25 You Make Me Happy Texts For Him

Have you ever experienced such immense joy in your relationship that expressing it to your partner became a challenge? Congratulations! You're lucky. We understand how you feel, as we've been in a similar situation.

With this in mind, we've gathered 25 text message examples for you to send to your partner, because they deserve to know how much happiness they bring to your life. Take a look below for some inspiration on how to share your appreciation and brighten their day.


"My cheeks are exhausted from all the smiling. I'm not accustomed to this much happiness - it's all thanks to you!"

"Thanks to you, I can proudly say that I am truly content. Not many people get to make this claim, and I feel so fortunate to have you in my life."

"You're making me a more optimistic person. I guess being constantly happy has that impact on a woman."

"My heart overflows with happiness when I think of you. I feel like I'm glowing with pure joy, it's almost overwhelming."

"Your mere presence in my life illuminates it. I am deeply thankful for you."

"I'm convinced that I develop another laugh line each day that I spend with you."

"Before I met you, I never fully understood the phrase 'light of my life.' Now I realize it was always meant to describe you. You truly are the light of my life :)"

"Every day with you is even better than the previous one. I've never experienced such blissful happiness."

"Thanks to you, my life is overflowing with hope and joy. I am truly grateful for that."

"The happiness I experience while being with you is the best gift anyone could give me. Although, I wouldn't say no to some physical gifts every now and then 😉 "

"Wake me up because this feels like a dream. This level of happiness must be too good to be true. I feel like I'm living in a fairy tale."

"Every single thing you do brings a smile to my face. How do you do it? It's as if you were custom-made to bring happiness into my life."

"I swear, I'm collecting all the happiness in the world for myself. I know it's selfish, but I can't help how much I'm enjoying it."

"You are everything I could ever want. Being in a relationship with you makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world."

"Being with you makes me feel like a child eagerly waiting for ice cream. I can't help but feel elated when I'm with you!"

"You are a true blessing in my life. My spirit feels light and lively when we're together. You bring joy and energy to my life."

"No matter how gloomy the world may seem, you are my shining beacon of light. Even in my hardest moments, just thinking of you brings a smile to my face."

"Ever since you entered my life, I've become a more optimistic person. The world now seems brighter and filled with endless possibilities."

"You are my love, my source of happiness, my most cherished person, and the only one for me. Losing you would mean losing a part of myself, but I'm fortunate to never have to face that heartbreak."

"You bring so much joy and happiness into my life and I feel incredibly lucky to have you. I wish I could see the smile on your face as you read this message. Can't wait to see your selfie :)"

"I want to spend all of my time with you so that I can experience this joy and happiness every day. Being with you has brought me unparalleled happiness."

"I used to believe that if a person could make me smile, I would have found my soulmate. Now, I know I've found mine because being with you fills me with overwhelming happiness. It's like a dream come true, to belong to you."

"I never imagined that I would be blessed with the experience of living in a fairy tale, but here you are, my prince charming. I'm eternally thankful to have you in my life."

"Our love story is the stuff of legends and it's just the beginning. The thought of spending the rest of my life with you, experiencing eternal happiness, is beyond what I could have ever imagined."

"Your affection has opened a new level of happiness in my life that I never thought existed. I am blessed to have you and I eagerly anticipate cherishing this bliss with you for all eternity."