25 Texts You Should Never Send To A Guy

It's crucial to be mindful of the type of texts you send to your boyfriend. Regardless of how long you've been together or your relationship status, there are certain texts that guys do not want to receive. In fact, some texts could even lead to a breakup. By avoiding these texting mistakes, you can maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your significant other.

1. Anything with extra letters

Adding extra letters to a greeting such as "Heyyyyy" is childish and can make a guy feel like he's dating a young girl rather than a mature woman. It's better to spell words correctly and avoid unnecessary letter repetition.

2. "Why haven't you texted me back yet?"

It's important to avoid freaking out if your partner doesn't respond to your texts quickly. Instead of bombarding them with more texts, give them space and ask in person later. Reacting immediately can make you come across as overly anxious or clingy.

3. More emojis than text

Using too many emojis in your messages can be overwhelming and confusing for your partner. Unless you've both agreed to an emoji-only conversation, it's better to use them sparingly and stick to text to convey your message clearly. One or two emojis can be sufficient to express your emotions.

4. "Where have you been? I haven't heard from you…"

Asking your partner where they've been as soon as they text you after a few days or hours can give the impression that you don't trust them. It's important to acknowledge that your partner has a life outside of your relationship and not overreact.

5. The repeated text

Sending multiple texts in rapid succession or repeating the same message is annoying and can come across as desperate. It's important to avoid bombarding your partner with messages and give them space to respond.

6. Late-night texts asking what he's up to

Avoid sending late-night texts unless it's for a specific reason like arranging a hookup or saying goodnight. It's likely that your partner is trying to sleep and constant messages could be disruptive.

7. Anything that makes you seem like a stalker

Sending a text to your partner telling them that you see them or that you're with them can be perceived as creepy and even border on stalker behavior. It's important to respect your partner's boundaries and avoid any behavior that could make them uncomfortable.

8. "We need to talk"

If you need to have a serious conversation, it's best to call or meet in person rather than having it over text. Texting about important topics can be disrespectful and may not convey the message properly. It's better to arrange a time to talk in person or over the phone.

9. "My period is late"

Imagine receiving this text when you're in his shoes. It can be overwhelming and confusing. It's better to call him instead and have a conversation about what's going on. This way, you can understand each other's emotions better.

Texts You Should Never Send A Guy

1. The first "I love you"

Avoid texting anything related to love unless you have already expressed those feelings to each other in person. Texting such messages can come across as desperate and may not be well received. If you can't say it in person first, it's better not to text it.

2. Any type of breakup text

Breaking up with someone over text is disrespectful and shows a lack of courage. It's always better to have the conversation in person or, if that's not possible, at least over the phone.

3. Nudes at the wrong time

Sending a nude picture when you're aware that your partner is at work isn't alluring. Additionally, you may not want to expose your intimate areas to his colleagues. Instead, consider sending a flirtatious or suggestive text message rather than an image.

4. Nudes in general

Sending a nude text may please him, but it's crucial to establish trust before doing so. Without knowing his whereabouts or potential actions, it's best to avoid the risk altogether to prevent any potential embarrassment for both parties.

5. Anything when you're drunk

Unless you're using your phone to call a cab or Uber, it's best to avoid using it while drunk. Sending drunk texts is not desired by him, so it's better not to attempt it at all, especially if you're already too intoxicated.

6. Daily updates filled with boring life details

Text messages are meant to be brief. If your message requires him to scroll, it's too lengthy. You don't need to include every aspect of your day in one text. If you have a lot to say, it's better to either call him or wait until you meet in person.

7. "K" or "I guess"

Sending confusing and pointless texts is unproductive. If you reply to a guy's message with such texts, he will likely feel annoyed, just as you would if he did the same to you. To avoid misunderstandings, it's best to be clear in your communication. If you're not, you'll only have yourself to blame if he doesn't comprehend your message.

8. Multiple texts that could have been just one

Guys despise receiving one message broken down into 15 different ones. Sending individual words or fragments, one after the other, is frustrating and unappealing. Nobody wants to read a series of partial sentences that make you seem unintelligent.

9. Texts that read like a mini-novel

Sending extensive paragraphs to a guy via text is also not recommended. If you have a long story to share, it's best to ask him to call you or wait until you meet in person. Expecting him to scroll through an extended block of text is unattractive, regardless of how much he's fond of you.

10. "I'm bored! Entertain me!"

Talking about your boredom to a guy without explicitly asking him to entertain you can still imply that you expect him to do so. It's not attractive when he thinks you can't keep yourself occupied. If you have no hobbies or other friends, it may seem odd to him that you're sharing your boredom with him. Unless you're explicitly asking him to hang out, which you should if that's the case, it's best to avoid sending this type of text.

11. "What are we?"

Defining the relationship via text while he's at work or hanging out with his friends is not appropriate. If you want to know where you stand with him, whether you're exclusive or he plans on keeping things casual, have that conversation in person when you're both together. Typing it out when you're feeling paranoid and clingy is not advisable. So, it's better to contain yourself and wait for an appropriate time.

12. Texts that make you look like a stalker

If you notice a picture of him and his friends at a local bar, refrain from texting him something creepy or stalkerish, such as "I hope you're having fun at [bar name here]! I love their cocktails." Doing so will make you look insane and pathetic, and he may rightfully distance himself from you.

13. Texts that are trying to keep the conversation going past its sell-by date

Conversations have a natural ending point, even with people we enjoy talking to. If things start to slow down and there's not much to discuss, let the conversation end gracefully. Don't keep pushing to keep him talking with meaningless words. It's better to let things quiet down and reconnect when you have more to discuss.

14. "Thinking of you"

While sending this text to a long-term partner is cute, it may be too much when you're just starting to date someone. You're essentially revealing your feelings and letting him know that you're crazy about him. Unless you're confident that he feels the same way, it's best to avoid sending this text and keep your daydreams to yourself.

15. Passive-aggressive texts

Responding to his questions with "nope" or "dunno" because you're annoyed with something he did or didn't do is passive-aggressive behavior. It's a way of saying "I'm angry, but I don't know how to express it like a mature adult, so I'm going to act like a child."

16. Texts looking for validation

Avoid sending messages that seek validation or reassurance from the guy you're dating, such as "do you still like me?" or "why do you even want to date me?" These messages come across as insecure and unattractive. Allow him to compliment you genuinely and naturally, without fishing for validation.