23 Signs You Are Being Taken For Granted — How To Get His Interest Back

When a man is deeply interested in you, he will go to great lengths to win your affection. He will frequently text you, shower you with compliments about your beauty, arrange special outings, gaze at you with admiration, and overall, make you feel like the most valuable person in his life. However, once he has secured your affection, his behavior may shift. Here are a few indications that you may be undervalued by your partner.

1. He can't be bothered to shave

Initially, he would meticulously shave to avoid scratching you with his stubble during kisses. But now, he assumes that you should accept it since he's your boyfriend and you should love him unconditionally. Although you do, you don't want to feel like you're getting an exfoliating treatment every time you give him a simple kiss.

2. He skips showering here and there

You are not asking for too much when it comes to his personal appearance, but you anticipate that he puts in some effort by maintaining his personal hygiene through regular teeth brushing, hair grooming, and taking showers. Also, wearing deodorant would be a plus.

3. He starts wearing gym clothes around the clock

Could he not wear jeans and a clean t-shirt once in a while? Wearing gym clothes is fine, but considering he finished his workout six hours ago, it would be appropriate to change into a different outfit.

4. He Doesn't even change the gym clothes he's wearing

Even worse, he wears the same gym clothes every day without washing them! Despite having a washing machine, he chooses to wear dirty clothes from the pile. It's apparent that he no longer cares about impressing you.

5. He Won't come up with cool stuff for you to do together

This is a significant indication that you are undervalued. Although he doesn't have to sweep you off your feet daily, it would be lovely if he showed interest in arranging a romantic date every once in a while.

6. He Mopes around the house

Why is he so upset? He has an amazing girlfriend who cares for him and does everything to enhance his life. How can he sit there sulking as if he's the victim of misfortune?

7. He Parks himself on the couch to watch football

It's okay for him to watch the game, but it's not okay for him to ignore you and spend several nights a week parked on the couch, claiming that "the game is on, babe" and acting as if turning his attention away from the screen for even a moment is impossible. That's not cool.

8. He Goes out with the dudes to watch more football

Three nights of watching football at home isn't sufficient; he has to go out with his friends a few more nights a week to watch games played by teams he isn't even interested in, leaving you alone at home, yet again. These are signs that he is undervaluing you.

9. He Shows up drunk from too much beer

While it's okay to enjoy a drink, getting excessively drunk as a grown man isn't a good image. Moreover, it's not fair that he expects you to tolerate his drunken advances and obnoxious snoring all night long after he passes out from too much alcohol.

10. He Doesn't take you out on dates

He used to enjoy going out when you first met, but now he prefers to "stay in" all the time. It seems like he's using this as an excuse to mask the fact that he's become content in the relationship and doesn't feel the need to make any more effort. Ugh.

11. He Never brings you flowers

This is a significant indication that you are undervalued. You can substitute flowers with anything simple yet meaningful, such as your morning coffee or a burger when he drops by McDonald's. It feels as though you are not even being taken into account.

12. He No longer texts you just because

He used to contact you when you were apart just to check in and let you know that he was thinking about you. But now, you're fortunate if he takes the time to respond to a message from you, even if it's something important.

13. He forgets to respond when you text

It's possible that he genuinely intended to message you, but got caught up and "forgot." While this excuse may work a few times, if it becomes his go-to explanation for why he hasn't responded to your messages, even after you've messaged him multiple times, then there's a problem.

14. He Isn't that interested in what you have going on, or what you have to say

Even though he denies it, when you're conversing, he often appears to have a glazed-over expression in his eyes, indicating that his mind is preoccupied with something else.

15. He Doesn't ask as many questions as he once did

The signs of being taken for granted are crystal clear. He used to be interested in your life and ask questions, but now he doesn't seem to care. It's as if he believes he already knows everything about you and doesn't value the depth and complexity of your personality.

16. He Won't listen when you want to tell him something

If he's constantly distracted or not fully engaged when you're talking to him, that's a clear sign that he's taking you for granted. It's important for him to give you his full attention when you're speaking and if he can't at the moment, he should let you know and make time for you when he can give you the attention you deserve. This shows that you're a priority in his life.

17. He Stares at his phone way too much

If he's constantly on his phone while you're together, that's a problem. Instead of engaging with you, he's mindlessly scrolling through social media and playing games. It's important to disconnect and give each other undivided attention.

18. He Finds the little behaviors he once thought were cute totally annoying

He used to find your quirks endearing, like the way you sneeze or pour your milk into your coffee, but now he just sees them as annoying. What's going on?

19. He Isn't nearly as flirty

The flirting has disappeared, and that's one of the sure signs that you're being taken for granted. He shouldn't stop making an effort to show you that he's still interested in you just because you're in a relationship now.

20. He's impatient with you in ways he never was

Previously, he was patient with you despite not being so easy-going in other areas of his life. But now, he behaves as if he has no time for you, and you're unsure of what caused this change.

21. He Doesn't compliment you

Once he's secured a girlfriend, he no longer sees the need to make an effort to win her over. He seems to forget that even in a committed relationship, both men and women still appreciate feeling special and receiving reassurance.

22. He Still wants to have sex but with a lot less foreplay

This is undoubtedly one of the most disheartening signs that you're being taken for granted.

23. He Cuddles with you for a minute, at best, before rolling over and snoring

This experience was not great at all, far from it.

Why Do Women End Up Being Taken For Granted By Men?

Their instinct to hunt drives them. While pursuing you, they are captivated by your allure, but once the chase ends, they may struggle to recall the intensity of their initial attraction.

When a man begins to take you for granted, it indicates that he has become overly at ease in the relationship. To rekindle his interest, you must make him feel uneasy by creating some distance. However, instead of complaining, nagging, or requesting that he alter his behavior, which may imply that you are overly invested, the most effective approach is to display apathy. Remain composed and behave as though you have lost interest in him.

What To Do When You're Being Taken For Granted

1. Don't reach out to him

It's best not to engage with him in that manner. Allow him to stew in his negative attitude and give him space to contemplate his behavior towards you. Show him that you have a multitude of other activities in your life and that you have no desire to remain with a man who fails to value your efforts and presence.

2. Do your own thing with your girlfriends

Spend time with your incredible friends who may not have seen much of you since you started dating this guy. Take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship with them, build stronger connections, and express your gratitude. They'll serve as a reminder of your remarkable qualities, and you'll undoubtedly have an unforgettable time together.

3. Don't sleep with him

Under no circumstances should you engage in sexual activity with him. He doesn't deserve it. Since sex is important to men, withholding it is a direct indication that things aren't working out. This action alone should prompt him to recognize that he must change or risk losing you.

If withdrawing your attention fails to recapture his focus, then whatever, you don't require that unfortunate situation in your life!