in Peru, couldn't attend her funeral due to visa issues. Unfortunately, the documents were issued a day late, making it impossible for him to make it in time.

On May 2, Ariana posted a video of herself with a caption referring to filming for her future funeral, stating that she was always the one recording the videos and no one else did it.

This heart-wrenching coincidence didn't escape the attention of online users, and many expressed their thoughts on the matter.

"I hadn't seen this. Holy God," one commenter expressed.

"Predicting her future."

"How painful to see this."

Another shared: "Whenever I see this type of tragedy when the deceased posted a video about their death in the future, it almost always happens."

A third wrote: "Incredible how sometimes things are decreed."

Ariana's mom shared a deeply emotional post, expressing how she was overwhelmed with pain and sadness following her daughter's tragic passing.

"I only ask God for strength and strength to carry on with my family and my children, as well as I ask for protection for them," she continued.

"Honesty I don't know how our lives will go on without you."

"I just wish I could hug you and kiss you... hear your laugh."

According to her, Ariana was her 'light, her joy, her desire to live'.