25 Totally Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out So She's More Likely To Say Yes

25 Totally Cute Ways To Ask A Girl Out So She’s More Likely To Say Yes

If we were to forget about cute ways to ask a girl out for a moment, I am sure many guys would admit they are scared stiff by the possibility of rejection as they ask a girl out. But worry not, that's part of the issue we will address here.

I believe in giving credit where it's due. And so I will agree, girls can get really mean when rejecting your advances, compounding the pain of rejection even more.


I've heard of guys narrating sob stories of how certain ladies turned them down many years back. Rejection is a pain that cuts deep.

The Problem Might Have Been How These Guys Asked These Women Out

Among girls, the way a message is packaged is just as important as the message itself. That's why having cute ways to ask a girl out can give you a leg up in this unpredictable game.


Many guys have won over ladies who would have otherwise brushed off their advances by finding interesting ways to ask them out.

You can be among them with the tips I will share with you today.

Girls appreciate a guy who makes some effort. That is another way of saying finding the cutest way to let her know you want to date her can make all the difference.

A lame proposal to go out hardly ever cuts it with a girl unless she's crazy about you and has been hoping and praying you will ask her out one day.


But even then, asking her out properly makes her feel truly special and makes her more excited to go out with you.

Phoning it in with a lame suggestion to go out will make the girl feel cheap, and that will give her no other option but to shut you down.

Unless you were just messing around with her and didn't want her to accept your proposal, that's obviously the last thing you want.


A girl wants a guy to ask her out in a manner she will remember many years to come because it blew her mind and swept her off her feet.

She has to believe you want to go out with her and no one else. That's why being cute might be all it takes for her to give you that golden chance to spend time together knowing each other better.

Here are some cute ways to ask a girl out.

1. Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Girls love exciting games that offer the promise of a happy ending. In this treasure hunt, you will obviously be the treasure.


With a few riddles and clues, she will find your idea fun and refreshingly original.

Remember to ask her out when she finally gets to you. In the spirit of winning, she will obviously take you up on your offer.

2. Make A Video To Ask Her Out

Fortunately, we have come a long way, and making and sharing videos is not that hard today. Even with the help of your social media apps, you can easily take a video and ask the girl out.


What are the odds she has had guys ask her out in that manner? A touching video is clearly one of the most unforgettable and cute ways to ask a girl out.

3. Get Her Friends Involved

Every girl wants her man to get along with her friends and family.

Rather than waiting until you have gone out and dated for a while before she can find out if her friends like you or not, did you know you can settle her fears from early on even before your first date?


You can organize her friends to stand along with you when you ask her out. You can even work in some printed T-Shirts or placards and make it extra special.

She will love saying yes to a guy who has already proven he can get along with her friends.

4. Send Her A Letter

Old-school romance still has a place in today's world. You can write down how you feel about the girl, and end it by asking her out.


Odds are that she'll love the gesture. It might not seem like it, but a letter, even in this day and age, is one of the cute ways to ask a girl out.

I am not sure anyone can pull this off, but if you can, then you are really something. All you have to do is slip a note inside a fortune cookie saying, "Will you go out with me?"


That will obviously catch her off-guard, and odds are that her enthusiastic answer will be yes.

6. Climb Up Her Balcony And Ask Her Out

Truth be told, this is not for the faint-hearted, and it also won't work for everyone. But if there's a possibility you can climb up her balcony as they did in the romantic flicks from the 90s, then it might be worth a shot.


This shows you have no shortage of courage and that you have a heart full of romance sure to fill her world with love.

She won't be able to resist that! This is a totally cute way to ask a girl out, especially in this day and age.

7. Get Lots Of Balloons

Balloons are fun, and they are difficult to ignore.

You can get a bunch of balloons, and have the question you want to ask her printed on a few of them, but hidden behind several other balloons with cute messages on them.


You can even attach some cute gifts to the balloons.

8. Put The Message On A Puppy

So, she loves puppies? That's great.

You can use her favorite pet to make her go out with you. You can get the puppy, put a note around its neck saying "Will you go out with me?" and leave it at her door.

As she goes "awww" over the adorable furry friend, she will also see the lovely note and smile at the thought of spending time with such a creative guy.


Puppies are cute and adorable, which means this is a uniquely cute way to ask a girl out.

9. Buy Her A Lottery Ticket

This one is quite simple. You just buy her a lottery ticket and give it to her.

The condition would be simple: if she wins, you take her out, but if she doesn't, you do. There are practically no losers in this.


10. Call Her And Ask Her Out

Most guys text, but why not make it extra special and call her. It will be especially special if you have been texting all along and you switch it up and call her to ask her out.

With a few tips on how to talk to girls properly, this should work brilliantly.


11. Use A Funny Pickup Line

Girls are more likely to say yes to a guy when he makes them laugh. Having a sense of humor is very charming.

