Weird Story

250 Amish Men Lift Barn With Their Bare Hands And Move It Across An Entire Farm

Recently, a group of 250 Amish men demonstrated the community's strong sense of unity and willingness to help others by lifting a full-sized barn with their bare hands and moving it across a farm. The impressive feat showcases the strength and determination of the Amish community.

1. The Amish Rely On Manpower, Not Electrical Power

While the Amish community abstains from using modern technology, they have a strong sense of community and rely on manual labor to accomplish tasks. This was evident when they had to move the large barn, as they used their own physical strength and the help of their community to get it done.


2. The Magic Happened In Knox County, Ohio

In the winter of 2019, a large group of Amish men gathered at Joseph Hochstetler's farm to undertake a challenging task, moving a pole barn from one location to another on the property, using only horse-drawn carriages for transportation. The task was made even more difficult by the harsh winter weather conditions.

3. They Picked It Up In One Piece And Moved It More Than 200 Feet

The Amish community came together to physically move the barn, using their own muscle power to lift and carry the structure over a distance of 200 feet to its new location. The effort was a success, as the barn was successfully moved without any damage and looks great in its new spot.


4. The Whole Thing Took Less Than Five Minutes

The most astonishing aspect of the story is that 250 men were able to relocate an entire barn in under five minutes, while the women in the community observed and complimented their work.