25 Surprisingly Good Reasons To Date A Gamer

25 Surprisingly Good Reasons To Date A Gamer

Okay, calling all newly single mixers and shakers that aren't quite sure what to do with their dating lives but are willing to try whatever latest craze sweeps the nation. Listen up, I have just the ticket (I'll run out of epithets in a couple of sentences, don't worry). The solution? Gamers.

I'll start a new paragraph to let the wisdom of that last sentence sink in, and I'll draw your attention to these fine words of wisdom: "You miss one hundred percent of the gamers you don't date". Plato said that I'm pretty sure.

Right, I'm out of jokes; so here are 25 (surprising) reasons to date a gamer!

1. They're super focused

Think of all those times you vaguely started a new skill, and as soon as it became clear that you weren't immediately good at it so you quit, well that's simply not in a gamer's blood. When you need to clear the next level, vanquish the side quests and squeeze in one more match before going to bed, there's no time for time-wasters or wishy-washy personalities.

2. They're goal-oriented

Similarly, this ambition and clear-sightedness about what they expect of their characters, avatars, and teams will translate into your relationship. You'll always know where you stand in their plans, and you'll have no problems going past all the relationship milestones with these surprisingly mature individuals; just like passing 'go' and collecting £200, for a gamer, if there's no progress, there's no point.

3. They're good with their hands

It's all about the thumbs, people. 'Nuff said (wink)

4. Long term commitment is on the cards

They can play games and conduct quests as leaders for weeks and months, and the goal isn't just to win or do well; it's to beat the game and achieve all that can be achieved. As long as you're ready for it, gamers excel in long-term commitment and loyalty to one party.

5. Communication skills

While the stereotype of a loner gamer may still persist, many friendships are founded online where the team leader must conduct their team through a headset with authority and concern for the safety of their teammates. Expect the same in your relationship.

6. Long distance, no problem

While these communications improve social skills, the geographical distance of online friendships via chat rooms often necessitates patience, dedication, and a willingness to prioritise relationships to go the distance. Mature.

7. Critical thinking and problem solving

If something's not working in the relationship, like when approaching the next monster, troll, or side quest, your guy or gal will be able to imaginatively engage with what the situation needs. No mutinous silences after an argument anymore, folks!

8. Imaginative

Often expressing a typical thought processes, in terms of the unexpected and hilarious alternative way of viewing life - gamers have this on a lock.

9. Alert to potential issues

Gamers are trained to anticipate attacks from all angles and constantly think of defensive procedures to counter an attack - they won't let a relationship fester if something's wrong.

10. Supportive

Team leaders and Dungeon Masters know all about how to culture a group dynamic into something fun and interesting. But ultimately they're there to organise and keep the team together and are sensitive as to how to achieve it.

11. Dynamic where necessary

These guys have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of how to obliterate a few giants, wizards, and Jedi masters with a lightsaber, smack talk, and teamwork - trust them to take control (of you) on occasion.

12. Intelligent

Playing on the nerd stereotype a tad here, but gamers are flush with interesting facts and new perspectives, well worth a listen.

13. They're unafraid to be themselves

Key, because of the stigma associated with gamers, there is a certain acceptance in who they are when choosing the lifestyle. It's not far off brave to know how one's hobby is perceived by other people and to continue it earnestly nonetheless. Again, this attitude is something that everyone stands to benefit from.

14. New hobby prospects

Honestly, if you weren't otherwise necessarily going to have dived into the gaming world without a gentle nudge, then this could be the in that gets you hooked, and if not, no harm done.

15. Great equipment

Hey! I'm talking about the headsets and stereo surround sound, guys. Keep your minds out of the gutter!

16. Probably got a great sofa

It's got to be comfortable enough for extended hours consecutively sat down, while still firm enough to alleviate back pain. Likely sufficiently durable for all manner of other activities between games. Make of this what you will.

17. Probably got some dollar

Again, playing off the stereotype here, but it's likely that a gamer with a perchance for coding or computer software engineering will be raking in the dough in our new diamond age of technology - you'll get treated well with a new set of armour or mead goblet, my friends.

18. Teamwork makes the dream work

Although notorious in popular culture for being social outcasts, gamers will come with a tight-knit group of non-judgemental like-minded friends who will be only too keen to mingle with your friends and water down the blood of each other's circles.

19. Great entertainment taste

Well, maybe as long as we sidestep the toxic fanboy subsection, but if you want a quick dip into the sci-fi or fantasy genre for some good old fashioned escapism or a Lord of the Rings rerun (ft. a bottle of wine) you'll find that once you give yourself permission to enjoy childish or 'weird' things, that they're actually much more compelling than most of the pop culture fodder elsewhere.

20. New conversation prospects

Whether it's historical period quests or full-on fantasy romps, or even athletic wish-fulfillment in FIFA, I guarantee you will find a new perspective or fact to blow your friend's mind while you're trying to figure out all the rules. It's worth the effort and you will surprise yourself.

21. You can nudge them off the sofa and into your world, whatever that is

You can gently ease the gamers out of certain habits that they may have developed over the years and impart some of your own acquired wisdom and become two more well-rounded individuals.

22. You can relieve their parents of a 30-year-old crashing on their sofa

(No matter how great a sofa it may be) - think How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days era Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey here.

23. They believe in second chances and multiple lives

Why not give them a chance with part of yours? Make like a cat and use one of your nine lives on a gamer! If you don't fancy it then you'll respawn in an hour or two.

24. They could surprise you

Do any of us really know what we want or expect out of a relationship these days? We don't even know what we don't know we don't know - wasn't that in a Disney film somewhere?

... and last but not least, the most important reason that you should date a gamer:

25. Because I said so!