24 Saddest Encounters With Celebrities

Meeting your celebrity idol might not be all it's cracked to be. Some people were disappointed, sad, and unfortunate to meet their idols.

Some of these fans found their idols unpleasant. Others met them as they were going through various life struggles that made them seem less heroic than expected.

1. Gene Simmons

A guy met Gene Simmons backstage during a show. While Gene was quick to compliment him on his guitar-playing skills, the icon was also pretty mean to him.

The singer casually said "too bad you'll never make it" before walking away.

2. Tom Cruise

An airline worker who has met a few celebrities in his line of work once met Tom Cruise. The actor was upset because the worker would not go to baggage claim and get his bags for him.

What Cruise wanted the worker to do for him is against federal law.

3. Steve-O

A Steve-O fan went to see him on his stand-up tour. The actor promised to meet everyone after the show, and people made a line and waited for him.

As expected, Steve-O was nice, laughing with the fans and taking pictures.

However, someone told him that he was much funnier when he was on drugs, which destroyed his mood. After that, he only took a picture with the fans and thanked them for going to see him during his tour.

Fortunately, his sudden mood change was understandable.

4. Peter Mayhew

Someone had a sad encounter with Peter Mayhew, famous as Chewbacca, at a comic con.

Mayhew seemed completely tired and was almost wheelchair-bound due to his joint problems. His assistant was asking him if he could sign more autographs since he suffers from terrible arthritis.

The actor then asked how much longer till the day was over and his assistant told him "just 5 more hours." Mayhew then whimpered a bit and shed some tears as he was wheeled to meet the fans again.

Being such a nice guy, he never wishes to turn down a fan even though he was dealing with a lot of physical pain.

5. Ben Affleck

A woman who visited a small gym had a crazy run-in with Ben Affleck. She did not think she would find him there.

Besides the trainer who was working with someone else, the woman and her husband were the only people there. Her husband told her to go to the kettlebell section.

While there, she found a trainer working with Ben Affleck as he trained for Batman. She did not want to disturb him and tried to ignore him, but the actor didn't seem to mind.

One of the cats owned by the gym owners started to pee in a corner close to Ben and she shouted "No!" so the cat would stop.

The actor picked the cat up and asked "Hey, is that your cat?" Although he was trying to start a conversation, she was too nervous and awkwardly said "It's not my cat" before walking away.

Just like that, she ruined a perfect opportunity to talk to Batman. Her husband found the whole encounter hilarious and whenever she does anything awkward, he screams "It's not my cat!!"

6. Neil Degrasse Tyson

A fan of evolution and physical anthropology found out that Richard Dawkins was doing a signing in the city. He was reading one of his books and went to his talk and then waited for his autograph.

Since people had asked Richard a lot of questions about the theories he talked about, he thought he would ask him a simple and fun question. He wrote "What is your favorite animal?" on the book's cover, which puzzled the author when he opened the book.

After giving him a strange look, Richard signed his name. The fan was left embarrassed that their idol thought they were awkward.

While walking away, they found a group of people listening to a certain man. Eager to move on from the awkward encounter with Richard, they joined the group and listened as an energetic man talked about the universe.

He also got an opportunity to ask him "What is your favorite animal?" The man was more than happy to tell him why the wolf was his favorite animal after encountering one in Yellowstone.

It was only later that they discovered that they had just met Neil Degrasse Tyson.

7. Muhammad Ali

A certain guy was working at a restaurant in Florida when Muhammad Ali and his family settled down to eat. He kept staring at Ali from some distance and quickly ran to Books A Million to get Ali's biography "King of the World" so the legend could sign it.

While they were leaving, the man stood up and held the door open for them. Ali was looking at the ground, walking slowly and shaking due to Parkinson's.

When Ali got to his car, his wife helped him get inside. He asked her if he could meet Ali for a photo and an autograph.

His wife was excited and said "sure" before telling Ali "Cassius, this young man would like to meet you."

The fan held out his hand and shook Ali's hand, and he started tearing up as he remembered that this was the hand of the greatest boxer who ever lived. Ali's wife told him not to cry, but the meeting was too surreal for the fan.

She then gave Ali the book and a sharpie and told Ali to sign his autograph. She also opened the book and put the pen in his hand.

However, he took about 2 minutes to sign his name, which was devastating for the fan. The charismatic man who made boxing history with his maneuvers in the ring was no more: Parkinson's had turned him into a shadow of his former self.

His wife also took a photo of them together before the fan thanked the former boxer and left. This became the saddest moment he has ever met a celebrity.

8. Brad Pitt

A man who was an extra in World War Z met Brad Pitt, but the actor c*ckblocked him. As he was talking to a girl and having a great time, Brad walked by and started talking to the girl making her lose interest in the guy.

Fortunately, Pitt's stunt double was a nice guy.

9. Betty White

A fan was at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles when they saw a poster promoting Betty White as she signed her new book about her love for animals. Her career was not as great at the time.

The fan loved The Golden Girls and felt they would go to the bookstore and see Betty White.

They found her sitting alone with a pile of books in front of her. People at the bookstore were not buying her book or giving her any attention, which was pretty sad.

She was just waiting with a pen in her hand and would wipe some imaginary dust once in a while just to look busy. However, at the time, the fan was a college kid and just looked at her from a distance instead of going over and talking o her.

