25 Hilarious Kid's Drawings That Went Wrong


Kids are the most honest, straightforward, and hilarious beings to roam the planet. We can witness this in the manner they portray situations in their artwork. We possess a collection of 25 distinct drawings by children. It's essential to never jump to negative conclusions when interpreting a child's drawing.

Seemingly Disastrous Kid's Drawings

The teacher of a young boy contacted his parents to have a conversation. They later discovered that it was regarding their daughter's drawing from their recent family vacation. The little girl had depicted the entire family snorkeling, but the teacher perceived it more ominously. The snorkels are the objects sticking out of their heads - so let's not assume the worst.

Buzz Lightyear Means To Harm

This picture demonstrates a child's deep admiration for Toy Story. However, there seems to be some uncertainty about the spelling, which conveys a completely different message that children might need help comprehending at their age.

It's A Lighthouse For Sure…

This artwork was submitted for a Kindergarten Graduation Service and undoubtedly entertained those who witnessed it. The imagination in a child's drawing can be a vivid and untamed realm, urging adults to think beyond conventional boundaries. It necessitates thinking outside the box.

Monster Babysitter Receives Threat

This drawing was created by a young girl who dislikes her babysitter. She crafted this picture to manifest her strong negative feelings toward the babysitter. Children's drawings evoke laughter and even some apprehension or unease.

More Phalic Kid's Drawings

This particular drawing was made by a child who is proud of their uncle. The firefighter's uncle received this drawing from their niece or nephew as a heartfelt gesture of gratitude and admiration.

She had Large… Earrings!

This teacher received a drawing from one of her students on their first day of school. At first glance, it may appear inappropriate. However, it's important to consider whether the child might have been depicting jewelry they wore that day. In the realm of children's imagination, anything is possible.

Kid's Drawing of a New Found Passion

Following a night of playing classic rap records to their children, this child was inspired to recreate a DJ turntable. The child appears immensely thrilled while pretending to play the music, but it brings about a humorous interpretation for adults who see something entirely different in the drawing.

Shh… Let's not Assume Too Much with This Kid's Drawing

Here we have a child's attempt to draw their fingers placed against their lips, typically a gesture to signify silence. However, the drawing ended up depicting a completely different gesture altogether.

There Seems To Be A Theme Brewing Here…

Once again, we have another kid's drawing with a highly suggestive shape. These blue figures are intended to depict dolphins. The teacher should acknowledge the child's effort and give them a gold star.

Gott Love Your Pet Rabbits

This drawing was created by a six-year-old boy who intended to depict his brother petting his pet rabbit. However, due to the choice of perspective and the inclusion of bunny ears, the resulting image evokes a questionable scene that elicits both amusement and giggles.

Kid's Drawing Of An Easter Egg, Or…

Another six-year-old child drew something that resembled a bodily organ. The intention behind this kid's drawing was to depict an Easter Egg, but it turned out to be highly ambiguous in appearance.

Dad And Santa In Kid's Drawing

This kid's drawing is somewhat ambiguous, but unfortunately, in all the wrong ways. The intention was for the dad to be shaking Santa's hand. However, Santa appears to lack an arm to extend for the handshake.

Halloween Costume Ideas Gone Wrong

Halloween is a joyous time when everyone gets to dress up as something they wouldn't typically imagine being. However, these parents might have benefited from reviewing their child's drawing assignments before submitting them to the teacher.

Mom's Doing Her Part

Witnessing parents taking responsibility for household chores, breaking stereotypes, and promoting equality in their homes is heartening. In this kid's drawing, the intention was to depict their mom mowing the lawn. However, the result might elicit a different interpretation...

As Honest As It Gets

You can always count on children's unfiltered honesty when depicting their parents. This particular kid's drawing might be harsh for any mom with facial hair and low self-esteem. Nevertheless, it's important to appreciate their honesty and lack of filters in their artistic expression.

Depiction Of Their Parent's Wedding

This drawing was undeniably intended to be heartwarming. The child wanted to recreate their parent's wedding day, but its depiction took a slightly different and unexpected turn.

Kid's Drawing With Unclear Meanings

Mother's Day is a special occasion for all mothers and their children, a time to celebrate and honor the influential role of mothers in our lives. Despite any potential quirks or unconventional depictions, this child's heartfelt intentions were in the right place to show their love and appreciation.

Needless To Say…

This child had an interesting idea to draw a picture of their neighbor in the shower, though it needs to be clarified how they envisioned their neighbor in that situation. Fortunately, their mom confirmed that the object depicted as an axe is not an axe, which is reassuring.

So Mush-Room For Kid's Drawins In Nature

This child has fascinating parents who enjoy spending time outdoors. The child created this drawing after a family outing in nature, reflecting their shared memorable experiences.

This One Requires Some Imagination

Artistic skills could be more well-developed in three-year-olds, as they are still refining their motor skills. This particular kid's drawing is intended to portray their father sleeping, showcasing their early attempts at capturing the world around them through art.

Did Santa Dissapoint This Child Last Christmas?

This child's picture is intended to represent Santa Claus placing presents under the Christmas tree. However, Santa is not portrayed positively according to the child's perspective. Here's hoping for better luck this year, Santa!

Kid's Drawings Are To The Point

It's remarkable how kids are always watching and observing their surroundings. It serves as a reminder for adults to be mindful of their behavior in the presence of children. They might unknowingly provide their children with material that could reveal more than intended when they draw pictures of them and share them with their teachers.

It's a Flower, I Swear

When this child's drawing was presented to the teacher, it likely brought about a few shared giggles. The child intended to paint a flower with petals, but the depiction turned out in a humorous way that can be appreciated.

Dino-Furniture Kid's Drawing

This child drew her imaginative vision of dinosaurs when they roamed the Earth. According to her, dinosaurs would have served as fantastic pieces of furniture for the house. Her creative interpretation adds a playful twist to our understanding of these prehistoric creatures.

A Love For Cooking Displayed In A Kid's Drawing

When your child has a favorite activity, they depict it rather unexpectedly. It's important to note that the brown object on the right is not a pile of poop but a wooden spoon. Sometimes, children's drawings can lead to amusing misinterpretations.