25 Morning Texts For Your Ex-Boyfriend

Upon waking up and commencing our daily preparations, we frequently discover our minds entangled with thoughts about crucial matters. These are the things that kept us up at night, causing us to toss and turn, or the things that filled our dreams.

It's commonplace for your ex-boyfriend to occupy your thoughts and dreams, particularly when you've recently gone through a breakup or still have feelings for him.

What course of action should you take? Should you reach out to him with a casual good morning text to spark a conversation or refrain from communicating with him altogether?

We are equipped to address these perplexing questions and provide you with more than twenty morning text ideas for your ex-boyfriend, in case you are unsure about what to say.


The initial inquiry that warrants consideration when contemplating texting your ex-boyfriend is whether or not you ought to do so. Is it advisable to send him morning texts, or would it be more prudent to let go and move on?

Generally, even though it may be painful to accept, it is wiser to let go and move on. After all, he is your ex-boyfriend for a reason.

However, we comprehend that there are situations where it's simply not easy to let go. You may still have genuine feelings for him and believe that you two are meant to be together. Alternatively, you might miss his companionship and aspire to rebuild a platonic relationship with him.

Given that you are reading this article, you are likely in one of the aforementioned situations. That being the case, let us explore when it is appropriate to text him.

We believe that it is entirely appropriate to reach out to him if you are on amicable terms and regularly communicate with him. You can also send him a text when you are attempting to reconcile or if the breakup occurred some time ago (such as a few days ago).

Nevertheless, it is imperative to refrain from texting him if you do not feel entirely secure conversing with him, he is contentedly involved in another relationship, or if the breakup occurred very recently. In the last scenario, we highly recommend observing a no-contact period before initiating contact with him again.


We have categorized our list of texts into two sections: one for messages that you can use when you have a closer relationship with your ex, and another for when there is some distance between you. This way, you can find a suitable text for virtually any circumstance from the list below.

Mornings Texts for When You're on Good Terms with Your Ex

In this section, we will provide you with text messages that you can send to your ex-boyfriend when you are on good terms. By this, we mean that you are genuine friends with him or are able to communicate with him regularly without significant discomfort.

If your conversations with your ex-boyfriend are strained, you frequently argue, or he attempts to avoid you, these texts may not be suitable. For further guidance, you may refer to our guide on how to win your ex-boyfriend back after a tough breakup.

"Wishing you a good morning! How was your sleep last night?"

Ideal For: When you wish to send a casual message to your ex-boyfriend to determine his mood. By analyzing his response, you can determine whether he is being friendly or flirtatious.

"Just wanted to wish you a good morning and hope you have a fantastic day ahead!"

Ideal for: Those moments when you're feeling joyful and aiming to bring a smile to his face.

"Good morning! Has the most adorable guy I know risen from his slumber yet?"

Perfect for: Those times when you've been exchanging romantic messages and you're in the mood for some daring and playful flirting.

"I long for the mornings when I'd wake up to find you beside me."

Ideal for: Those moments when there's a romantic ambiance between you and you wish to express your feelings unambiguously.

"I had some intriguing dreams about you last night. I'm curious, did you happen to dream about me as well?"

Perfect for: Those moments when your thoughts are in the realm of naughtiness and you want to arouse his interest. Additionally, please take a look at our post on how to get your ex-boyfriend to sleep with you.

"It's a pity that I couldn't see you as soon as I woke up. Perhaps we can arrange that sometime soon?"

Ideal for: Those times when you want to engage in some playful flirting with him without making things too sexual.

"Can you recall when you prepared a breakfast buffet in bed for me?"

Ideal for: When you want to stroll down memory lane with him and recall the good times you've shared. This doesn't have to be about a specific morning memory; any memory from the morning would work well here.

"It's a shame that my alarm interrupted the dream I was having about you."

Perfect for: Those times when you feel like teasing him. This message can be either sweet or flirtatious, depending on your mood, making it an adaptable choice.

"Hi, good morning! Would you like to join me for some coffee?"

Ideal for: When you're eager to see him again. By not using the word "date," you're leaving it open for the meeting to be either friendly or romantic.

"Good morning! Do you have any plans after work today?"

Ideal for: When you're curious about how he's doing and want to ask without appearing desperate.

"Good morning! I hope you have a fantastic day at work."

Ideal for: Those times when you want to uplift his day while also demonstrating that you still care for him.

"I have an excellent idea to kick off the day. Would you like to come over for breakfast?"

Ideal for: When you desire to have one-on-one time with him in an intimate environment. However, do note that inviting him over to your place could be perceived as a sexual invitation, so be mindful of that.

"Good morning! I hope this message brings a smile to your face when you receive it."

Ideal for: Those moments when you wish to start his day with a smile.

"Would you like to see a photo of me in one of your old shirts that I wore to bed last night?"

Ideal for: Those times when you're feeling confident and wish to reignite the sexual chemistry between you and him. Remember to send him a picture of you in the shirt afterward – and maybe even nothing else but the shirt.

"I have some crazy news to share with you. Would it be okay if I call you during my lunch break when I have more time to talk?"

Ideal for: Those times when you want to have a phone conversation with him, especially when you're not ready to meet him in person yet.

Mornings Texts for When You Need to Rebuild your Relationship with Your Ex

What if you and your ex are experiencing a slightly cool relationship? We're not referring to being openly hostile towards each other, but rather to a state of complete neutrality.

If that's the case, you'll have to put in the effort to establish a warmer connection. Utilizing the following text messages can be a way to start re-opening the door between you two.

"It's been a while since we last spoke. I just wanted to wish you a good morning and see how you're doing."

Ideal for: When you want to acknowledge the distance between you and initiate a conversation without it being awkward.

"Good morning! I'm thinking about making your famous chili recipe for dinner tonight. I was wondering if you have any tips you could share?"

Ideal for: When you want to flatter him with a compliment and make him feel like an expert to ease the tension. This doesn't necessarily have to be about chili; it could be about anything he is knowledgeable about.

"Good morning. Are you planning on doing anything today?"

Ideal for: When you want to casually gauge how he's doing. His response will indicate if he's receptive to more conversation.

"Just wanted to say good morning and let you know I've been missing you lately."

Ideal for: When you want to subtly convey to him that you still have feelings, but without pressuring him.

"I hope you had a good night's sleep. I was thinking about you, and I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing."

Ideal for: When you want to casually inquire about his current state of life.

"Good morning. I have some free time and was wondering if you would like to have a call with me."

Ideal for: When you want to hear his voice and have a conversation. If you're unsure of what to discuss, consider trying out some of the suggested topics in our guide on what to talk about with your ex-boyfriend over text.

"It seems I still have your favorite hoodie. Would it be okay for me to swing by and drop it off this morning?"

Ideal for: When you want to see him in person, but without implying it's a date or anything romantic yet. This message can alleviate any pressure he may feel.

"I know it might seem awkward to ask, but I can't stop thinking about you this morning. Would you be open to meeting up for lunch/dinner/drinks later?"

Ideal for: When you want to be candid with him about your feelings and express your interest in meeting up. There's a possibility he may appreciate your honesty.

"Good morning. I hope you've been doing well."

Ideal for: When it has been a while since you last spoke and you want to gauge if he is receptive to talking to you now.

"Good morning. I have a busy day ahead, but would it be okay if we catch up later?"

Ideal for: When you want to keep the option open for later conversations but need time to gather your thoughts. It's perfectly fine if you're not sure what to say yet; take it slow if necessary.