25 Innocent Flirty Texts For Her

Are you searching for some playful yet harmless messages to send to your crush?

Discover these 15 charming yet innocent texts you can send to her by reading below:

Innocent flirty texts for her

1. You bring out the best in me, yet at the same time, you inspire my naughty side.

2. Last night I had a dream about you and it was scorching hot.

3. You make me feel more tender as a person, and also, you make certain parts of me become firmer.

4. I want you to understand how grateful I am to have you in my life... and in close proximity to your pants.

5. I'm feeling a bit tense, just thinking about seeing you later today.

6. It's remarkable how everything reminds me of you... particularly your behind. I think about it frequently.

7. I could easily message you all night... and engage in other various "activities" if you catch my drift.

8. I could spend hours texting you... and perhaps participating in other "related pursuits" if you comprehend my meaning.

9. At times, all I do is keep track of the time until I'll be able to be with you.

10. I know you may not believe me, but you embody the perfect image of my dream girl.

11. I'm amazed that it's only been a short while since we last saw each other, yet it feels like it's been forever.

12. Everyone is fed up with hearing about you, and they consider me to be insane, yet I can't help but be constantly drawn to you.

13. I saw that the weather report says it's going to be quite cold today. Would you like me to come over and provide some warmth for you?

14. I desire to awaken you in the dead of night with gentle kisses and hushed whispers of affection in your ear.

15. I just made the water bill skyrocket. I guess I shouldn't take long showers when I'm thinking about you.

16. My thoughts keep wandering to how incredible you looked today. I think it's time for a cold shower to cool down.

17. I've always aimed to be a good person, but you tempt me to do things that are both wicked and tempting.

18. Every moment that we're apart, I yearn for your embrace. Your body is my most cherished treasure in this world. 🙂

19. I seem to be unable to control my thoughts and keep them from wandering into inappropriate territory, and I'm pretty certain it's because of you.

20. I think tonight would be a perfect night for us to have some quality time together, just the two of us. What do you think?

21. You are the most important thing in my life, and your stunning physique is simply a bonus.

22. The mere knowledge that we belong to each other is enough to make my head spin with happiness and my heart soars to the moon and back.

23. It's already midday and all I've accomplished so far is daydreaming about you, texting you, and continuing to think about you even more.

24. You are a stunningly beautiful woman, and I wouldn't want you to have any doubts about that for even a moment.

25. You and I, my love, are simply animals at heart, aren't we? So why don't we act like the animals we are and have an intimate encounter like they do on the Discovery Channel tonight?