10. Sammy Davis Jr.

A fan of Sammy Davis Jr. was walking through a casino when they saw the famous actor. As soon as they recognized him, they asked for an autograph, but Sammy just turned like he didn't hear anything and walked away.

The fan yelled Sammy Davis Jr. and he turned around and said: "You're a real asshole." The fan had no idea why the actor was behaving in this manner.

Some years later, the fan discovered that the person they were calling Sammy Davis Jr. was actually Gregory Hines. Sammy Davis Jr. had passed away 5 years before the awkward encounter.

11. George R. R. Martin

Someone met George R. R. Martin in Evanston as he was there to get an award from Northwestern University. The fan was listening to "A Clash of Kings" audiobook.

When the author learned that he had already his book thrice, he seemed disappointed and said: "Yeah, I need to finish the next book. People won't stop bothering me about it."

12. Laurence Fishburne

Following Katrina, a man and his current friend were at Whole Foods in New Orleans doing some shopping. They met a guy who looked like Laurence Fishburne and the guy who was with them said: "Damn! Laurence Fishburn got fat!"

The man turned around and looked at them. It was then that they realized it was actually Laurence Fishburne they had met.

13. Robin Williams

A fan met Robin Williams at a bar in Toronto. He was totally drunk and incoherent.

When the fan and his girlfriend tried to talk to him, he could not speak. He was slurry and fell on the floor twice.

Since Robin was his childhood hero, the experience was really saddening.

14. Justin Timberlake

A tech guy went to Just Timberlake's room as he was staying at a high-end resort in Park City in Utah. One of his people had called to report that their internet was acting up.

After going to his room and restarting the router, which fixed everything, everyone there thought he was a hero.

They gave him high fives and chest bumps.

While leaving, he met Timberlake as he waited for the lift.

The singer was singing one of his songs and the guy told him, "I dig your sound, man." The singer was dismissive as he said "You should. I get paid for it."

The singer then walked past him, bumping his shoulder in the process like a bully.

15. Vince Vaughn

Someone met Vince Vaughn at a bar in Hollywood. He had a few drinks, and he tried to hit on a lady friend, but she was having none of it.

It was pretty sad that an accountant totally blew off a famous multi-millionaire.

16. Sam Elliot

Someone recalled how their saddest celebrity encounter was also their greatest. In college, they got a role as an extra in We Were Soldiers.

The film has Mel Gibson and Sam Elliot. As they waited for a bus, someone came and asked if they would like to be in another scene with Sam Elliot.

This was an exciting offer, and they got into a van where Sam was to join him so they could drive to the scene. When Sam appeared, he was upset and sat in the front seat.

Despite the poor timing, he felt the need to say "Mr Elliot I'm a huge fan of yours and it's an honor to be in a scene with you."

The actor snapped back saying "Shut the f*ck up kid." This was both sad and cool since Elliot plays badass in films.

The scene was about the fan walking in the background as a soldier as Sam cusses at Chris Klein about something. They did the scene over and over again, and when they finally got back to their van and Sam said to him:

"Sorry about earlier kid, I just didn't want to f*ck up my mood for the scene. I appreciate the compliment."

At this point, the fan realized that the actor was just in character so that he would nail the scene.

17. Rachel Weisz

Someone met Rachel Weisz and they had a pretty happy conversation that kept getting less exciting as time went by. Although they knew who she was, they pretended not to know.

In the end, Rachel snapped and the fan did not speak again. A few minutes later, Rachel left to use the restroom and her nanny told them "She gets upset if you don't acknowledge who she is."

18. Daryl Hannah

Someone was trying to get Daryl Hannah's autograph for a friend who had a huge crush on her. However, they were not bold enough to approach her and instead asked the person sitting next to her.

The guy put them off and they went back to their seat, embarrassed. It was then that their friends informed them that it was JFK Jr they had asked for Daryl's autograph.

19. Paris Hilton

A mom saw Paris Hilton at the airport and went to get their son to meet her. The two of them came back and the mom asked her "hi are you Paris Hilton?" before pushing her son in front of her and saying, "here, say hi to my son!"

Paris Hilton simply said "sup" and he answered "sup." Paris then had a strange little laugh and the mom said "okay bye!"

20. DMX

Someone met DMX, who was kind enough to hold the door open for them. However, they learned that he was found unconscious in the parking lot later that day.

21. Samuel L. Jackson

Someone met Samuel L. Jackson at a celebrity golf game. After they found his ball in the rough, they got a chance to shake his hand before asking him to sign a wallet he had bought off eBay which said BAD MOTHER F*CKER.

However, the actor simply said "No chance," which left the fan disappointed.

22. James Spader

A fan noticed James Spader at the counter while at a cheese shop. Since they were currently enjoying Boston Legal at the time and loved his work, they went over to the counter and began looking at the cheese.

While there, he told the actor "how's the Gouda?" This left them feeling stupid.

23. Eminem

Eminem refused to sign an autograph for a six-year-old who had waited four hours in the cold for him. The little kid was with his big brother and Eminem simply said "No" to him.

24. Aziz Ansari

A fan that got hit on by Aziz Ansari was too starstruck to say a word to the comedian.