25+ Mid Day Texts For Him

Looking for a text to send during lunchtime to show that you're on his mind? You've landed in the right spot.

Perhaps you'd like to switch things up from the typical "How are you?" or "How's your day going?" text. That's where I come in!

Continue reading for a collection of sample texts to send to your significant other during the day!

1. "Thinking about you has made my morning fly by so quickly. You always make my day better :)"

2. "Eating my PB&J and thinking of you because we complement each other so well, like peanut butter and jelly!"

3. "Did you know that your lunch was made with love today?"

4. "Hey, I know work has been tough but I just wanted to check in and tell you how proud I am of you."

5. "Even though I'm super busy, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you're on my mind."

6. "I hope your day is going great and that this text makes it even better. I miss you."

7. "Snacking on something sweet and it reminded me of you, hope your day is going sweet too."

8. "Make sure to have a big lunch today, you need to recharge after last night 😉 "

9. "Halfway through the day, keep up the good work or turn it around, can't wait to see you later!"

10. "Just wanted to let you know that I believe in you, now go out there and make me proud!"

11. "Phew! The first half is over, only 5 hours until I get to see you :)"

12. "I wish you were here so I could give you a hug, have a great rest of your day, and don't miss me too much."

13. "Sending love and good vibes your way, handsome. May your day be as amazing as you are. Can't wait to see you later!"

14. "Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug to help you get through the rest of the day. You got this!"

15. "My day just got brighter knowing I get to see you later. Stay strong, my love!"

16. "Just a friendly reminder that you're amazing and loved, especially on days when work seems overwhelming. Sending positive energy your way."

17. "Missing you like crazy and counting down the minutes until we're together again. Have a great afternoon, babe."

18. "Thinking about all the fun we'll have tonight is helping me power through the day. You're my favorite distraction."

19. "I hope your lunch was as yummy as the thought of being with you later. Can't wait to show you how much I love you."

20. "Just wanted to drop in and say how proud I am of all you're accomplishing. You're amazing! Have a great afternoon."

21. "Dreaming of the moment I get to hug you tight later. Until then, sending all my love and positive vibes your way."

22. "Thinking about you makes everything better. I hope you're having a great day, but if not, I'm here for you."

23. "You're my sunshine on a cloudy day. Sending love and positive energy your way. Have a great afternoon!"

24. "Can't wait to hear all about your day over dinner tonight. Stay strong, my love. You got this!"

25. "Sending some love and positive vibes your way, hope this message brightens up your day. Have a great afternoon!"

26. "Wishing I could spend this gorgeous afternoon with you, but sending this message is the next best thing. Have a great rest of your day!

27. The weather may be lovely, but nothing beats your stunning presence. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, my love."