25 Pics Of Food That Anthony Bourdain Actually Ate

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Foods Anthony Bourdain ate that made us lose our appetite.

Bourdain was one of the most beloved food journalists of our time. And chances are, you've watched at least one of his shows such as No Reservations, A Cooks Tour or Parts Unknown.

Bourdain was also an author and iconic chef. In fact, he's responsible for popularizing the 'foodie' culture.

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He also introduced the world to new and exciting dishes that many people may never have otherwise heard of.

While most of the foods he ate looked delicious, exciting and exotic, some were a little more bizarre and gross.

Don't get me wrong—many love to try new and unusual foods—but everyone has a limit.

Perhaps Bourdain was a bit braver than most of us when it came to food. He rarely turned down a meal and would always try any cuisine, with no reservations.

Let's take a look at some of the questionable foods Bourdain tried.

#1 Balut

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

A fetal duck egg is something most of us can't deal with reading about, let alone eating. But Bourdain didn't seem to mind too much about it.

While they sound not too gross, these eggs are a delicacy for locals in the Philippines.

On a live Piers Morgan show, Bourdain scarfed this street food specialty down.

And his comment? The taste was 'crunchy and delicious.'

He said:

It's not one of my favorite things on earth, but it's not that bad if you can get past the feathers.

#2 Bull Testicles

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

While being a guest on Piers Morgan Live, Bourdain was often challenged to eat foods without knowing what they actually were until after eating them.

Among those foods were bull testicles, which Bourdain remarked were 'rubbery as hell.'

His thoughts? 'Not bad… Piers, they're so last week,' Bourdain joked.

#3 Cobra's Heart

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Most people would find eating any part of a snake, especially the heart, out of the question. But folks in South East Asia will swallow it without a second thought.

According to locals, it's even sweeter when you eat it while it's still beating. And it also has some health benefits such as men's virility.

In Saigon, on A Cook's Tour show, Bourdain swallowed a beating cobra heart.

He compared it to a 'very athletic, aggressive oyster'— if you can imagine that.

#4 Raw Eyeball of a Seal

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Eating a seal might not sound appetizing to you, if you've never tried it before. But for the Inuit people in Quebec, Canada, a seal is an essential part of a healthy diet.

A seal is just a mammal, so how bad could it really be?

They have plenty of fat, so you're likely to get some of that fatty richness if you ever decide to try it out.

While filming an episode of No Reservations, Bourdain ate seal's meat on a trip to visit the Inuit people.

Because he wanted to have a whole local experience, they gave him a little piece of everything from the seal. He tried the kidney, liver, and the eye.

According to Inuit people, offering the eyeball is an act of kindness and generosity toward guests. And Bourdain described it as 'not bad.'

Perhaps we should all give it a try.

#5 Warthog Anus

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Food is just food, and you really have no idea if you truly like it until you try it.

But when it comes to warthog's anus, here's a quick tip from Bourdain:

All those years of telling you to eat as the locals do, take a chance, don't be squeamish, they're all coming back to haunt me.

Behold the worst meal of my life.

Coming from someone who made a living eating unusual foods, these are powerful words.

Maybe warthog's anus was so unpleasant because it was filled with dust, dirt, and fecal matter.

Bourdain still wanted to show respect to the locals who offered him the 'anus,' even though he knew he would get sick.

He said:

The chief is there in front of his whole tribe, offering you his very best.

Show respect. I'm lucky to be there. I'm lucky to see that. And I'm lucky to have that experience. Chewing some antibiotics is a small price to pay.

He was in Namibia at the time.

#6 Various Kinds of Testicles

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

To most people, the concept of eating animal testicles sounds gross.

But in some parts of the world, it's wasteful if you don't eat every part of the animal.

Some cultures even believe eating testicles boost your sexual stamina, well, at least for men. And Bourdain had his fair share of testicle dishes in his time.

Bourdain tried his first bull testicles in Nicaragua and then (don't understand the meaning in the following part) saved sheep's testicles for the Moroccan desert's heat.

Of course, we can't forget the turkey testicles he ate on Piers Morgan Live.

#7 Cow's Crimson Liquid (Mixture of Blood and Milk)

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

While on a trip to Kenya, along with his fellow diner, Kamau Bell, Bourdain tried a mixture of cow's blood and milk.

The drink is a staple among the Maasai community, and it graces religious ceremonies and other festivals.

Here's is the trick; you don't actually have to kill the cow to get its blood.

Experienced tribesmen usually pierce the cow's neck blood veins, and blood would gash out into a bowl.

They will then treat the animal.

#8 Hákarl (Fermented Shark)

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

This is something that even Bourdain found difficult to swallow.

If you visit Iceland, there's a lot to see and try. But don't even think of trying fermented shark, though.

Not only does it tastes horrible, but it's also one of the world's smelliest foods.

Yes. It's that bad. Bourdain even described it as 'the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing.'

If the culinary world's daredevil didn't try it, we're not going to roll the dice.

#9 Pig Blood Soup

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

While on a trip to Thailand, Bourdain went to a local restaurant that served just about any animal part that existed.

At the restaurant, Bourdain decided to try a soup that had pig blood as its main ingredient.

Though Bourdain admitted he was hesitant to dig in because it looked so bloody, he confessed the soup had a nice flavor.

'A little sweet, a little spicy,' what's not to love about that?

#10 Pigeon Meat

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

In Cairo, pigeon meat is actually served to newlyweds to help them with 'what is to come.'

Restaurants across Egypt also serve this meat, so you don't have to get married to try it, thankfully.

The meat itself tastes pretty good and looks crispy because of its batter layering. But it does sound a bit gross at the same time.

#11 Live Octopus

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Well, this dish really takes some courage to eat. Not because of the taste, but because the octopus is actually still alive and can suck your skin off with its tentacles.

And when we say live, we mean alive and kicking.

Octopus is also a total choking hazard because, in its attempt to escape your stomach, it could stick to your throat. So, in the worst-case scenario, it can suffocate you. Thus it's best to stay away.

But that didn't stop Bourdain from trying it, though. He ate the octopus at a spot called Sik Gaek in New York.

#12 Stinky Tofu

25 pics of food that anthony bourdain actually ate

Bourdain tried stinky tofu while visiting China. Stinky tofu is fermented tofu. And funny enough, it's the one thing his adventurous eating partner Andrew Zimmern could barely swallow.