So, if you think you are the sort of guy who can come up with a really funny pick-up line, however cheesy, this might be your secret to getting that girl to go out with you.

These lines work like charm, and even if she gives you a hard time for it, you can play it off like a joke and make a more serious request to take her out on a date.


12. Give Her A Personalized Gift

You can get a personalized gift such as a necklace, and have it engraved with a special message for her. Once she receives it and calls or comes to say thank you, you can ask her to go out with you.

That will have boosted your odds of her saying yes considerably. Gifting is and always has been among the cutest ways to ask a girl out.


13. Sing Her A Song As You Ask Her Out

Tell her you have composed a song and would like her to hear it out. Music is very romantic, and when you serenade the girl, she will have a hard time saying no to you.

The effort will be very welcome, and asking her out in such a lyrical manner will most likely be met with an anxious and positive response.


Throughout history, this has been among the most powerful and cute ways to ask a girl out.

14. Walk Right Up To Her And Ask Her Out

Sometimes, you just need to do what you have to do. Without playing any games or using any tricks, you can walk up to the girl with confidence and dressed to kill and ask her respectfully if she would like to go out with you.


Your gentlemanly conduct is likely to sweep her off her feet and make her say yes to your request.

15. Offer Her A Bouquet Of Flowers As You Ask Her Out

This is an old-school move, but it still works like magic. Many girls love flowers, especially if you get her favorite.

If case you were wondering, this is among the cutest ways to ask a girl out.


The flowers will melt her heart, and she will be more receptive to your suggestion to go out.

16. Make A Crossword Puzzle

If she is into puzzles, odds are that this will be an excellent way to ask her out. Make a puzzle whose solution will lead her to the clue that you are asking her out.

She will appreciate the effort you put into creating the puzzle and will be curious to know more about you. That makes this a really cute way to ask a girl out.


17. Ask Her Out With A Printed T-Shirt

You can wear a T-shirt with the question "Will you go out with me?" At the back, you can put her name.

That way, if she somehow thinks it's just some random printed T-shirt, you can turn around and prove her wrong and make her see how serious you are.

18. Paint A Picture Of What She'll Be Missing

I am assuming you have been talking to the girl for some time now, and you know a thing or two about her. You even know she has a lifelong wish to attend her favorite band's concert.


But now, you know they will be coming to town. You can tell her you got the tickets and would like her to join you as her date.

What are the odds of turning that down? Very slim I assure you, considering that many guys don't make so much effort nowadays.

19. Write Down Your Intention To Go Out With Her Somewhere

The element of surprise you give her here is what will make all the difference. Many girls today are used to guys asking them out through texts, and that can get old.


But when you write on the snow, a foggy window, or on her hand that you want to go out with her, that will surely be special.

Also, make sure you don't creep her out as you do this. A Halloween vibe might not send the right message here.

20. Put Together A Playlist She'll Love

Who doesn't love music? And what could be more special than dating someone who loves your taste in music?


You can make the girl realize that your tastes in music are similar by making a playlist of songs she would absolutely love.

How will she find the strength to say no to someone who goes to such lengths to indulge her favorite passion?

21. Cook Her Something

You can bake her something. I'm probably right in guessing you know nothing about baking. Of all the cute ways to ask a girl out, this is clearly going to stand out.


But that will work in your favor because she will appreciate the gesture even more. What are the chances that any guy has ever baked her something?

Of all the cute ways to ask a girl out, this is clearly one of the best.

You can ask your sisters or your mom for some baking recipes and surprise the girl with this sweet treat as you ask her out. I don't see how she can say yes to your cake and still say no to your suggestion to go out.


22. Ask her Out On Her Birthday

You might think it's best to let her enjoy her birthday without other distractions. To some extent, that's true.

But if you think you might have a chance with her, asking her out during this special day in her life can be a unique present. She will remember that for as long as she lives.


Asking her out on her birthday might make you feel like you are taking attention off her celebration, but it's actually one of the cutest ways to ask a girl out.

23. Ask Her Out Through A Poem

Poetry is not a dead art, and romantic hearts all around the world still yearn for it.

You can be a poet for her and put down some beautiful lines she will love. Odds are that she will find it extremely hard to say no to you after such a special dedication.


24. Be Funny, Then Ask Her Out

If you are always making her laugh, then you should have a better chance than most guys of making her go out with you.

After making her laugh so hard, it will be hard for her to say no to you if you tell her you would like to take her out. Make sure she doesn't take your proposal as a joke and you'll be just fine.


25. Give Her A Teddy Bear

Girls love teddy bears. Seeing one of these adorable toys in your hands as you approach her is sure to bring a smile to her face, melt her heart, and she will say yes to you.

Asking a girl out can be quite intimidating because no guy wants to get rejected by a girl he fancies. But with these cute ways to ask a girl out, the chances of her saying yes to you will be much higher.