25+ One Month Anniversary Texts For Him

Searching for creative one-month anniversary texts for your partner that break away from typical Hallmark-style sentiments? Look no further.

Here are over 25 ideas for expressing your affection to your significant other on your one-month anniversary, whether you refer to him as your boyfriend, crush, significant other, or friend with benefits. Show him just how much he means to you.


"Wishing you a joyful one-month anniversary! Don't forget to save this message, so in the future we can look back and say "aww" at it together."

"We've made it through one month. Only 11 more of these monthly anniversaries until we'll only have to commemorate one big anniversary each year!"

"It's been a fantastic month, don't you agree? Are you ready for many more milestones like this in the future? 😉 "

"It's only been 30 days, yet I can't imagine my life without you. Is that strange? Just kidding, happy anniversary to us!"

"Happy one month, my love! Now that the initial excitement has worn off, get ready for a more authentic version of me, makeup-free and all. "

"Congratulations on reaching the conclusion of the starting phase of our relationship - happy first anniversary!"

"People always say that we're such a lovely pair... and they're not wrong. Wishing us a happy one-month anniversary!"

"We've been together for 2,595,000 seconds, and I've cherished every moment spent by your side."

"Celebrating the one-month anniversary of the day "you and me" became "we"! Happy anniversary."

"Here's to our first anniversary! The one that sets the bar for all anniversaries to come. No pressure, right? 😉 "

"I promise to always strive to make every month as thrilling as our first month together. Agreed?"

"One month down the line and we're still as charming as ever."

"Why does time fly when we're together, but drag when we're apart? Let's make a pact to be together forever, sound good?"

"I'm eager to see what the next month holds for us, and the one after that, and the one after that, and so on!"

"I've been having such a blast. Why don't we just make a commitment to stay together forever? I'm definitely on board."

"Has it really only been a month? Time flies as I keep falling deeper in love with you."

"Cheers to us! We've successfully made it through one month in what will surely be the best relationship of our lives."

"A tiny step for one person, but a giant leap for us. One more month together, bringing us closer to a lifetime of love."

"I've been searching for my soulmate ever since I was a child, listening to bedtime stories. After all this time, I've finally found you!"

"Every day this past month has been filled with a little more light, a little more joy, and a whole lot more love, all because of you."

"I would have sent a physical card, but I think they're too traditional, so instead, let me just say: Happy anniversary :)."

"Come here, my love! I owe you 30 kisses to celebrate 30 days together."

"One monthly payment for bills = $200. One monthly payment for rent = $600. One month of us together = priceless."

"Happy 1 month anniversary to the day I started caring deeply for you."

"Has it already been a month? Oops! Guess I need to replace that milk that's been sitting in the fridge."

"It's incredible how much can change in just 30 days. I started dating my best friend and it's been the best month ever. Happy monthiversary to us."

"Happy one month anniversary! As a gift, I promise to continue sharing many more months of love and happiness with you."

"Wishing you a joyful one-month celebration! Excited for what surprise you have in store for me."